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1:32 Upgrade sets for Bf 109, Fw 190 and Caudron


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1:32 Upgrade sets for Bf 109, Fw 190 and Caudron

Department of Correction
See article for details on price etc




Department of Correction from Poland is a relative newcomer to the aftermarket scene, but they have wasted no time releasing some exciting and high-quality resin correction sets for popular kits on the market in both 1/48 and 1/32. In this review I'll be looking at several sets in 32nd scale, so lets have a look at some of what D.O.C. has to offer!


Up first we have a very nice set – a corrected spinner for Hasegawa's 1/32 Bf109G/K kits. There are already several resin spinner options on the market for these kits, so what D.O.C. has brought to the table?




As with other D.O.C. sets, the packaging is very nice with parts bagged separately and the instructions are very clear and concise.






The parts are cast in a very nice grey resin and include a two-part spinner, three prop hubs, and a separate blast tube for the tip of the spinner (my sample contained a spare tube). The casting is flawless with no bubbles or flash, and the detail is crisp and beautiful.




The engineering of the parts is excellent, as the two parts of the spinner fit together perfectly and pretty much snap into place with no gaps or play whatsoever. The detail on the spinner is excellent with very crisp panel lines, subtle rows of rivets, data plates, and characteristic "teardrop" shape of the propeller cutouts. Assembly is similar to that of the kit parts with the exception of the prop hubs into which you simply install the kit parts or use the "wide" blades D.O.C. provides in another set. The base of the spinner is pre-drilled for use with the kit spinner shaft.




As I said before there are several other options on the market for corrected resin spinners, and I happened to have one on hand for comparison. To my knowledge the Eagle Editions spinner is considered one of the "most correct", so how does it compare to the D.O.C. offering? This isn't a perfect comparison as I haven't removed the casting blocks from either spinner, but the shape of the two spinners is extremely close. The "teardrop" shape of the openings is different between the two, but I'm no expert and cannot speak to one being more correct than the other. However, the quality of the casting heavily favors the D.O.C. spinner both in finish and detail. The D.O.C. spinner will also be easier to use as it requires no drilling for the spinner shaft or prop blades.




So what do we think?
Department Of Correction has produced a very nice corrected spinner with exceptional detail and casting, excellent engineering, and easy assembly. The shape and nuances of the Bf109 spinner are a topic of hot debate and I'm no expert, but I wouldn't hesitate to use D.O.C.'s offering.


Very Highly Recommended


To purchase this item direct, click this link ( http://www.ww-model.pl/index.php?p8912,d-o-c-32001-1-32-bf-109-g-k-propeller-spinner )

The next set in this review is this simple but useful conversion piece for the 1/32 Hasegawa Fw190A-5/6/7. The new lower wing panel features a smaller access panel present on some A-5/6/7 aircraft.




Again, packaging is very nice and parts are bagged separately. The instructions are excellent, very clear and concise with easy-to-follow photos.






The new lower panel features the smaller radio compartment access hatch present on some aircraft. This panel was not common, so check your references. It was smaller than the large panel present on the A-8 and D-series aircraft, used to access the 115L MW50 fuel tank. After scouring my references I have found several drawings depicting this smaller oval panel, but none specify its purpose.

As with other D.O.C. resin sets, the casting is flawless. Detail is fine and crisp, and it even features an opened electronic connections bay with a separate small fuel line plug. Also included is new DF loop base.

Installation is very straight-forward, as you simply cut the kit lower wing along the panel line and install the new resin panel.




So what do we think?
Department Of Correction is the first company, to my knowledge, to release a correction set depicting this rarely seen smaller radio compartment access panel in any scale. The casting is perfect, detail is outstanding, and installation is simple. What more could you ask for?


Highly Recommended


To purchase this item direct, click this link ( http://www.ww-model.pl/index.php?p9365,d-o-c-32007-1-32-fw-190-a-bottom-fuselage-panel-with-small-oval-cover )


Finally, we have a piece for Azur's 1/32 Caudron C.714 C.1. This set corrects the shape of the intakes on the front cowl of the Cyclone.




As with other D.O.C. products, the packaging is nice and the instructions are clear and concise with nice photographs.




The casting on this piece is perfect, with no bubbles or imperfections present. The revised cowl also includes a more detailed upper panel with fasteners and fine louvers – a distinct feature on the nose of the Cyclone.

Installation is very straight-forward, as the new piece is a direct replacement for the kit part. Simply remove the pour stub and install!






D.O.C. also has a corrected spinner and propeller for the C.714, available separately.


So what do we think?
Once again Department Of Correction has provided a very nice and easy to install correction set. If you're a fan of the Caudron Cyclone and have the Azur kit in your stash, I'd say this corrected cowl is a must-have.


Highly Recommended


To purchase this item direct, click this link ( http://www.ww-model.pl/index.php?p8911,d-o-c-32002-1-32-caudron-cr-714c1-front-engine-cowl )



Department Of Correction may be new to the scene, but their interesting and useful sets certainly have a place in the market. Their resin casting is some of the best I've seen, with zero imperfections and the highest level of detail. The finish of these parts is truly impressive. I look forward to more products from D.O.C.


Our thanks to W&W Model for the review samples. To purchase the items directly you can click the links in the article. You can also view these and other sets from D.O.C. by going here http://www.ww-model.pl/index.php?d=szukaj&producent=263


Jason Brewer



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