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  1. kahunaminor

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Many thanks for the clarification. Regards, Kent
  2. kahunaminor

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Great work on the collector rings Jeroen. Can you please confirm the Extreme Metal colour you used? I can only find Burnt Metal and Pale Burnt Metal in their range here in Australia. I am assuming it is the latter colour, lightly applied? Regards, Kent
  3. kahunaminor

    Ok, I'm showing off...

    Nicely done Rick. Regards,
  4. kahunaminor

    Trumpeter P40B

    Great work Rick, The information on the gunsight was a revelation to me, it will be tucked away for future work on an Airfix P-40B in the stash. Regards,
  5. kahunaminor

    Trumpeter P40B

    Nicely done Rick, You’ve had a battle to get here but the result is coming together really nicely. Regards,
  6. Good afternoon, I present my latest off the bench, Hasegawa’s version of the Mitsubishi A6M2-N Rufe. The “N” denotes the aircraft was actually manufactured by Nakajima (as were all the Rufes). I added the CMK cockpit and used Montex masks for the markings except for four decals not included in the masks. I wanted the aircraft to be weathered but not overly so. The paints were primarily Sovereign Colourcoats with some AKI varnishes and the relatively new AKI panel liners for brown/green and black finishes. The trolley was weathered a bit as they took a beating. Regards,
  7. kahunaminor

    Profimodeller Fi103 V1

    Great stuff Jeroen. How about “Wings? We don’t need no stinking wings!” Regards,
  8. kahunaminor

    BF109G6 Revell 1/32

    Really like the result you have obtained with the seat. In fact the whole lot says craftsman at work. Well done. Regards,
  9. kahunaminor

    1:48 Tamiya Mosquito PR Mk.IV

    Very, very nice work matey. congratulations on an exemplary build. Regards,
  10. kahunaminor

    Ta-152H-0 awaiting restoration at the NASM

    Brilliant concept Jeroen, Executed with precision, care and love. Many thanks. Regards,
  11. kahunaminor

    He 219 AO OWL 1/32

    Yes, yes, yes! The shots remind me of very much an aircraft under clear shallow water. I suppose that was the intended outcome in the camouflage. Great work and thanks for sharing it. Regards,
  12. kahunaminor

    Model Space Millenium Falcon - question

    I am also subscribed to this kit (to SWMBO's horror - but it is for my son...honest) and can only echo James' post. It seriously needs a good build plan to complete it and lots of room. The results OOB are good but with added tweaking it can be sublime. Regards,
  13. Stunning result Danny. Congratulations on the first completion of 2017 and thanks for sharing! Regards,
  14. kahunaminor

    Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair 'Marines Dream' WIP.

    Looks great Danny, Great painting and detail work. Thanks for sharing. Regards,
  15. kahunaminor

    Ta-152H-0 awaiting restoration at the NASM

    Jeroen, As always you inspire and amaze me with your talent and approach to a project. Many thanks. Regards,