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  1. Yawn....... Large scale for the win! So much potential left on the table with the old 1/32 Thunderbird molds still out there.
  2. Looking at the stash today, I think the Revell 1/48 B-1B kit takes the prize in my collection. Box is huge!
  3. Tallest would be either my 1/72 Gato sub or the 1/200 Arizona. Biggest?? Tough call. Hobby Boss B-24 or maybe the huge box the 1/48 B-29 comes in.
  4. Perfect timing to find this thread since I’m drunk posting with a full glass of Aberlour on the rocks.
  5. I’ll miss them. But as mentioned, lots of WTF are they thinking stuff going on in the past few years. Even Ray Charles could have seen this coming.
  6. ScottsGT

    F16 C

    Actually....Phantoms are my favorite. I have 13 or 14 in the stash. Mix of Tamiya and Revell. Built 3 Tamiyas already. I really need to find time to build.
  7. ScottsGT

    F16 C

    Harv, Just snippped the CFT’s off and opened up my Tamiya kit. Not worth taking pics since the front and back halves are on different sprue locations. But just placing the CFT on the back half through the plastic, looks like a perfect fit. Although, looking at the pic you posted, they do look a little different on the back end. I’ll let you figure that one out with filler, putty, etc.. or just live with it! But I have all the parts out and I’ll get them boxed up and on the way Tuesday when the PO opens back up. I went through all the sprues looking for the drag chute hou
  8. ScottsGT

    F16 C

    I was looking at the stash earlier. Good Lord I have a problem. F-16 kits alone: Academy F-16 SUFA Academy F-16D ROK Academy F-16 CG/CJ - 2 ea. Tamiya F-16 CJ Tamiya F-16 Thunderbird Kangnam F-16XL Already have built 7 of the old Revell kits and one 2 seater Academy as a SCANG Swamp Fox
  9. ScottsGT

    F16 C

    OK, I have a set of the Academy CFT’s and the tail part you need. I’ll pull them out of the stash tomorrow and see how they sit on the Tamiya kit. I’ll send post some pics up here. If it works, I still have your address.
  10. ScottsGT

    F16 C

    Harv, have you bought the Tamiya kit yet? If not, Academy comes with both engines, both intakes and I’m betting the CFT’s will fit on the Academy kit better, since they were made for the Academy kit.
  11. Lucky! I haven’t had time to sit down at the bench since May or June. Been dealing with Moms death/estate and liquidating all her crap. Most a bunch of QVC/HSN trinkets and appliances. I also started back on getting my ‘66 Mustang GT rear suspension set up correctly with a new gear set.
  12. Glad y’all made it through ok. That’s what is so dangerous about the COVID. My daughter was the same, yet seemingly healthy folks are dying as well. Just went to my MD for my yearly and he was telling me he lost a close friend to COVID.
  13. Wife called me at work around 8:30 this morning and informed me that a prison inmate she had as a patient yesterday (she’s a CRNA) tested positive for the covid. Of course everyone at work went into freak out mode and sent me home. She’s around them all the time, but usually she knows up front. She said she could have used extra precautions, but she didn’t do anything stupid. I’m at home now until I give this some time to incubate and get another test on Monday. Just had one this past Tuesday. We have to do a monthly at work. I took advantage of the situation and got my Christ
  14. To my 4 recipients, I must apologize due to lack of time to get things shipped out. Had some opportunities come up over the Christmas holiday to get to work on Mom’s storage facilities after she passed back in September. I’m working on locating boxes and getting things ready to go and should have everything shipped out this week. Thanks everyone!
  15. Cool. Always wanted to find a hit and miss engine and restore it. No idea what I would do with it though. I’ve seen some really cool ice cream makers made with them.
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