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Bad Experiences with I-Hobby


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Hi there, 

I just want to share my experiences with i-hobby.co.uk ( former SAM-publications?) discount sales to warn everybody to be careful while ordering with them. I am not sure if this applies aswell to their usual behaviour and subscriptions  but here I think it is noteworthy. I ordered back in september 2022 several of their MDF titles on a discount offer and paid using my Creditcard. The usual confirmation was sent immediately. As I was a former subscriber and contributor of one of their magazines I thought about business as usual. Then nothing happened at all. No delivery, nothing not even a note about availability or a refund. In november I tried to contact them via mail and their site, to remind about my order  but again no reaction at all. One last attempt was made in january and then at last at the beginnong of march "Sophie" sent a reply, excusing and announcing a replacement delivery to be sent. In april I asked for information about the replacement and was advised to allow 28 days for delivery but as you might suspect now it is nearly 60 days and still no books here. Even if the books will arrive tomorrow - what I don't exect- now after 6 months after my initial order this us a more than worse service if not a case for more than a complaint. 

So be careful. 

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