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Spitfire 21 kitbash

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Time to ressurect a dead topic. How time flies. Today was the annual modellers exhibition at the museum. Always fun and spent the whole day torturing plastic. I had a PCM Spitfire IX with me and the remains of the Spitfire 21 failure. I thought why not graft the XIV nose and tail to the IX? That was done and the wingtips of the Matchbox 22/24 were glued on the IX wings. Should have done that before as this is exactly how Supermarine modified the Spitfire design with the newer and stronger wing. The IX ailerons were cut away and the wing modified to accept the 22/24 ailerons. The fuselage is together and the wing has made a quantum leap regarding progress. Only major bit is to insert the scratchbuilt

wheelbays into the IX wings and suddenly the basic 21 airframe suts on my workbench. Modelling is fun.









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More hacking, in order to fit the previously scratchbuilt wheelwells into the PCM Spit I had to dismantle it completely (again).

The inside of the wing will need some heavy thinning and scraping. The well openings are also different and I used the Matchbox ones as a template which worked fine. Both wells are roughly ready, next trying to fit the interiors.





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