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    Aircraft 32nd scale, piston engines preferred
  1. joeg

    Hong kong Models 1/32 Gloster Meteor F4

    Welcome from me aswell. You did a great job with the cockpit. I like especially the well worn seat! Joachim
  2. joeg

    1/32 Tamiya F4 Dimond back phantom

    Mike, a wonderful built with an excellent weathering and lovely details. Bravo! Greetings Joachim
  3. joeg

    Hurricane Mk.IIC NSAM/UHC

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing. I especally liked the one with that 335 in the background
  4. joeg

    Trumpeter TBM-3 finished

    John, you made a wonderful model of Trumpis TBM. Bravo! Joachim
  5. joeg

    Tamiya Spitfire MkXVIe

    Hej Gus, defintely a well executed Spitfire. Chipping is nicely done! Cheers Joachim
  6. joeg

    Trumpeter SBD-3

    I like especially the pilots mapboard. A very nice detail and eyecatcher in the cockpit! Great!
  7. Quite an impressive model. The subtle weathering suits it well! Greetings Joachim
  8. joeg

    I-16 Type 5

    An intereseting scheme, well done. Greetings Joachim
  9. Well done, I like the work on the interior. Greetings Joachim
  10. joeg

    1:32 Fw 190d-9

    Congrats to that fine piece of art. This is a real yaw dropping finish! Excellent! Greetings Joachim
  11. Hi Folks, I need information concerning the Meteor NF cockpit interiors. Of special interest would be information regarding the siedewalls as my referrence is not that clear in that respect (MDF, Philpot, Squadron, Warpaint and finally the net). As far as I think there didnt´t seem to be a separate inner sidewall and the inner cockpit border was the outer skin, at least from the coaming right to a horizontally bar/stringer that moves at about shoulder height. But what was below that - apart from lots of items. Single seaters seem to have separate sidewalls. Regards and lots of models under the tree!! Joachim
  12. joeg

    FAA Corsair II

    A beautiful Corsair in an well chosen scheme! I am a big fan of FAA a/c. Nice work!!!
  13. That is an incredible piece oft art and an awesome big model!! Your techniques are inspiring! Cheers Joachim
  14. joeg

    Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-8/R11

    An absolutely stunning piece of word. I like the smooth finish! Cheers Joachim
  15. Looks very good so far!!!