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  1. Very nice review, Jeroen! I wasn't that moved by the subject in first instance but I have to confess that I'm now looking where I can squeeze this kit into my "hobby spending budget".... One of the perks of being married! Is this a limited edition or did they do a large production run?
  2. But now we need a 1/48 Me 321, too!
  3. Heheh, I asked the question because I don’t know myself. But I found the notion of an MG-42 on a NATO vehicle amusing. Like having R4M A-A rockets under the wings of Starfighters...
  4. Ah, that explains why I didn’t know about it! I’m still young and godlike! Although the godlike bit is more like Bacchus, I’m afraid....
  5. Although I'm intrigued about the OBC bit too.....
  6. Well,... I asked a question because like James, I frequent both sites, couldn't get into LSP and thought maybe someone over here knew what was going on. That's ALL. Didn't think to have a look at their FB. Sorry about that. But aside from getting the answer that there were server problems, the thread almost directly evolved in frustrations that individuals had with other individuals ovah thah... So yeah, in that regard, it evolved indeed into a useless non-productive thread.... I'll ask the Admins myself to lock it and/or delete it.
  7. Never used to be a problem when I was a more regular visitor / contributor here, a couple of years back. So, what changed? I'm not known for trolling or inflammatory posts, so if the thread is deemed inappropriate, no problem: it gets pulled... TBH, I hadn't even thought of visiting FB. I was used to going from LSM to LSP and back together with a lot of other members so thought that any problems would be known here.. Cheers, Erik.
  8. Hey James, About this kit: does it give the option for the driver's and radio operator's seat to be in the down (buttoned up) position as you've shown on the model or in the up position (heads out of the hatches? Cheers, Erik.
  9. Nice work! I had to laugh: an MG 42 on a Bundeswehr vehicle...! Is the MG 3 that similar to the old buzz-saw? Only re-chambered and re-barreled from 7,92mm to 7,62mm NATO?
  10. It DOES look good! Was this the biggest headache? Or does the underside of the fuselage/wing have some other surprises in store?
  11. I can't seem to be able to get on Large Scale Planes the last two days... Anyone know what's the matter? Cheers, Erik.
  12. Hey Jeroen, Since you are building the movie aircraft, my suggestion is to finish it without the sight. Cheers, Erik.
  13. Looking forward to your handiwork! You already out-sawed our resident Beauty-Cees!
  14. Ey Rick, just read about the loss of your dog and house... Sterkte man!...
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