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  1. Love the Lugers. Always wanted to get one. I should quit putting it off. My WWII stuff is an M1 Garand, M1 carbine and 2 WWII 1911’s.
  2. Forgot to follow up with the can after it got out of jail
  3. Come in Harv, haven’t mastered the art of building while laying in bed? I kid! Hope you get relief soon.
  4. Nice conversation kit. Often wondered why Gary didn’t just make an entire new part. Now that the build has some age on it, there is some shrinkage on the seam. In the right lighting it can be seen.
  5. I still have 13 phantoms in my stash, only built 3 so far. One was a B conversion using GT Resin and Zotz decals and Rhino intakes. I have about $350 wrapped up in that one.
  6. Well said Clunk! I was only 8 years old and a neighbor worked at a local Ford dealership. His demo car was a gold ‘70 Boss 302. I was hooked for life. couple of guys in the Navy down the street drove nice cars. One was a ‘70 Roadrunner with the air grabber hood. Yea, that reeled me in.
  7. LOL! I never noticed her spelling issues since I’m so use to it. She’s a bad speller!
  8. Y’all gonna love this…… text from the wife today.
  9. Shhhhh! My wife thinks its her she shed/cave. I let her throw up a few Clemson items and BAM! It's all "hers" now.
  10. Mines currently organized to. In a storage locker 25 miles from here and packed away in 25 large moving boxes. 🥲 until I can get the time to construct my garage loft/shelves, we’re going to be separated. I just got my building table unpacked. I did get the new lights in my display case though. And I got my die cast cars back in the cabinets I built too. Unfortunately, I have about just as many still boxed up that I need to figure out how to display.
  11. LOL! I’m unpacking still from the move. Guess what I found? yea, I have a hoarding issue.
  12. Well it looks like the little green monster (envy) reared it's ugly head last night when we were discussing it, of all places, at a friends retirement party. She knows I can pull the trigger and we can make ends meet, but the idea of me being at home while she still has at least 10 more years to go just grates at her. I think an easier option would be for me to start looking for a part time gig closer to home and transition into that. She keeps trying to compare what I did during the COVID lock down I had from March 16th to May 30th as an example, even though I had to be online daily from 10-11 for meetings and small classes from home. It was not the same as putting work behind me. And no, I could not show up in a meeting online while all sweaty from rebuilding the deck or mowing the grass. In our past discussions, she wanted me to wait until I'm 60. Makes no sense once I ran the numbers. But that's OK. I'll just keep telling her I don't have time to deal with caring for a boat that she wants to buy, or maintaining a hot tub she wants or I'll plan out projects at work I can't get away from while she wants to go on a vacation at the beach.....
  13. I have the BCBS State coverage until I go on Medicare with the retirement package, as does the wife. My youngest son turns 26 in August and he gets kicked off. Youngest daughter comes off if she finally gets her big girl job after she graduated this past May, or when she gets married in December. At that point, her soon to be husband is a cop at a university and will put her under his coverage. At this point, my insurance deduction drops even more for me and spouse coverage. Wife is a CRNA and is making bank. Cash flow is not an issue as long as we don't get stupid and start spending like a drunken sailor. Although since we just moved to a lake home, we are looking at two major expenses beside the house. A pontoon boat and a 12X18 storage building since we downsized the storage area we came from. My boat plan is to buy an older used one, restore it with new engine and furniture and flooring. I save on boat cost by $20K and lower taxes on an older boat. that's a money saver over time.
  14. Saw this on TOS last night. I had to jump on it after cancelling it through Hannant's back in April. I was about to move, didn't want to jinx the home purchase by using the address before it was mine, so I cancelled. Also packing up 24 or 25 LARGE moving boxes from Lowe's full of kits from my stash had me rethinking if I should really buy it. I guess I'm over that now..... I did put about two of those moving boxes aside marked "To sell" since I'll never get to those kits. I just ordered the kit alone. I'll probably order the aftermarket in a few weeks.
  15. My only real hesitation is our previous house is still on the market. We're carrying two mortgages, two insurance bills, two power bills, etc... Seems the market price it is at is right in the middle of those that are trying to step up from a starter home, but not quite financially there yet. We had a contract last month, but the buyer backed out over nit-picking the ridiculous home inspection. There was stuff on it that should have never been on an inspection report. "Plumbing pipes visible in garage" Well no crap! It's the main line down from the toilet about it, against the wall. Items listed as not working when they did work. Inspector was a real moron. Our last offer showed us their approval letter and they were right on the threshold of affordability. We told them to put up the earnest money as collateral if they could not get funding and they backed out. Just goes to show, tell them to show their cards and they folded. Not letting another obvious to fail contract keep the house off the market for another 3 weeks. Got another offer last night. Waiting to see their pre-approval. I think once the old home has sold, the wife will be a little more on board.
  16. Man, this is great! I just hope you pulled out the "shelf of doom" when you prepped the garage!
  17. I'm 58 1/2 yo, 30 years in with the state right now. I'm beyond fully eligible for retirement. We recently made a move that puts me 26 miles further away from work. This morning I crunched the numbers using the online calculator with my current numbers to include the gas I now burn to drive the 90 mile round trip commute. . If I retired today I would see a loss of about $750 per month. My wife could make that up with less than 1 shift at her job and I could be her house keeper/cook/yard man/whipping boy full time instead of just on the weekends. Or even better, find a part time gig close to home and work 3-4 days a week. I'm sure there's a bait and tackle shop somewhere that needs help..... Beats the hell out of this agency trying to run it like some kind of corporate big brother having us constantly filling out ever changing online forms, management changes, dealing with employees bad attitudes, looked down upon by other areas of the department, etc.... Sorry, just venting.....and thinking out loud.
  18. Oh man, talk about childhood flashbacks…. Was that a Tom Daniel design? Ok, just looked it up. It is. I have a collection of 1/18 Tom Daniel die cast cars. He’s one of my favorite designers the never got credit for some of his work.
  19. Back around 1976 when my Dad was the NCOIC of the 437th Mobility Branch (USAF) one of his Combat Controllers did a parachute jump over a practice field naked. Nothing but his jump boots and a parachute. The joke backfired when he broke his leg on his rough landing. They never let him live that one down. But the guy had to get carried to the hospital in the ambulance wearing his boots and just a sheet covering him.
  20. Got mine this morning. It brings new hope for this kit! They look fantastic.
  21. I finally got the old Mustang to the new place yesterday! As wall as my old 1990 F-250 that haven’t been driven in probably 2 years. It’s gonna need some work. I think the O2 sensor is shot. Tucked away in its garage
  22. I went digging all through my modeling supplies last night looking for my tiny bottle of thin CA glue. No luck. Hobby Lobby is a just little out of the way coming home. I've discovered it's easier to buy new than look for all of our old stuff to use. I'm trying my best to organize my areas as I am unpacking. Found a really nice set of wall mounted spray can holders I'm putting together now. they are made of wood, thus the need for the CA glue. I know if I don't do it all now, it will never get done. Looking at my "nook" where I plan on building my bench area (partially under the stairwell) I noticed that 1/2 the stairwell is completely boxed in with drywall. Showed it to the wife and told her if we cut open the end, we can gain a LOT of storage area. Problem is, it's where I want to put my bench. Time to get creative with my bench design.
  23. I mentioned in a few other threads that we sold our home of 25 years, tossed out a bunch, put a lot in storage temporarily and trying our best to make it all fit an a slightly smaller place. I know the garage was going to be tough downsizing from a 3 car to a singe car but much deeper. Creative storage ideas with smaller shelves, planned over head wall shelves for all my kits and even tossing more after we moved has helped. My youngest son has made out like a bandit. He's gotten my bench grinder (I've only used it once it 13 years), new strut/spring compressor, shelving units that are just too big, engine hoist and engine stand just to name a few items. I have still yet to get my '66 Mustang GT Fastback out of my old home that finally has a contract on it. Next weekend. That is my goal. What I didn't expect...... We have a lake house now. Everyone wants to come over and relax and have a good time. AKA: Nothing is getting done to unpack. We live on a lake now. It started in May and now into June. We get invites to neighbors "kick off the summer" parties. AKA: Nothing is getting done to unpack. We now have beautiful sunsets to watch every evening while sitting on the dock with an adult beverage. AKA: Nothing is getting done to unpack. Our oldest son took two weeks off from his Army duty, flew home until tomorrow morning. AKA: Nothing is getting done to unpack. Just the other night while I was supposed to be unpacking and instead sitting on the dock with the wife watching that beautiful sunset with a Scotch in my hand, I told her it will probably be this time next year before we are settled in all the way, if not longer. Oh, and another distraction........She just bought her brothers Yamaha Wave Runner since he sold his lake home. We go to Charlotte Sunday and pick that up. Yea, you know what that means. I'll be doing oil change, plugs, tuneup, etc.. for the next week. I cannot wait until I can get a bench set up again and start on another kit. Pffttt....who am I kidding. I still have all of my built kits in the packing boxes I need to unpack and and put back in my display case after I install my new lighting system I bought. I did pull a fast one on the wife though. I set up an old cabinet I had and a file cabinet to put a claim on space I see I will need in the future. If I could just slow her down buying and hanging all those "cute" signs she's buying at Hobby Lobby with "Family" or "Live, Laugh, Love" or the best one yet she put up, "Lake House" Well no shit Sherlock!! Do we need a sign that says it??
  24. Yea, I got the email telling me the 1/32 B-17G I wanted is back in stock. I finally bought one from Clunkmiester a couple years ago after waiting so long.
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