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  1. Man, all that horizontal space would be so trashed in no time around me. I’ve actually come up with a new plan for my area. I think I can fit in a paint booth that’s 4’ wide and 18” deep. Been in the new home 9 months and I’m finally giving this area some thought. Don’t know why I waited so long.
  2. My wife tested positive yesterday too. Came home Thursday evening starting a fever of 100.3 and it got up to 102. Body aches, just flu like symptoms. Slept a lot next day Took her to get tested yesterday morning, results last night. She’s already feeling much better today and anxious for a glass of wine this evening.
  3. I’m mentally drawing up my new bench in my head. While looking online at pics I see a common trend of shelves on the back of the bench just tall enough to hold paint bottles. Some of these benches look like the bench of more of a paint collector rather than a builder. My current paint storage is basically a tool box with short drawers full of Tamiya and old Model Master paint. The new trend of the taller plastic bottles won’t fit and they wind up eating space on my bench. Giving some serious thought to eliminating the roll around toolbox just to help reduce floor clutter and go with custom shelves I can build. Maybe a few small pull out drawers for PE bending jig, air brushes, etc.. Anyone build or have the wall of paint and regret it? Got any nice bench pics you can share?
  4. I just bought another Colt tonight online. It’s the baby 1911, the .380 Govt. Model in stainless. I’ll post a pic when I get it. Had one years ago (took my CWP qualification with it) but a friend talked me out of it only to have it stolen by a parking valet. What’s bad was he didn’t notice it was gone until a few weeks later. I forgot I already had an image from an email with the seller. 🤣
  5. Another employee tested hot though.
  6. First test results are back negative. I have to take another on Tuesday when I return to work (as long as I have no symptoms)
  7. Coworker came back from our Christmas break and didn’t know he was positive. He just had mild sinus congestion. We went to lunch together Tuesday and now I’m waiting on my test results and work has me on quarantine until next Tuesday unless my results come back hot.
  8. LOL! It was just a light sprinkle. But honestly, it was only the second time in 22 years it spent the night outside. First time was when I loaded it the night before on the trailer to take to the exhaust shop first thing in the morning. That was about 7 years ago. With the new house only having the single car garage, it might be getting a few more back yard camp outs if I have to do a large woodworking project.
  9. Some of y’all might remember I moved back in May with no time to get back to the bench in sight. I had all of my kits in a rental storage unit up until September when we had our 12X24 storage building delivered and we vacated the rental. Of course I’m not putting the stash in a non-climate controlled building, so they’ve been still boxed up in the “man cave” with plans to build loft storage in my garage that is semi-climate controlled. Well this week I got busy with the build. Started on Sunday afternoon and wrapped up today. I also added new LED lighting strips throughout the garage and washed the ‘66. The start of it Sunday Here’s the first shelf for kit storage I put up back in the summer Now I finally get to focus on building my new building bench and paint booth. No more folding cafeteria table for me! Building something with drawers I can label for sprue numbers the kits I’m working on and not have to share the bench with the open kit box.
  10. OMG! I see a Lake Life sign on your end table my wife hasn’t bought yet. Maybe I can make her one in the shape of SC before she finds one and buys it.
  11. You’ll put your eye out with that thing! I have the full size leg lamp in the kitchen.
  12. Look for Resinprince on Hyperscale and shoot him a PM. He’ll fill you in.
  13. He mentioned another temporary shut down a few weeks or months back on Hyperscale.
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