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  1. Your 190 is well done and the chosen markings are very intereseting. Furthermore the pictures look very realistic.
  2. Beautifully executed Dirk and welcome to LSM!
  3. This is a stunning example of brilliant craftmanship. Well done. The Spey- powered Phantoms are amongst my favourites so I enjoyed your pics. Looking forward to your next one...even if it takes another three years. Cheers joachim
  4. Hi John, another great racer! Well done. Excellent paintjob👍
  5. Hi dennis, very nice and clean build. Great lookung Hurricane!! Cheers Joachim
  6. Another great racer.Excellent built John.
  7. Hi John a very cool finish very wel executed and nicely done!
  8. That turmed out grest John, well done👍👍🎩
  9. That looks great. I like the scratches on the wing surfaces and the tricolor- camouflage scheme. Convincing finish!!Well done! Cheers Joachim
  10. Hi Peter, thanks for the kind and encouraging comment. I hope you found some inspiration from my build. As you can see, SH have done some longerons and cross sections and at first I thought these would do it for me. But after checking my referrences I realized that these were much more prominent on the real thing and so I decided to add these from scratch. The rest of the build was pretty straightforward although the undercarriage is a bit fiddly. Cheers Joachim
  11. Hi John, a beautiful build of this iconic plane.
  12. It was a nice and straightforward built. I encountered no problems.
  13. Thanks....well there are but these were made from my cellphone ..so not the best quality.
  14. Here are some pics of my Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind Mk. I that I finished yesterday as P6985 HEoJ of 263 Squadron as it flew from Exeter in March of 1941. The Model was built mainly oob except some improvements in the cockpit area where I added stringers and longerons as these are really obvious on the real thing and not represented in the kit. Furthermore I didn´t like the shape of the propeller blades as I think they were too pointed. I corrected thes by bending stretched sprue around the oute lines and sanded the blades to my liking. The kit goes together quite well although the wingtip navigation lights were nerve wrecking to fix as the flipped off the model several times and the carpet monster eagerly grabbed for them. I opted for the colour option as offered in the kits decal options but refused the kit instructions three times: 1. In my opinion the right elevator undersides were not black as per instructions. Obviously Special Hobby refers to a picture of HEoJ banking to the right and revealing its undersides that are painted as per Nov 1940-Apr1941 directive with the port wing black. Though the starboard elevator seem to be black this is probably the shadow of thelarge fin and rudder covering this area. Second I liked the idea of the bright undersides not to be painted Sky Type S but instead BS381 (1930) No 1 Sky Blue as proposed by Paul Lucas and JOn Freeman in their On Targed Special No 2 "Britain Alone". Also as a third point I referred to the same source be painting the spinners and fuselage band RAE Sky Blue a very light, nearly white hue. As for paints I used enamels from WEM, Xtracolor and Humbrol. The panel lines and scruffy appearance were obtained using school water colours after which a coat of semi gloss varnish was applied. The codes and roundels were painted on with home made masks. After the varnish oil and exhaust stains were applied. I am not too happy with the port spinner staining that -though simulating an leaking propellor governor- is slightly exaggerated. You might notice the oil dripping onto the port wheel. No aftermarket parts were used. I hopeyou like it, enjoy. Cheers Joachim
  15. What amazing built of a very intereseting subject. It simply looks great!!
  16. Dear Gaz, the whole scene looks very convincing and the chair gives some extra attraction to the whole appearance. There are some pics around showing Weyroster "relaxing" in that chair. The finish on the 109 is very even and exact executed especially the zig-zag patteron on the wings. What kit did you use for the 109.. I only had troubles with the different pitch of the prop blades as this seemed to be exaggerated, even for variable pitch, but maybe that is due to my kink in vision....or did I miss that detail on the referrence pics? Regards Joachim
  17. This is real great craftmanship and excellent fotography. Very well done. At first I thought it were real planes! Excellent!!
  18. Anybody out there who wants the Germany supplied decals of the new Revell edition early P-51D for the decal sheet of the US-edition (should include FRENESI !!). 32nd scale of course.
  19. Great Job on a nice spit. I think there are some colour pics of the plae and its pilot in one of the Ethell/Sands books. Jean, it is great and encouraging to learn that scale models are watched and appreciated by relatives of former pilots.
  20. Very impressive!! Well done.
  21. Although my heart bleeds every time I see derelict aircraft- even as a modell - , this is a real stunning piece of workmanship!
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