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  1. Looking forward to your handiwork! You already out-sawed our resident Beauty-Cees!
  2. Ey Rick, just read about the loss of your dog and house... Sterkte man!...
  3. Hi Rick, Seemingly the 8063 flew with both 311 and 312 at different points in it's career. Wilko Jonker's site: https://kw.jonkerweb.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=509:lockheed-f-104g-starfighter&catid=62&lang=nl&showall=&limitstart=3&Itemid=498 D-8063 c/n: 8063; 1051 Into service: 19-06-1963 Out of service: 23-11-1984 Sqn: 306, 322, 311, 312, 311/312, UFO Afgeschreven en in gebruik als instructietoestel
  4. If the inside face of the hatch is visible when opened it would have been painted in the outside camouflage colour. Museum exhibits often show opened hatches in the inside colours but those exhibits are most often partially or fully repainted since WW2.
  5. Nice, Cees! Didn't 322 fly Mk.XVI's (e-wing) with that scheme?
  6. Holy cow!! That is amazing work!! Thanks for sharing!
  7. I couldn't control my urges at the local hobby shop today...
  8. Mike, to ask maybe the stupidest of stupid questions: Does "armor and aircraft of any sort" mean that any scale goes, too? Or do you want it limited to Large Scale?
  9. It's friggin' AWESOME!! Great work, guys!!!!
  10. Fine review Jim! Could you possibly post the instructions for the different schemes, too, please? I'm always interested to see how the kivschemes would look when built... Cheers, Erik
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