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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

A new Sponsor for LSM’s Great War Group Build


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I’m both delighted and very excited to announce that well known and respect aftermarket company HGW have agreed to become the Main Title Sponsor of the Great War Group Build with Arrow Wolf serving as junior partner and co-ordinator.


As part of this sponsorship agreement we thought long and hard about what could be done to mark the modellers’ achievements and because of the build being 12 months in duration we decided that was too long to wait for a prize of sorts.


So, as Sponsor, HGW have agreed to:

  • Provide each modeller (entrant to the GW GB) with one free, complimentary set of seat belts applicable to the aircraft model being built. 
  • If the current build has gone past the point where seat belts would normally be added then a set of exterior detail part equal to the value of the seats belts can be substituted.


Please PM Grant of Arrow Wolf with the details of the seat belt set you would like or the exterior detail set as a substitute (but to roughly the same value of the belt set).  Please note, this offer is limited to one gift per entrant, not to each model.  Your message should include an address to where the set may be posted.


Meanwhile , we have created a sponsors’ GW GB signature banner which can be found <See Below> and we would ask that you add it to your personal GW GB signature (and, if possible, use it elsewhere to fly the flag for LSM)


I hope you will agree that this sponsorship is both prestigious and a very welcome act of generosity on behalf of HGW and I equally hope you will join me in thanking Jan Bobek of HGW by “flying” the Sponsors’ banner in your personal Post Signatures.







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Dear All,


I'm delighted to say that the HGW items specifically requested by those who messaged me have now been mailed!!!


The delay in getting these out to everyone was as a result of HGW's parcel, although correctly addressed to me in the UK, being shipped by the Czech Post Office to the USA!  It bounced around there for a while before eventually being delivered to me.  I apologise profusely for this delay and hope it hasn't caused too much trouble.


Irrespective of the Czech Post Office's slightly odd decision to send the parcel via the USA, I hope you will join me in thanking HGW for making this possible in the first place.


Happy building !!



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