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  1. For some strange reason I was telling everyone I had about 300 kits in my stash and it would take me until I turn 245 years old to get them all done. For grins and giggles, last night I did a quick and rough count and came up with about 150 kits. No, not going to try and play catch up, I've just decided that I'll wait until I'm 135 to die now. EDIT: FWIW, I tried to buy a second Bearcat kit off one of the forums last month because I needed two kits for two different planes I want to build. I was too late to the ad and someone beat me to it. Man, I felt stupid last night when I looked up and saw two Bearcat kits staring me in the face.
  2. Sorry about that. I didn't realize they put out two kits. It's the D model.
  3. Bumping this back up since the buyer for the P-51 went radio silent.
  4. How about something small that everyone has been asking for? None of those huge monstrosity size planes. But a simple T-38 Talon with Thunderbirds decals.
  5. Cat? Gravity? Ghost? Edit: I see you have a few fuzzies running around. Cats are assholes like that. I came home from a cruise in March and found parts on my table scattered. This time I shut my hobby room door.
  6. Thanks Mike!! That's my new work theme song! After getting shafted here at work, I too have run dry.
  7. Sorry to hear of that Ernie. As it was said above me, money brings out the worst. I never speak with my brother anymore because of this. He just turned 60 and is a miserable human being. Long story made short, he started a Family Trust we all agreed to. Later we discovered it was a ploy to manipulate Mom after Dad died. We caught up in his lies when he tried to lock his final piece of his structured take over in place. A conservatorship for Mom. We pulled all banking records and discovered $30K he stole out of her accounts in addition to the $18K she loaned him. He had her sign herself out of the Trust telling her is was just papers about Dad's passing she needed to sign. She trusted him, he is her favorite son. Now she's in my care, but yet I am constantly reminded he's her favorite. I'll put it this way, he's so bad his MIL just passed away leaving million$$$ to her 3 kids. In her will she stipulated that her daughter will not have control of her money and it has to go through her brother as long as she is married "to that man" You need to go after that Lawyer for ethics violations. Can''t blame a dumbass deadbeat family member. But an officer of the court that knows what he is doing is wrong? Start with reporting him to the State Bar Association. It's going to be hard to find a lawyer that will help eat one of their own, so you might have to handle it yourself. You can always keep the three S' in mind too.
  8. Ernie, Congrats on the impressive builds! I thought you just hung out here because of everyone's charming personalities. Who would have thunk it that you actually have some mad modeling skills!! Now I've gotta ask, can you show us your dress modeling uniform you are going to wear that medal on??
  9. Liquidating a few for another hobby. Cash/PP/USPS MO. No trades due to needing cash. Starting looking at the stash this weekend and realized I would have to live to be 385 years of age to build them all. Picking out some that if I were to build, I would have to 20 others before I built these. Some I have just lost interest in. Prices do not include shipping. I would like to keep these in the CONUS please. Please add 3% for PP fees. Kits have been opened and fondled. 1/32 Trumpeter A-10A. $75.00 $60.00 1/32 Zoukei-Mura P-51D. $85.00 $70.00 This is all for now, but might be posting a few more if these move. I will be out of touch starting Sept. 20th for a week, so if you get radio silence, I’m not ignoring anyone. I can be reached at ssmith at mailbox dot sc dot edu.
  10. Just had this one show up today. Smokin hot Squadron deal on Wednesday
  11. Stop it!! Yer killin' me here! Did you see my last post in the "My Other Hobby" thread? Now I'm saving up for a GSL Phoenix can for the front of it. After that dust settles, maybe.... But a big Vietnam era Spooky has always intrigued me.
  12. Still trying to figure out where all my big Star Trek kits will go once built. Cannot imagine a 32nd Buff. Still would love a big C-47, but those HPH kits are a little rich for my blood.
  13. You’re going to really enjoy building that SUFA at the bottom of your stack. They have all kinds of hidden treasures in that box for other versions of the F-16 2 seater.
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