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  1. Thanks Maru. But think grown up kids. I work at a University. Now that we have come up with a plan, all of a sudden there is no money. While our state counterpart/competitor/arch enemy came up with the same plan, got funding and gear has been on order for over two weeks. Seems no one at this place wants to own up to making a decision. And to add to the game plan, our business office shuts down on 6/9 for the fiscal year until 7/5. Also a new Provost coming in on July 1. So the interim Provost is just there to draw a paycheck I guess.
  2. Smooth saucer in hand! I bought it years after I bought the kit. Already thinking of kit bashing the engraved one into something. Supposedly the saucer was detachable in an emergency. I just watched the entire TOS shows and in one episode Kirk tells Scotty to detach and get out of the area if he doesn’t save the universe they are in, or something along those lines. But if warp engines are dead they can move the crew to the saucer and detach. I think they did this in one of the movies. Might look into building this.
  3. I did some digging on the ‘net and found where some guys use Tamiya light ghost gray in spray cans. I’ve got 4 or 5 cans on order to hopefully make life easier. Soooooo many different variables with the paint since there is the filming model colors and then how it appears on film/TV. I’m going for the look on TV that I grew up watching. The actual model has a green hue to it that cannot be seen once it was put on film. The other option was Tamiya XF-12 Japanese Gray lightened 10% with white. This one has the green hue. Going to be a different kind of build for me with all the lighting and wiring I’m going to do.
  4. Carl, appreciate the starshipmodeler tip. I’ve signed up, waiting on approval. Some of the sub forums you cannot even see unless you are a member. Hmmm, I do have a Wagner sprayer still in the box. Doing some reading, very popular method of painting large scale RC airplanes is using latex. FWIW, I’m planning on picking up a small HVLF detail gun from Harbor Freight when I have to spray this big thing. Looking at builds on YouTube, the popular method is to pre-paint the model and then do touch ups on all the seams after gluing it together and filling the seams.
  5. Yea, that’s my concern too. But the intake thing, I’ve done that. Just forgot about it. Derp!
  6. I’m about to jump into a 1/350 TOS Enterprise As soon as the Skyhawk is done. When the Smithsonian restored the 11’ filming model, they used a Benjamin Moore color. I can get a pint mixed up for $10 in one of their sample cans. This seems totally out of place for me to use non-model paint, and I’m giving it a harder looks since just today I decanted plasti-coat brand spray paint and used oil based hardner from Tractor Supply to paint the Blue Angels Skyhawk and got very impressive results.
  7. OK, just scratched off Blue Angels/Thunderbird as the ultimate ride on my bucket list and put down U-2.
  8. I report back to work on Monday morning. At least I built the Fisher Guppy and built the Skyhawk Blue Angel and got it ready for paint. Hopefully I can get it painted over the weekend. But we’re prepping to start streaming classes so they can stagger students where half are in class, half are in their dorm or home watching. Students will attend one day on, one day off. Going to be an interesting year! EDIT: And with all the yard work Ive been doing, this cannot have come soon enough!
  9. They did have $89 posted for a while, and they also had 40 Euro up as well. Website has been taken down to do it right it looks like. But I kept clicking on that paypal link hoping it would work.
  10. OMG! I need to go back to work to get a break from all the work I’m doing around the home. I had a huge silver maple cut down that was hanging over the house and chimney along with roots heading towards my basement wall. Had the stump ground up Wednesday. Now I’m doing the back breaking work of separating wood chips from the dirt. If I can complete that, I have to add some dirt and level the side yard and lay down about 4 or 5 pallets of sod.
  11. Is it just me, or does the forward half of the fuselage from the wing forward look too short compared to the 1/72 kit next to it and looking at the pic in Ernie’s sig line?
  12. I do remember reading about the C-47 everyone bailed out of during WWII. OK, call me embarrassed. It never dawned on me I was looking at a Super Hornet unit Smitty’s post above. I went back and looked at the pics and was like Oh $h!t!! Look at those square intakes. It just didn’t register the first time I looked at them.
  13. I think the rest of the plane would be a little worse.
  14. Infinity is HpH. It’s their new lineup of IM kits.
  15. John, which one did you get? The fiberglass and resin kit or IM? Is Greg a vendor?
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