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  1. Clean and beautiful build John. I always admire your speed and great results!!
  2. Never thought these were so big. Beautiful build!
  3. Pristine looking F-80 John, excellent and faultless paintjob.
  4. A fantastic looking Dauntless. Every inch a real pleasure to view. The pics are excellent aswell. You nearly canĀ“t tell if this was your referrence real aeroplane or the model. Hats off!
  5. John, a beautiful paintwork on that T-28 and a very attractive scheme! Well done!
  6. This is quite an awesome build if you consider what you get on a vac form kit. My highest respect for your building skills. I still have some ID vacforms in the stash probably staying there for posterity! Excellent!
  7. Finally you did it well and some project take their time. Beautiful paintwork, I love the yellow markings. Cheers
  8. Pretty nice builts with an intereseting choice of colour for the Ki-84. Well done!
  9. Your 190 is well done and the chosen markings are very intereseting. Furthermore the pictures look very realistic.
  10. Beautifully executed Dirk and welcome to LSM!
  11. This is a stunning example of brilliant craftmanship. Well done. The Spey- powered Phantoms are amongst my favourites so I enjoyed your pics. Looking forward to your next one...even if it takes another three years. Cheers joachim
  12. Hi John, another great racer! Well done. Excellent paintjobšŸ‘
  13. Hi dennis, very nice and clean build. Great lookung Hurricane!! Cheers Joachim
  14. Another great racer.Excellent built John.
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