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  1. I went digging all through my modeling supplies last night looking for my tiny bottle of thin CA glue. No luck. Hobby Lobby is a just little out of the way coming home. I've discovered it's easier to buy new than look for all of our old stuff to use. I'm trying my best to organize my areas as I am unpacking. Found a really nice set of wall mounted spray can holders I'm putting together now. they are made of wood, thus the need for the CA glue. I know if I don't do it all now, it will never get done. Looking at my "nook" where I plan on building my bench area (partially under the st
  2. I mentioned in a few other threads that we sold our home of 25 years, tossed out a bunch, put a lot in storage temporarily and trying our best to make it all fit an a slightly smaller place. I know the garage was going to be tough downsizing from a 3 car to a singe car but much deeper. Creative storage ideas with smaller shelves, planned over head wall shelves for all my kits and even tossing more after we moved has helped. My youngest son has made out like a bandit. He's gotten my bench grinder (I've only used it once it 13 years), new strut/spring compressor, shelving units that are jus
  3. Yea, I got the email telling me the 1/32 B-17G I wanted is back in stock. I finally bought one from Clunkmiester a couple years ago after waiting so long.
  4. Yea, I got the same email. I wish them all the luck and prosperity and hope they can bring Squadron back to what it used to be when I got into the hobby. I'm in no position to be building or buying right now, but when the time comes it will be good to have them back to look at for stock. I'm still confused over the Free Time Hobbies sale and what happened. I remember buying from them when they were in GA and they had great stock and pricing. Seems when they were bought out and relocated to NC (I think it is), things weren't as shiny anymore.
  5. Bottom two items on this page. https://coldwarstudio.com/Resin Detail Sets 1/32 scale category/
  6. My understanding is that about the only way to get their products is to catch them at the Nats when they bring stock. I have some of their products, but it came from the person doing the masters and casting for them. And this was years ago I got them. I tried as you have been with no luck.
  7. FWIW, You can pre-order them. I just ordered my set. 27.32 EUR
  8. So a couple or three weeks back I had to put all of my kits into a non-climate controlled storage unit until I can devise a storage shelf up high in my garage. Obviously I kept my resin kits and accessories in my new place since I know what heat would do to them. But with our summer temps here in SC easily into the 100 degree mark, it has me wondering if I should expedite getting these kits to my new place sooner. Anyone ever keep kits stored in a high heat and humidity location? I have the kits all boxed up in moving boxes, but obviously some are no longer shrink wrapped. I’m just af
  9. Anyone here see the link on TOS about the new turrets coming? https://aeroscale.net/news/seamless-liberator-turrets
  10. Well if we want to get specific....(LOL!) I have Photography thrown into the mix myself. Models as a kid, early teen years/9th grade got into photography then cars (completely forgot about models at this time since I caught the fumes- Gas fumes from cars and perfumes from the girls!) Caught my wife around '88 and got involved in RC while we were dating/early years of marriage. Hung onto that hobby until I gave up because I never could go flying due to taking care of kids on the weekend while she worked. Bought a few rifles around '94, went shooting at a local range now and then. Around '99
  11. Wife wanted a pool when we bought our last home 25 years ago. I told her there a country club a block up the street. Let’s pay them the $100 a month to use it. We just moved from that house 2 weeks ago. It was nice knowing I didn’t have to deal with all the repairs/maintenance and inspection to sell it.
  12. LOL! I moved from RC back to plastic. I sometimes still miss it too.
  13. I didn’t have good luck with the fit of the Revell kit parts. Scoop, interior structure was too wide and I had to sand it down to fit inside the fuselage. Bad gaps on wing parts, etc...
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