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  1. ScottsGT


    Is the Trumpeter kit really that bad? Is it the shape or rivets over done? Or both? I’ve got the kit, never opened it up.
  2. Had some old friends come visit the new house last month. The husband brought me a bottle of Buffalo Trace. I managed to get a glass that night to try it out. Glad I did as he managed to almost finish off the bottle he brought me! He left me one more sample in the bottle for Sunday afternoon. Stopped at the red dot store on my way home last Friday. Got more of my Scotch, but they were all out of Buffalo Trace.
  3. Happy Birthday (apparently early!) At 71 years young, you've earned it! But your birthday is on Halloween? Awesome. Cake & Ice cream and candy all on the same day!! I remember when I was a kid we use to have a Honda 50 Monkey. I would tear up the neighborhood with that thing. One year we went of a vacation to the beach and we got to ride some three wheeler go-carts around a track. I kept trying to lean that thing like I did with the Monkey and kept running into the tires along the edge of the track. Fun times! Hope you have better luck transitioning to 3 wheels than I did.
  4. Looks like it needs another part as well! I'm actually in the market for a pontoon right now. But I'm finding that the boat market is like the used car market right now.
  5. So Clunk, this kit still in the box?
  6. Love the Lugers. Always wanted to get one. I should quit putting it off. My WWII stuff is an M1 Garand, M1 carbine and 2 WWII 1911’s.
  7. Forgot to follow up with the can after it got out of jail
  8. Come in Harv, haven’t mastered the art of building while laying in bed? I kid! Hope you get relief soon.
  9. Nice conversation kit. Often wondered why Gary didn’t just make an entire new part. Now that the build has some age on it, there is some shrinkage on the seam. In the right lighting it can be seen.
  10. I still have 13 phantoms in my stash, only built 3 so far. One was a B conversion using GT Resin and Zotz decals and Rhino intakes. I have about $350 wrapped up in that one.
  11. Well said Clunk! I was only 8 years old and a neighbor worked at a local Ford dealership. His demo car was a gold ‘70 Boss 302. I was hooked for life. couple of guys in the Navy down the street drove nice cars. One was a ‘70 Roadrunner with the air grabber hood. Yea, that reeled me in.
  12. LOL! I never noticed her spelling issues since I’m so use to it. She’s a bad speller!
  13. Y’all gonna love this…… text from the wife today.
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