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  1. Welcome back, Many thanks for the positive feedback and encouragement. So moving forward, the IP shroud was affixed and the gun covers are just dry fit. Again the joins are great, except where the human factor is introduced and a misalignment occurs as in the shroud. The engine was painted and lightly washed and weathered. There are still some PE ignition wires and parts to go on. The air intake looked sloppy, so I cut it off and remade it using some 0.5mm card, glued and shaped accordingly. The cockpit opening has been masked and sealed with liquid mask to keep out the dust. There are some panel lines that GP has not included on the fuselage according to plans, so these have been measured, marked and scribed on one side (the other side gets done tomorrow). The luggage door on the upper canopy is 2mm too long and would sit astride the panel line behind it so it was also filled, rescribed and now sits better. I have also reinstated the panel lines under the fixed IP shroud and added a couple on the forward fuselage. Thats up to date so thanks for looking. Kent
  2. Welcome back, The build moved forward quite rapidly, even if deviating slightly from the instructions. The level of detail from OOB is very good but I did choose to add some Eduard PE, Eduard steel seat belts and a Yahu IP. Paints are Aeromaster Warbirds enamel RLM02 and some Tamiya base colours. Sealed and then washed with AKI enamel washes. Final weathering was Fabre Castell water colour pencils, some simple lead pencil and the fuselage was sealed. Thanks for looking, Kent
  3. Gazzas build has stirred me out of ambivalence and back onto the forum. I started this a little while ago so I will be adding a few photos at a time. At the start I must commend Gaspatch for the fidelity and engineering of this kit. The quality of the instructions is excellent and the plastic, whilst being of the softer variety, is well detailed and easy to use. Here is the obligatory box top shot, along with the chosen scheme and some AM I picked up along the way. Regards, Kent
  4. Nice choice Gaz, I also have one on the bench at the moment. The fit of the kit is truly excellent. I intend to rivet mine. Using both the MMP and Top Drawings plans, I have found a small error in the luggage hatch on the port fuselage upper may be a little long (2mm to the rear) as it appears to dissect a panel line that GP didn’t include. Once I confirm and rectify I shall post a picture. Dive in and enjoy some quality engineering and fit! Regards, Kent
  5. If like me, you like the properties of PPP but struggle with a delivery system and are always on the lookout for modelling hacks, try this. If you know someone in the medical game, or even a friendly chemist, ask for a small syringe (5ml should be fine) and a blunt “drawing” needle. Decant (if that is the correct word) some PPP into the syringe and apply. The needle cap should keep it fresh and you don’t need to fill the syringe, which can be washed in water after use if you wish. Saves wastage and clean up. Regards,
  6. Currently screening on Netflix here in Australia. I watched it the other day, not too shabby with the effects at all. The imbedded clip from Adam Savage is also worth a look. Some very talented people at Weta! Regards,
  7. Brilliant, just brilliant. I am so pleased I have the PE panel. I just hope I can do it justice and will be using your build as a guide. The guage surrounds hand painted or a decal? Regards,
  8. I know this may be early as I have only had the kit in my sweaty mitts for a couple of hours, but is there any talk of 1/32 Lancaster masks on the horizon? The usual suspects can chime in here......
  9. Simply put it is sublime. Thank you. Regards,
  10. You have that well in hand Gaz, Great result with the pastels, a medium I have not previously used but now I am considering. Regards,
  11. Bravo Peter, bravo! So nice and a great result on the engine. Regards,
  12. Thanks buddy, As luck would have it, Aldi has a big arts and crafts sale this week. I saw a few pots of it down there. Regards,
  13. Looking nice Gaz. I may have missed it but what medium are you using to represent the Zimmerit? A putty of some sort no doubt? Regards,
  14. Many thanks for the clarification. Regards, Kent
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