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  1. I did. Almost 32 years ago! Well, we were actually laying on the beach on a blanket. I can't complain. In the very beginning we put her career first since it had the biggest FEP vs. my career change. (Future Earnings Potential). I can say if finally paid off big time when she went back to school 13 years ago to become a CRNA. Being the control freak type she is, it took some retraining and the occasional reminder she's my wife, not my mother. Honestly, my wife has a reason to have concern. My Mom is a hoarder (we have the exact same personalities) and she fears for my future and hers. I constantly struggle with the Hoarder mentality. I see a new kit, I instantly want it. But then I have to ask myself, would I build that first, or one of my current kits? I see a new watch I like. I have to ask myself would I wear it over one that I currently have and like? Hell, I've even getting the urge to do a train layout. I don't have room for that stuff! WTH am I thinking?? My wife likes dumping lots of money into trips. She's getting the itch for a small lake house now that we will eventually relocate to for retirement. Told her last week that she needs to start living a little more frugal if she wants to see that goal. (2 cruises and 4 vacations last year) I did tell her that I am not willing to downsize my lifestyle during retirement that I have worked all of my life to get to. She would be happy sitting on a screen porch sipping coffee or wine and reading a book all day with the occasional trip. Not me. Gotta do my models, wood working, cars, gun collection, etc....
  2. I thought about getting Ernie to send me that B-36 kit for a week or two just for the LOLz! But I'm afraid as a corpse, I would not be able to return it to him.
  3. Yesterday we had to rent a U-Haul and drive up to Clemson to clean out our daughters apartment after she came home sick with COVID. She since recovered, went to work at a summer camp in TX, and got kicked out because every else was coming down with it. We told her to say in ATL with the boy friend so she doesn’t bring it into the house again. So the wife decided we needed to clean up some old stuff in the basement and make room for a few items. In the process, she found my hidden stash. I kept all my syfi kits behind another fold out wall on top of filing cabinets. She wasn’t too happy and threatened me if another model shows up at the house. I’m tempted to order something just to see if she’s serious.
  4. I will say, it won’t take much to twist my wife’s arm. She’s been itching for a trip back to Vegas. I’m giving it some serious thought.
  5. Just an update. I haven’t been allowed back to work due to her coming home until I was self quarantined for 14 days and tested positive myself. Just got my results back yesterday from my test over a week before. Negative of course. I still have to verify with Student Health Services to make sure there are no procedures or anal probes necessary first. Her COVID cost me more time off that it did her.
  6. Sorry for y’alls loss. But is was so great that he got to say good by to her. My mom is alone in a nursing home, just diagnosed with MRCA and is loading up on antibiotics. I’ve got a bad feeling that when she does pass she will be all alone, although I am 3 or 4 miles away.
  7. Kit #8 is on the way. Sorry, one popped up on eBay with a $100 shipped BIN price. Couldn’t resist.
  8. Do both! I have the Memphis Belle kit and a G. Planning on doing one of each. Gotta get the aluminum foil technique mastered first.
  9. Well life is back to normal. State Agency cleared her, wife tested negative and daughter drove back to her apartment and started cleaning it out for her move. thanks all. Prayers worked!
  10. Just got results. She tested hot for COVID. She’s a week in on symptoms now. Thankfully none for us at this time. Wife is heading out to get tested now. I’ve got to do another test before returning to work. I did a test the day before she came home and it was negative.
  11. For giggles and grins I was watching an Academy Block 50/52 kit on eBay last week because of that nice decal and stencil kit I bought. Auction started out around $50. It sold for $189.00. I know the kit is out of production, but Academy just brought back the SUFA. I’m sure they will do the same for the single seat models too. I was going to add #8 to the stash if I could have snagged it for under $90
  12. Thanks guys. This morning I woke up with a sore throat. All I could think of was “I touched the same door knob she used....”. Funny how the mind plays tricks on you.
  13. Daughter called yesterday with a 100.9 fever from her cottage she lives in at college. Momma told her to get home where she can keep a close but distant eye on her. She’s getting a COVID test tomorrow and with her living under our roof (but isolated upstairs) I’m not allowed back at work until she has a negative test. Oh, and she told us that her 4 other friends she went out with last week all tested positive. She’s been under 100 for almost 24 hours now and doing pretty good. So today I took my COVID test, but I have to have another before returning to work. Yay!
  14. So, while decanting spray cans, I have discovered that straws from McDonald's work best because they are much larger diameter that your average straw. So when I swung into the Mickey D's drive through yesterday I asked for a couple extra straws for the hobby stash. Lady working the window gave me the stink eye and I got a "Umhuhh...I know what you're about to do...." And then it dawned on my that cocaine users like the McDonald's straws as well for the larger diameter. "Oh, no! I'm not doing that...LOL!!" "Oh yea honey, my son likes to put three straws into his cup too...." Funny thing was there was a police car right behind me in line. FWIW, 30+ years ago when I was a much younger and naive man working in a body shop I always wondered why all these customers cars had cut up McDonald's straws in them.
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