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-- Social media to save and post your models --

Michal K.

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Hello fellow modellers,

I am doing myself a research about Social media for us, modellers. By my opinion most of us use either Social apps (Instagram, Facebook) or Forums to share our work with the world.

I am making this post, because I don't like those Social Apps, for example Instagram, because you can't zoom photos and it shows non-relevant posts and videos I don't want to see. 

Also I would like to store information about models (e.g. used accessories, colours, ...) and didn't find suitable app for that.

Let me know, what is your opinion and if you'd appreciate to have app that would unify all this together.

Thanks for any discussion here.

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Welcome to the forum! 
Myself, I simply do a search for a particular subject on modeling websites.  Now what would come in handy is an app that would keep track of all my kits in my stash, the piles of aftermarket I have and have it where it cross references with each other.   Just the other day I went through my boxes of aftermarket goodies and discovered I’ve bought too much one one thing, not enough of another.   Maybe even a location like ”Box 14-Garage shelves, right side” 

I try to keep a list in my notes, but it gets mixed up in the shuffle.  

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