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Bf 109E 'BIGSIN'

James H

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1:48 Bf 109E 'BIGSIN'


Catalogue # SIN64807

Available from Eduard for 78,75 €





The set, for the time being at least, signifies the last of Eduard's releases for super-detailing their own quarter-scale Bf 109E kit range. Each of the resin sets within this box, have been released separately in the recent past, and indeed, we've reviewed them on the SP&R website a short while ago. The BIGSIN packages offer a way to buy all sets, all at once, and for a slightly reduced price. Let's see what resin goodies are 'under the hood'.







Bf 109E 'BIGSIN' contains the following sets


  • 648058, Bf 109E wheels

  • 648059, DB 601A/N engine

  • 648060, Bf 109E MG 17  mount

  • 648074, Bf 109E cockpit & radio compartment

I have left a link in each of the above item lines so you may reference the original reviews. Essentially, there is no difference in any of the included sets, but we will use this article to summarise this BIGSIN release.


Eduard's BIGSIN range have some very attractively priced and presented product lines for those modellers who wish to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at their particular project. Packaged into an attractive, generic satin finish, top opening box with lid and edge product specific labels, the interior of the box is heavily lined in bubble-wrap, with each original upgrade set parts being packed into their own zip-lock wallets. Photo-etch parts and masks for these sets are sealed into a separate zip-lock wallet, with card stiffeners to protect the frets from damage. Instructions are supplied for each individual upgrade set by means of colour printed, folded sheets.


648058, Bf 109E wheels




This set comprises FIVE parts, cast in a combination of light and dark grey resin. Each wheel is cast onto its own block, with the external hub 'star' being a separate part due to the undercut design of the assembled parts. This produces a very accurate representation of this aspect of the 109, which is sadly lacking in the majority of other Bf 109E kits.


The tail wheel and strut are integrally cast, with excellent detail, and a minimum of flash to remove from the strut itself.




Masks are supplied for the hubs on both main wheels and tail wheel.


Single sheet instructions are provided for clarity, and no kit surgery is required to install this set. Parts are a direct replacement.




648059, DB 601A/N engine




I suppose I could say that the only downside of the BIGSIN packaging is that the items in each detail set are included in one zip-lock bag, whereas the original release would have had multiple packets to prevent part damage. Still, nothing in this set is damaged at all, given the capacious interior of the main packaging and bubble-wrap.




This set contains TWENTY-FOUR resin parts, cast in a combination of light and dark grey resin, with most parts occupying their own casting block. This comprehensive set includes a multi-part, highly detailed engine, complete with glycol tank, plumbing, engine bearers, exhaust stacks, oil tank, supercharger and external intake, as well as a replacement engine cowl. The latter is cast superbly thin, with interior constructional detail which will be a real bonus if you decide to display this off the model in a diorama situation.




The levels of detail are seriously exquisite for such a small set, and the engine is also cast with ignition leads. These form webs, but wit some deft painting, you should be able to make them superb. The more fastidious amongst you may want to remove this detail and add the leads from fine lead wire.


A single photo etch fret contains parts for engine lifting lugs, exhaust port stiffeners, cowl fasteners and supercharger intake grille.


The instructions are excellent, and again, it looks like no surgery is needed to fit this set, although I recommend much test-fitting while you do assemble.




648060, Bf 109E MG 17 mount




Moving backwards from the engine, this set is designed to replace the plastic kit parts associated with the cowl mounted MG 17 installation. This set comprises EIGHT resin parts, with a ninth part, an ammunition bin, classed as a 'free bonus'.


Cast again in a combination of both light and dark grey resin, all parts are separately cast to their own blocks, needed only minimal work to remove as a whole. The main bulkhead and bin assembly will require a little more work to remove a large casting block.




A gun cowl is also included, thinly cast in dark grey resin, and incorporating internal constructional detail also. Thin resin walls hold this to its casting block, and removal will be easy. The cowl itself is superb, with gentle external detail, requiring only a couple of flashed-over openings to be cut. Internally, the bulkhead has ammunition bins pre-cast in place, and the weapons tray which sits atop this is stunning.


Eduard's depiction of the actual MG 17's is both sharp and refined in execution, with fantastically detailed breech and fine cooling 'holes' in the barrel itself.




A small etch fret is included, holding various cowl latches and MG brackets.


The instructions show that a small amount of surgery will be required to fit this upgrade to the host kit, but nothing that can't readily be performed by a modeller of average ability.




Bf 109E cockpit, radio compartment.




This is a pretty intensively detailed set that will require a degree of surgery to be performed on the kit plastic parts. The main work is involved in scraping away the moulded side wall detail. For some reason, Eduard didn't see fit to produce the plastic walls separately as they did in their 1:32 release, so you'll need to be careful that you don't scrape these too thin. The rear fuselage radio compartment insert requires no such surgery.




The cockpit contains FOURTEEN resin parts in both light and dark grey resin, on separate casting blocks. Generally, casting blocks should be very easy to remove, connected by thin walls or membranes. The cockpit module will require s razor saw to remove it from its block, but the connection point design makes this very easy. Two instrument panel rear plates are included; one with the leather instrument access shroud, and one without.


The cockpit interior is supplemented by a photo etch fret, printed in colour. This includes a laminated instrument panel, instrument detail, and a full set of colour seatbelts. Other non colour parts include rudder pedals, seat brackets, rudder trim wheels and coupling chains, to mention a few.





The radio compartment is based around a semi-tubular insert for the read fuselage, inclusive of rib and stringer detail, as well as some very fine wiring and junction box detail.


Internally, two radio sets are provided, with colour photo etch fascias, an are supported on resin frameworks which old the radios in position with rubber bungees, provided as brass parts. An amount of other detail is also provided internally, such as a battery and other avionics sets. The fuselage access panel is provided as a photo etch part.






The instructions for the whole set are excellent, with all drawings being clear in depiction. Apart from removal of the access port, the radio compartment needs no surgery to install.



There's enough resin in this set to sink a battleship, and the inclusion of all the available sets for the 1:48 Bf 109E as  discounted set, is a very welcome addition to Eduard's web-store. Whilst this set isn't cheap as a single purchase, it represents excellent value for money over the original individual releases, providing your intention is to use all aspects of it.


Resin quality is superb, and the detail unsurpassed. This is a one way ticket to a seriously great looking Emil, and one you should consider if you fancy a project with a few more hours in the man cave.


Very highly recommended.


My sincere thanks to Eduard for the review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.




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