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Tanker Techniques Magazine IDF Special Issue vol.2

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Tanker Techniques Magazine

IDF Special Issue vol.2

Author – Several

Publisher: Ak Interactive

Price: 18,95€






AK has been established as a renowned brand for modelling products and high-quality publications.

The book is in a A4 format with 112 Pages, with soft cover with reinforced inner cover. The paper is satin finish, with a good touch and with excellent printing, giving a lot of quality to the colors and image.

All Photos are sharp and superb quality, allowing us to appreciate in detail each one of them.

This publication is a special issue part 2 dedicated to IDF Armour vehicles and its crews, represented in 8 articles, 7 vehicles and a figure, made by 8 well know modellers.

All articles have introduction text, and all pictures are numbered and correspondent captions in English and Spanish.


A foreword is written by Michael Mass and Kristof Pulinckx and present us a modelling perspective of the subject in hands (IDF armour), and as a kind of bulleting news, informing about the amount of available IDF scale models currently in the market.


As a special note, every build has a preface of the type, made by Michael Mass from Desert Eagle Publications, describing the historical context of the vehicle, its origins, field deployment and evolution in IDF use. A real compact history lesson in two pages.

As for the content goes, and consulting the index, we have the followings:

1.     ACHZARIT by Rubén González Hernández

The first article is one of my favourite’s armour vehicle. Using 1:35 Meng as a base, this is a full step by step photo description, featuring assembly, detailing, interior painting, exterior painting, and weathering.






2.     AMX-13/75 by Lucas Zaro

 The next article focusses on the AMX-13/75 in 1:35 scale, from Takom with aftermarket goodies. A very clean and straightforward build, also with step-by-step photos of the entire process.




3.     Magach 6B Gal Batash by Oscar Ebrí Casola

Using 1:35 Meng model as base, this article presents us with a model with some degree of scratch build and show us how we can improve a model with simple technics.





4.     M113 Chata’p by Jesús Ramón

The fourth article focus on the highly modified and classic M-113.

Using Tamiya’s 1:35 as base and with the help of a conversion set, the author uses with care combination of items in resin, photo etch and scratch build, to obtain an original and aggressive look. Also, with comprehensive step by step photos of the entire process.





5.     Merkava Siman 2 by José María Illa

The sixth build focus on the famous Merkava MBT. Using 1:35 Takom Merkava 2B. This article focuses on a complete build with emphasis at the painting and weathering parts.




6.     Nun-Nun M325 by Łukasz Orczyc-Musiałek

Using the classic Resin offering 1:35 Mig Production resin model, this sixth article present us the task of preparing, building, detailing, and painting a multi-media. The result is a very convincing scale vehicle.





7.     IDF TANKER by Calvin Tan

The seventh article is a figure in a base in 1:35, using a classic Verlinden reference. The set was updated with some scratch details and minor corrections. The author integrates the figure in a small base. A written description of all items (figure preparation, scene, and painting) is provided, as a chart with all colours used to paint the figure.



8.     M109A2 DOHER by Kristof Pulinckx

The last build is a modern classic. Using the 1:35 AFV-CLUB Doher, Friul Model tracks a and a conversion set, the final result is a very convincing model of this well know SPG. The narrative drives us through the construction parts, showing the use of P.E. parts as replacement for the Kits parts, scratch build details and tracks worn and used treatment. The painting process is quite simple and effective, and the weathering process is based almost with oils in order to give a dusty look.







This is a long review, but the book deserves it and I really hope that the pictures will help to understand why. The historical introduction in the beginning of each article is a pleasant and original way to present the model.

It’s my view that every author offers us with their unique way and personal approach to several technics, starting by the model preparation, painting and weathering and in the end, as far as a average modeller like me, I was captivated with some weathering technics presented.

This book is a must, as it covers several aspects of the theme, aggregates several technics, and present it in a very attractive reading and visual guide.

Highly recommend!



My thanks to Fernando Vallejo and Ak-interactive for the review sample.

AK logo


 Ricardo Veríssimo

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