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  1. Since I’m full on kit needs, I’m going to start ordering a few AM items for my stash. Just placed an order this morning for the Trumpeter A6-A interior kit since it has a fish bowl cockpit. Kind of a pricy AM accessory for a kit, but with a cockpit this large why not go for it! Now I need to figure out which other kits I have in the stash are deserving of this kind of love.
  2. So sorry for your loss. It’s the one thing that really sucks about having pets. Last year one of my guys at work had to have his cat of 19 years put to sleep. Our pup of 13 years had get put down just before Christmas as well. Man, it was hard.
  3. Uh oh. Another Ernie. Not another liquor swilling rabble rouser are you? Not sure how we could handle two here. Welcome to the forums! I too am lucky to finish a couple a year. Probably even less since I retired!
  4. I can only do that around here in a very limited time of the year. Obviously winter is too cold. But our summers have such high humidity that any lacquer paints would blush like crazy and have that nasty white haze over everything. I drop my AC in the man cave down to 69 degrees and go at it!
  5. Hey Peter, sounds like some good precautions. May I add that you leave the fan running for a half hour to an hour as the paint dries? While paint dries it’s still emitting the same chemicals as when you’re spraying them.
  6. Wasn’t there a similar story with one about to get converted and a guy discovered is was something like the lead C-47 in the D-Day invasion?
  7. Ok, one has a more yellow hue to it, other is just green. Is this one of those “I need to know my subject better” to pick which one to use? Example, building the Fisher Cougar and soon Panther. Going with gloss sea blue. Wheel wells are green but I cannot find color photos with enough detail online for reference. Was one used in certain years? Area of the plane? Manufacturers? And why are both colors sold as “interior green” but one brand is green, another the yellow hue of green?
  8. I’ve actually not tried them with paint. Just used one to spread micro sol liquid masking over some tape joints. So far getting tiny globs of glue in the right spot seems to be my best use of them.
  9. I’ve got that kit. One day…
  10. Don’t forget to put your vent in the window before you start spraying. 🤡 I was airbrushing lacquer primer on my Fisher Cougar and started to wonder why it wasn’t drawing the fumes out so good. Well, it was. But it was just blowing them back into the room under my bench. I’m such a maroon.
  11. Oh man, that kit screams for aluminum foil skin!
  12. Somewhere, sometime in my modeling career I managed to get a small sample of micro brushes. Went into my drawer of tools and hobby junk to be forgotten about. During my new bench build and reorganization I dug these out and put them in one of my new parts/storage bins on my bench. Pulled one out on a whim to place CA glue on a very small area. All of a sudden I have discovered a new useful tool I don’t know how I've been building without them. And now I needed to know where to find more. Amazon of course! Advertised for makeup application, car detailing, etc. . If you haven’t tried these, do it! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M0QAYOL?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  13. ScottsGT


    Now that is 100 degrees outside, I’m hiding behind my bench from the heat. Well, trying to. But having to go move the water sprinkler around all day too. If the wife is home we go float in the lake, or the hot tub since it’s cooler than the air outside. 🤪
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