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Aviattic - 1:32 Lozenge Decal


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(1:32 Lozenge Decal (4/5 colour upper & Lower, Fokker D.VII)
Available from Aviattic for £9.75 each +P&P (full width 54”) and £ 10,90 (Fokker D.VII Lozenges Tapes)




The first time I heard of Aviattic, I did not care much  because I`m a WnW hardcore fan and is the WnW decals are made by Cartograf.

And Cartograf means quality!

 Then I saw some reviews about their decals . However I still thought to myself and as a WnW hardcore fan: decals kit are great and more than enough...

Meanwhile I saw several reviews on the internet, all with high statements about Aviattic and their decals.

Still I grab myself as a WnW hardcore fan and keep saying to myself: Decals are great and more than enough…


Then I saw SP&R review, made by my good friend James Hatch and was the first time really shaken my conviction as a hardcore fan: seem to me fabulous and much better in color and texture than the WnW lozenges decals.


Then I fortunate enough to get in touch with Richard from Aviattic, as sponsor of the 2.º Contest of WnW fans facebook page (that will take place in January 2014) and to be fortunate to get some samples.

At this time I was very curious and eager to see the Avittic decals and if they actually will shaken my belief in lozenges WnW.

I received in my mailbox, a well- packaged A4 envelope, with the symbol of Aviattic.

Opened immediately and the decals come in a large zip -log bag (size A4) along with application instructions, a small flyer with the history of Aviattic and a beautiful postcard with Fokker D.VII build by Ray Rimmel signed by Richard . Thanks! J .





Before examining the decals I read with much interest and attention and study the history of WWI german camouflage printed fabric created by Herry and Richard, in which is explained the reasons for the camouflage, the application and the reasons for glaze weathering and degradation been quite educational. Also we were able to get the brief idea of ​​long and hard work performed by Richard and Henry and the hundreds of hours of researching and study.  







No doubt that`s a long and loving job.

Then I turned my attention to decal application hints and tips. Are clear, precise and very useful instructions.




These instructions must be on your side when you apply the decals!


Then the real amazement ... the decals.

My skepticism and fanaticism were fully dethroned as I saw with my own eyes, the lozenges from Aviattic.

Decals fabulous , with a fantastic tone , a record of unblesmished color, and a finesse that the total security in income on the application model . Also the fabric texture  is incredibly realistic.


Received samples for this review nothing less than 8 sheets :

·         32/4U (faded) full width 54”

·         32/4U (factory fresh) full width 54”

·         32/4U (Brown varnish effect) full width 54”

·         32/4-5 Upper & lower reserved pattern 54”

·         Fokker DVII 32/4U&L Factory fresh (lozenge tapes) cp

·         Fokker DVII 32/5U&L Factory fresh (lozenge tapes) cp

·         Fokker DVII 32/4U&L Faded (lozenge tapes) cs

·         Fokker DVII 32/5U&L Faded (lozenge tapes) cs



(32/4U (faded) full width 54”)




(32/4U (factory fresh) full width 54”)




(32/4U (Brown varnish effect) full width 54”)



They all have subtle but noticeable way of a different color and finish of the lozenges This differentiation is in different states of wear depending on the actual situations from factory fresh, brown varnish or faded .

Decals are translucent, which compel apply a primer light color ( white, light gray), and gloss varnished surface.  Then a careful thought and application of pre –shading can be essential for achieved a range of colors important to give an even more realistic.


This one is printed in reverse because it what would be seen from the interior of an aircraft. A really nice touch and a very useful sheet!



(32/4-5 Upper & lower reserved pattern 54”)



The next one are cookie-cut for WnW Fokker D.VII and they are design almost in the same way of WnW decals but Aviattic present wingtips printed separately, which is a nice touch because that`s a really trick area.

So it`s nice to have a spare part.



(Fokker DVII 32/5U&L Faded (lozenge tapes) cs)




(Fokker DVII 32/5U&L Factory fresh (lozenge tapes) cp)



(Fokker DVII 32/4U&L Factory fresh (lozenge tapes) cp)



         The general looks of the decals is outstanding… The color, the texture and the geometry are outstanding.

         All decals are laser printed onto high quality decal sheet from extremely high resolution computer generated graphics.

















Sum up… Ten thumbs up!!

I can now say that I will never build a WnW model without Aviattic Decals.

It was quite hard for me to this review because these decals sheets are simply perfect, a huge improvement of the lozenges decals of WnW, and I lacked the words to describe the quality of this product.


So if you don`t yet your Xmas present, Aviattic decals is a very good option!!


Very High Recommend

Our truly and sincere thanks to Richard from Aviattic for the review samples sheets. 

To buy these directly go to www.aviattic.co.uk

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Nice review.  I have learned more from this forum in the last three days than I have in the last 15 of building.  


Thank you!


Jonathan thanks so much for kind words!  :unworthy: 

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