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  1. Hi Mike,

    I was not trying to be disrespectful but I love your Lanc conversion and it really deserves a dedicated thread of it's own.

    Keep up the good work.



  2. Very nice John, Shall we call it the Shelf of Delay from now on? Cees
  3. Considering your opinion I rate this kit unbuildable. Cees
  4. Mike, That looks fantastic please make it a separate thread for all of us to enjoy. Cheers Cees
  5. There's no stopping you! But then again you like 'em dirty. Wonderful.
  6. It wil certainly not be at Telford, it has been three times before. The last time I kept on reparing transit damage. Gus, don't worry the joint is very firm and I make it a habit to hold the fuselage at the wingattachement area. Cees
  7. Some more work of the messy kind. The seam where I had sawn off the cockpit had to be made good. Due to a slight unevenness this could be a problem. as Lancasters had fabric tape around the transportjoint I figured the Manchester would too. So a trialfit was done with some blue tape I had lying around. Also some panellines had to be rescribed. Cees
  8. Thanks and yes satisfaction is part of modelling. Just as selfdoubt but some more progress. the rudders are almost finished with both counterweights and the rudder tab linkages finished bar some refinement. next, the elevator hinges to cover the rods that fits the elevators to the stabilizer. Cees
  9. Thanks chaps. Just doing what I think is best but any tips are welcome. I seem to be making lots of mistakes before an acceptabel result is achieved. First rudder counterweight using steelrod. Another hurdle overcome. now to make the other one. cheers Cees
  10. I was more hoping to hear some tips or critique that I can learn from.
  11. And the trimtabs are fitted. Linkages to follow. Outer fins are loosely fitted. Cees
  12. After some 4 years the fuselage is whole again. I forgot what a big stick it is. filling, sanding to follow. After that the details to complete the fuselage will commence. The fun work so to say. The fuselage will be completed including camouflage and markings etc. before work om the wings start. Finally getting somewhere. Cees
  13. Some nice conversion work going on there David. Cees
  14. You can do it. Great that you have started again on it. Now make sure you finish the damn thing! Cheers Cees
  15. Well I herewith consider this case (fuselage) to be closed. After installing some cables (see fifth pic) there was nothing more to do so I closed up the “thing”. Finally, and one day ahead of schedule. With some luck the whole fuselage will be in one piece again soon. Cheers Cees
  16. That's not blood, but when I clean my brushes the paint on the handle dissolves (red in this case)
  17. Right on schedule for closing the halves later this week. just some cabling to add. I used the Eduard Lancaster panel but painted out two sets if instruments. Hope you like Cees
  18. Yes, apart from the T1154 transmitter there is also a complete RAF blindflyingpanel and in the other room a full size Spitfire II panel as a work in progress although that hasn't been worked on in months and will probably be replaced by a full size Lancaster main instrument panel. Then again there is "Henry" our bodyguard which is a fully kitted out RAF aircrew dummy that used to occupy the Halifax cockpit, but now guards our bicycles in the basement. Well it keeps you off the streets. Cees
  19. Me too Gus, Toddy turned out to be a mammoth modelling session. the seatbelts in the cockpit seating positions were fitted. The Eduard set is very nice. Some detailpainting on the T1154/R1155 radio setup took place. Having an original T1154 in my living room helped regarding the coloured knobs. Very pleased how the camera lens turned out and it’s position is spot on over the hole in the fuselage. This will be glazed too. then I could finally fit everything in place such as controlcolumns navigators panel and table and finally his seat too. This took a lot of testfitting. Next to be done the engineer and pilot instrument panel. Hope you like Cees
  20. looking great Ernie. The British had stocks of millions of .303 rounds left from WW1, thats why they kept using this calibre. When Halifax W1048 was recovered for the RAF Museum in 1973 it had thousands of rounds still in it's containers including many made during the 1920's. Cees
  21. Some more progress. painting of the interior and making a lens for the F24 camera using clearfix. Great stuff. next seatbelts cheers Cees
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