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  1. Ok, to answer my own question, new paint is two tone. And the funny thing is, FS36270 is almost an exact match for Tamiya gray spray primer. I thought I was spraying water only at first.
  2. Quick question about the colors on this one. I guess I’m use to painting the older F-16’s, but are they now just two colors? FS 36270 on the bottom, vertical tail and forward of the darker FS36118? FS36375 no longer used?
  3. $2.36 a gallon is our lowest price at Sam’s Club. Highest in the area is $2.59
  4. LOL!! Because they never get built and stay in the stash pile neatly packed away in a square box.
  5. Looking good! I gotta get back into a Phantom build soon.
  6. Yep, I spent the last two weekends trimming the shrubs around the house after my Caribbean cruise vacation. I think my timing was perfect. Last year I kept putting it off until it was just too damned hot outside to do hard work like this. It's a great feeling knowing this is done now until late summer when I need to touch them up. Although I do still have one 30' Holley bush/tree that needs to be trimmed back. Not sure how I'm going to attack that one without a lift since it is up against my house. Might just borrow the 16' extension ladder from work and cut it back to about 10'
  7. We have primer! Then I realized the kit came a left hand sniper pod and I need a right hand, so had to place an order with Sprue Brothers.
  8. Oh boy.....Between the next B-24 on the way, the announcement of the IM Stearman PT-13 and now this....... ....its gonna be an expensive year.
  9. Always wanted to build one of those since I saw Red Dawn many years ago. But 1/35 Helicopters start taking up real estate in a display case quickly with those rotors. I keep my helo's down to 1/48. Your build is absolutely fantastic.
  10. Picture time! Here's my modified gear legs. Locking arms separated. End of locking are pin out of box Modified for new angle
  11. I figured out the pivot points on the main gear last night. Simply used my razor saw and cut the end off, turned it a few degrees and re-glued it. For the little bracket that forces the pivot when retracting, that was a little tricky. I had to cut the part in two at the joint and add them to the legs one piece at a time. Tonight (hopefully) I'll work on the locking arm that now has to be in a folded position. I'm not making mine as far up in the wheel wells as the ones in the pics posted. Slicing these "microscopic" parts and repositioning them is really trying my patience and the arthritis in my hand! My Pana-Vise has really paid off with this build. Forgot to get pics last night during the process. I'll get some and update the thread this evening.
  12. Requires a paid subscription to his website. I joined to watch, the found out it requires an upgrade. Oh well, I’ll muddle through it.
  13. Thanks for the images! That is extremely helpful and great timing. I'm starting on this tonight.
  14. Back from out cruise to Mexico and Belize and finally got some bench time in yesterday and today. Of course I spent several hours hunting down the rear cockpit instrument panel and one of the ejection seats after my cat decided someone needed to work on my model while I was away. I had given up on the seat, and as luck would have it, it mysteriously fell to the floor under the table as I was robbing one from another kit!
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