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  1. Jeff, that 12 X 12 work space sounds about right for my fold out table that is almost 6’ long. i love Huberts Lay-out, but the wife would classify that as clutter. Might do some cabinets with paint racks. I’m thinking like the builders hide everything in those tiny homes.
  2. OK, I'll admit it. I'm a real slob when it comes to my work areas. In my garage I have found it a bit easier to be organized and cleaner if I have the proper work bench, drawers, storage, etc. Ever since I got back into building models well over 20 years ago, my go-to bench was a simple fold out cafeteria type table. A few years back, I ramped up the game a little by building a riser where I could stack more crap, and more important, I put magnetic strips on the front to hold all of my metal tools. Files, Xacto knives, clamps, etc. For any new kit I just opened, I would place it on the tab
  3. Yea, I guess I have to share modeling with boating and fishing now.
  4. Thanks Carl. Although this is the upstairs, I’ll have the same view. Looking at this pic, if you look below the screen porch, I’ll have a bench in front of the window under it. Shaded from direct sunlight, but a most excellent view!
  5. Wow, my simple center section and brake conversion exploded in my face.... i built the car with a 4 link rear that included a bracket that bolted to the top of the axle housing utilizing the top three bolts that hold in the center section. New center is much thicker than stock, bracket would not fit. So I had to build up welded in brackets on the housing. Here it is all back in the car. Lots of re-engineering brake lines, parking brake cables and suspension. But I have about an hours work or less to get it off the stands and back on the ground.
  6. Well, looks like all vacations and trips are off our schedule for a year or two since we just bought a new lake home. Told the wife that huge puddle behind the house is her vacation spot now for a few years until the dust settles on getting use to a new lifestyle and income redirected.
  7. After almost a year of discussions, watching the market in our area, looking at home, convincing the wife we don’t need a “weekend place” due to no time for maintaining two properties, paying tax on two places and we need to just pony up for a relocation place. Today we signed a contract on a lake home! This place has a huge finished basement with a wall of windows where I can set up my bench with a view and finally have a true ventilation system that exhaust the fumes out of a window now. I am having to downsize a few things though. I’m passing on to my son some of my automotive to
  8. Holy cow. I had no idea it was that high in value.
  9. Wife’s got hacked last week. I never use it, no big deal for me. But watching her in withdrawals is quite entertaining.
  10. I think that policy is just for Europe customers. I got a C-5 kit shipped to the states from them back in January. But thanks, I'll double check the current situation. Yep, just EU customers.
  11. Yep, but not too bad of a price. They are showing up on Hannants as well, but for some reason it won't let me add them on the reorder even though is says you can. Well, that was from my ipad. Let me try it from my PC right quick. Nope. Not even from my PC.
  12. I've got the Helldiver on pre-order through Hannants. $75 pounds/$103 USD. I'm afraid to see what the shipping on that big box is going to be.
  13. Harv, YOU CAN DO IT! We’re pulling for you buddy!
  14. I'm friggin' drooling here....
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