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  1. Good to hear she's better already!
  2. Whiskey helped me get through it, no matter what they say!!
  3. You suck, sir. I spent an hour before going to work this morning digging my daughters car out of a snow bank so she can go back to college.
  4. No one, who has ever spent any time around a peacock, would let one in their house. The sound they make would raise the dead, or give you a heart attack and then raise you from the dead. It's horrific. Plus, they shit on everything and they're mean. They are only good for tying flies for fishing....
  5. If I go, I'll be road tripping (1600 miles one way), so COVID can kiss my arse!! Unless, of course, there is nothing to road trip to.....
  6. Very generous of you Hubert! I'd throw my name in, but I already have a Photon (not the S) and it's plenty good enough for me. I hope whomever gets it enjoys!!
  7. You know darn well people our size shouldn't wear high heels....it hurts your back!
  8. You can do that to thin metal, and damp wood veneer, pretty easily with a smooth piece of pipe and a very flat, hard surface. You just lay the sheet goods on the surface and roll the pipe or rod over it while pressing down hard. the more times you do it, the more it curls. I'm cheap, so I make do with what I can find in the garage!
  9. https://www.scalemodeller.com.au Although I don't see it listed on their website yet, and it appears there very few distributors for their paint outside of OZ.
  10. At least you are working on a model....or three....more than I'm doing!!
  11. Harv said he and Bev are OK in Missouri. Not sure who else is in the area.
  12. Big connection problems the last couple of days all over the internet, supposedly due to some issues with Amazon Web Hosting services. They have their fingers in lots of pots.... Not sure if that was the issue here, but it sure slowed down a LOT of other sites I was using.
  13. Nice work!! I've done quite a bit of woodworking myself, though not much recently. That is very sharp stuff!
  14. Hurt so much you said it twice?
  15. I sure feel for the folks having to deal with that mess. I have some experience with it (though not as extreme as this!) back in 1980 when Mt. St. Helens blew in Washington State. I was 11 years old and remember it well. We were far enough east to avoid the worst of it, but it went blacker than night at noon, and dropped about 4 inches of ash and pulverized pumice on us, and the whole world smelled like sulfur. It took weeks to get it off of, and out of, stuff enough to get back to normal. I can't imagine dealing with a METER or more of it, holy cow! That 4 inches of ash is still noticable in our lives 41 years later, in odd little places like the crevices in roof shingles, siding, old cars, etc. The building I work in everyday was being built about that time, and whenever the wind blows hard, the wood shake roof above my desk will vibrate just enough to sift trapped sand leftover from the ash down past the rafters and beam above me and rain a little bit of fine sand on my desk. I have to sweep it off every now and then and remember that day. The lives of these poor folks on La Palma will never be quite the same.
  16. You wouldn't happen to have a T-55 would you?
  17. Glad to see you, my friend! Sorry for such a run of crap. God Bless!
  18. That's how I like my tanks - no interior. I love tanks, I just don't have the patience to build something I can't see. I have a Tamiya M4 Easy 8 half built, and a Dragon Early Tiger I, but can't seem to get back to them. I look forward to seeing this one come together, as I have not done an RFM kit yet. That Panther kit you have for sale is very tempting. Tim
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