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1:32 Hannover Cl.II Super Detail Set

James H

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1:32 Hannover Cl.II Super Detail Set

Catalogue # 132111
Available from HGW for 839,- Kč (approx £28)





We recently reviewed the Pheon decals Hannover Cl.II decals. It's typical. This kit has been around for 8 months, and nothing, then like buses, two aftermarket sets arrive at the same time! Don't get me wrong, I really am not complaining. This is modeling nirvana for me, as the Hannover is one of the trio of WW1 aircraft which really sparked my interest in this genre. Today, we take a look at the HGW Full Detail Set for the 1:32 Wingnut Wings kit.




As with the Fokker D.VII Super Detail Set, this comprises of a number of sets previously released, and offered in a package with a reduced price. The individual sets within this are:

  • 132519, Hannover Cl.II seatbelts – laser
  • 132103, Hannover Cl.II interior
  • 132104, Hannover Cl.II surface details
  • 132113, Argus As.III + LMG 08/15 "Spandau"
  • 632019, Hannover Cl.II Mask

132519, Hannover Cl.II seatbelts – laser




The Hannover Cl.II was a two seat aircraft, so obviously, we have two sets of belts here. Both sets are printed in full colour upon a microfibre textile sheet. The parts are also laser cut, meaning you just need to snip the narrow connecting tags to free your part. As well as being laser cut, they are also laser engraved. You can barely see this detail until you apply a wash over them at a later stage. At that point you realise how amazing these look. The laser cutting process has also darkened the edge of the parts, giving a natural shaded appearance. Twenty-four pieces of textile make up this set of belts.




The photo etch fret for this, again produced by Eduard, contains THIRTY crisply etched parts. An instructional card is included which depicts the assembly in clear illustration, with red and blue numbers to give both etch and textile part some differentiation. Assembly looks straightforward, and the instructions also show installation.


132103, Hannover Cl.II interior


Again, this is my favourite area of any build. Nail this and it tends to give good karma for the rest of the project. As the Hannover had a moulded wooden fuselage shell, there's obviously no need for bracing wires in here, but there is plenty more to keep you occupied. This set is produced on a single etch fret measuring 70mm x 35, containing around 26 parts. Both interior and forward facing MG parts are included here, as well as a small number of Spandau parts on the Argus engine detail set.




The Spandau gets quite a radical makeover, with a photo etch ammo drum and ammo feed belt, as well as drum housing bracket. Other MG parts include cooling jacket, reticule, sighting arm, and cocking lever. The other MG sports a drum bracket assembly too.

Moving away from the armament, the camera gets a slight makeover with PE lens plates etc, and the fuel tank gains a PE filler port ring. I suppose you really have to hand it to the WNW design team that HGW weren't able to improve the interior further, but this set will just add the cherry to what is already a superbly detailed and engineered model kit.


132104, Hannover Cl.II surface details




The majority of this set is designed to replace externally moulded access port and louvre detail across the kit, as well as some cable exit points, aileron hinge plates, wing walkways and wheel hub lace panels. A LOT of surgery is required in terms of removing that moulded detail, and I don't fully know if you'll really gain much in the way of an improvement. Of course, there is a small amount of new detail to be added also, so you can't dismiss this set outright.

The etch fret contains around 36 parts, superbly produced by Eduard. For the louvers, you will need to rub the raised metal from behind, with a ball-point pen, whilst supporting the part on a rubber mat, or similar.


132113, Argus As.III + LMG 08/15 "Spandau"




Apart from a cocking handle for a Spandau, and some sight and bracket parts, associated parts, this set looks to be composed of parts entirely for the Argus As.III engine. This of course means no cooling jacket, so you'll have to use the WNW etch part for that. Very odd!

For the engine, we have ignition leads and magneto wiring looms only. You can spruce these up a little with some 50:50 mixed white glue and water. The ignition leads have the spark plugs etched in situ. I think I would snip those off and connect the etch to the moulded spark plug instead.

As the instructions show, this set is easy to install, and a minimum, if any, surgery is required to fit it.


632019, Hannover Cl.II Mask




Lastly, we come to the masking set, sharply die cut onto a piece of Kabuki sheet. Parts are included for the windscreen forward and rear face, as well as the prop boss and camera lens. Funnily enough, no masks for the wheel hubs, as with other sets.

Instructions are provided which show the mask set in plan form, with shading and part reference as to where they are to be placed. Very simple to follow.




As a bonus, a small piece of transparent-backed lozenge decal is included. This isn't specific for this release, but can of course be used on your other projects. You will need to lay down a base coat of white or off-white, with shading etc, in order to really see what these decals can achieve.




This is a bit of a mixed bag for me. Only one Spandau jacket, and no wheel hub masks. Apart from that, this is still a superb set, offering some rather nice touches to which will certainly enhance the base model kit. The surface panels, for me, are something you really don't need to add, but of course do offer options for those who want to perhaps pose panels in an open position. A simple set to install, and one worthy of your consideration.




James H


Our sincere thanks to HGW for this review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.



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