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  1. The HK Models Official International Contest initiated by LSM

    Entries : 1/32 HK Models kits only.

    Starting date: 1st of January 2016
    End date: DELAYED! Take your time. Since the 1st price will be the new Lancaster (which is having some delay) we are pushing the deadline for the contest.

    All models must be 75% unfinished at the starting date.
    First prize will be the new HKM's release ( Late 2016): Lancaster Kit in 32nd scale.

    All builds must have their Work in Progress documented on LSM.
    All finished models will be judged by none other than Aitor Azkue and Jean Diorama, and Uschi van der Rosten!

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  5. Eastern Front Armour GB

    Six Month build, It will cover the time frame from Operation Barbarosa to Operation Citadel. Which is from June 22, 1941 to July 16, 1943. Armor, soft skin, figures, Starting April 1st 2014 to the September 30th 2014.

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  8. Arrow Wolf's Junkers GB

    This is a SIX MONTH Group Build, commencing on 1st April 2014, and ending on 30th September 2014. Open to anything that Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke AG built from 1895 - 1969

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  10. Eindecker GB

    Wingnut Wings Fans very FIRST Group Build. For this one, we want you to build ANY of the Wingnut Wings Fokker Eindecker releases, E.I/E.II/E.III/E.IV. The model must be UNSTARTED, and this build lasts for SIX months.

    Start: November 1st 2013
    End: June 31th 2014

  11. Arrow Wolf's Focke Wulf GB

    This is a SIX MONTH Group Build, commencing on 1st September 2013, and ending on 28th Febuary 2014. Open to anything that Focke Wulf built during the Second World War.

  12. Fokker D.VII GB

    Wingnut Wings Fans bring you their SECOND Group Build. For this one, we want you to build ANY of the Wingnut Wings Fokker D.VII kit releases.

    Start: August 15th 2014*
    End: Feb 15th 2015

    *You may actually start this one in the month prior to the GB beginning, BUT, it must be currently UN-STARTED for it to qualify for this grace.

  13. The Great War GB

    'The Great War' Group Build - Sponsored by HGW
    This is a ONE YEAR Group Build, commencing on July 28th 2013, and ending on July 28th 2014. This will be the Centenary of the outbreak of actual hostilities, when Austria declared war on Serbia, plunging the world into war via a series of following war declarations. This group build is very kindly sponsored by HGW and Arrow Wolf

  14. Pacific War GB

    This is a ONE YEAR Group Build, commencing on 1st August 2013, and ending on 31st July 2014. Open to subject that saw service between 7th July 1937 to 2nd September 1945.

  15. Beaches to Berlin - D-Day to VE-Day

    Beginning at 00.01hrs 6th June 2014 and concluding 23.59hrs 8th May 2015, this GB allows the participant to build vehicles, figures and aircraft of the fighting parties in North Western Europe during this particular theatre of conflict

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  17. HK Models GB

    This is a FOUR Month Group Build, starts 1st June 2015 and ends 30th Sept 2015. Rules are simple, you must use any HK Models kit as a base, build it out of the box or use as much aftermarket as you want! Simple rules, now go for it!

  18. Spitfire GB

    1st March to 30 September. Rules are pretty simple! Any Spitfire 1/32 and up will be eligible.

  19. 1940 Group Build

    This is a ONE YEAR Group Build, commencing on 1st April to 31st December 2015. This Group Build is open to Aircraft, Armour, Softskin and Figures that served during 1940. This includes The Battle of Britain, Battle of France, invasion of Norway, Italy moves against Greece and Africa, Japan vs. China in the east...

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  21. D-Day 75th Anniversary Group Build

    A long running group build commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, the storming of the beaches of Normandy. All aircraft or AFV models 1/35 or larger as used by any combatant that day that was directly involved in the invasion or defense. 


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