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  1. I don’t see bunnies! You were stoned.
  2. I just moved Mom (85) into a nursing home three weeks ago. Last weekend we took the daughter and her baby for a visit. We walked in and Mom told us to not let the baby go because someone came in, dropped trou and took a dump in the corner of her room and the evidence is still there. it was a power cord for the tiny TV I took off the dresser when I put hers in. After discussing with her, she dreamed this occurred and she was convinced there was a turd in the corner of her room.
  3. Picked up a used kit some time back and before the fire Paul said he was going to get another run of these gear done. Life changed his plans, so now I'm searching to see if someone by chance bought an extra set.
  4. Over $2,200?? This is a level of insanity.
  5. I think there was a currency conversion fee. Google "Paypal Currency Conversion Fee"
  6. If I had to? 1) 1/48 PBY-5A 2) Ming kids B-17 (hehehe) 3) One of my 1/72 Connie kits 4) 1/200 Arizona (just because I know this is going to take a year to build) 5) Munsters House 6) Psyco House 7) Hasegawa F-16 prototype/first production 8) One of my Revell F-4E's (I've got 3) 9) One of my Trumpeter A-10's 10) One of my Tamiya F-4J kits I actually had to look at a pic of my stash to finish this list! LOL!!
  7. Just came off of a few days off from work. took last Thursday, Friday and Monday. Unfortunately, TH & FR was to move mom's apartment into storage since her health now has her in a skilled care facility (nursing home). I ached and hurt so bad Sat & Sun I could barley move from the recliner (Hey, it was a total of 10.7 miles of walking both days between apartment and truck, with all the bending, stooping and picking up boxes along the way) and Monday I had to accompany the wife to minor surgery. Sometimes I forget I have a project I can spend time on, or I either dread getting started on one only to get a phone call and pulled away. My mind is now starting to ease up some with Mom in the nursing home. I was afraid to burn leave time if I had an emergency and had to move her. I guess I was thinking this all wrong and was thinking I had to take vacation time, but I got to use Family sick leave. Forgot where I was going with this.... But looking forward to taking some time off now and then just for build days. Did it years ago. I need to do it more often and tell the wife less travel.
  8. Well, since you put it that way.....I do live in Richland County. If I ever get pulled, my line is going to be, 'Well Officer, you see, I was auditioning to be on an episode of Live PD!" Walked in to Publix one day picking up a few groceries and Officer Perez was there for a promotion. She's a lot cuter in person than on TV. And that's saying a lot, because she has quite a fan base.
  9. Took quite a while for me to quit laughing at her. But in a nutshell, we just cleaned out Moms apartment. She was a hoarder addicted to QVC/HSN and would buy multiples of things. 2 mixers, bulk packs of kitchen gadgets, etc. So when we started storing some things in the basement she took notice of my duplicate kits. 4 Tamiya J Phantoms, 3 Revell E’s, multiples of many, she panicked thinking I was just like Mom. Had to explain my decal stash how they all get built differently. But she really lost it when she found my hidden stash around the corner where I keep my syfi and ship and sub kits. oops!
  10. Surprised a collector hasn’t bought those to restore them.
  11. Advertise services on social media in your area? I’m actually thinking about doing some YouTube videos on building using time lapse videos.
  12. For some strange reason I was telling everyone I had about 300 kits in my stash and it would take me until I turn 245 years old to get them all done. For grins and giggles, last night I did a quick and rough count and came up with about 150 kits. No, not going to try and play catch up, I've just decided that I'll wait until I'm 135 to die now. EDIT: FWIW, I tried to buy a second Bearcat kit off one of the forums last month because I needed two kits for two different planes I want to build. I was too late to the ad and someone beat me to it. Man, I felt stupid last night when I looked up and saw two Bearcat kits staring me in the face.
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