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Question about WWI fabric coverings


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I posted this question on LSP, so I'll do it here, too, as there are some fantastic experts here as well. 

Was the dyed fabric coverings on WWI planes translucent? I know that doped plain linen certainly let a lot of light through, and painted linen tended to become pretty opaque with successive layers of paint, but what about the dyed fabrics, such as the German lozenge patterns? How much light got through those?


I found a couple of pics that demonstrate the question. The first shows a reproduction D.VII where the painted labels on the outside of the fuse and a small amount lof light are visible on the left from inside the cockpit, suggesting at least some translucent properties of this repro fabric in sunlight.


The second shows a period fuselage side up against a piece of fabric with very distinct stripes, yet the stripes are not visible through the old fabric at all, suggesting almost no translucency without backlighting, even with things places directly against the linen. 


The third is another period swatch sandwiched in plexiglas. It also shows none of the background through it, even in a well lit room. I would love to see the other side of this piece to see if the markings are visible.



I think these pics only muddy the waters. I still don't see a clear answer.

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