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  1. If like me, you like the properties of PPP but struggle with a delivery system and are always on the lookout for modelling hacks, try this. If you know someone in the medical game, or even a friendly chemist, ask for a small syringe (5ml should be fine) and a blunt “drawing” needle. Decant (if that is the correct word) some PPP into the syringe and apply. The needle cap should keep it fresh and you don’t need to fill the syringe, which can be washed in water after use if you wish. Saves wastage and clean up. Regards,
  2. Currently screening on Netflix here in Australia. I watched it the other day, not too shabby with the effects at all. The imbedded clip from Adam Savage is also worth a look. Some very talented people at Weta! Regards,
  3. Brilliant, just brilliant. I am so pleased I have the PE panel. I just hope I can do it justice and will be using your build as a guide. The guage surrounds hand painted or a decal? Regards,
  4. I know this may be early as I have only had the kit in my sweaty mitts for a couple of hours, but is there any talk of 1/32 Lancaster masks on the horizon? The usual suspects can chime in here......
  5. Simply put it is sublime. Thank you. Regards,
  6. You have that well in hand Gaz, Great result with the pastels, a medium I have not previously used but now I am considering. Regards,
  7. Bravo Peter, bravo! So nice and a great result on the engine. Regards,
  8. Thanks buddy, As luck would have it, Aldi has a big arts and crafts sale this week. I saw a few pots of it down there. Regards,
  9. Looking nice Gaz. I may have missed it but what medium are you using to represent the Zimmerit? A putty of some sort no doubt? Regards,
  10. Many thanks for the clarification. Regards, Kent
  11. Great work on the collector rings Jeroen. Can you please confirm the Extreme Metal colour you used? I can only find Burnt Metal and Pale Burnt Metal in their range here in Australia. I am assuming it is the latter colour, lightly applied? Regards, Kent
  12. Great work Rick, The information on the gunsight was a revelation to me, it will be tucked away for future work on an Airfix P-40B in the stash. Regards,
  13. Nicely done Rick, You’ve had a battle to get here but the result is coming together really nicely. Regards,
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