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    Aircraft 32nd scale, piston engines preferred
  1. Quite an impressive model. The subtle weathering suits it well! Greetings Joachim
  2. joeg

    I-16 Type 5

    An intereseting scheme, well done. Greetings Joachim
  3. Well done, I like the work on the interior. Greetings Joachim
  4. joeg

    1:32 Fw 190d-9

    Congrats to that fine piece of art. This is a real yaw dropping finish! Excellent! Greetings Joachim
  5. Hi Folks, I need information concerning the Meteor NF cockpit interiors. Of special interest would be information regarding the siedewalls as my referrence is not that clear in that respect (MDF, Philpot, Squadron, Warpaint and finally the net). As far as I think there didnt´t seem to be a separate inner sidewall and the inner cockpit border was the outer skin, at least from the coaming right to a horizontally bar/stringer that moves at about shoulder height. But what was below that - apart from lots of items. Single seaters seem to have separate sidewalls. Regards and lots of models under the tree!! Joachim
  6. joeg

    FAA Corsair II

    A beautiful Corsair in an well chosen scheme! I am a big fan of FAA a/c. Nice work!!!
  7. That is an incredible piece oft art and an awesome big model!! Your techniques are inspiring! Cheers Joachim
  8. joeg

    Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-8/R11

    An absolutely stunning piece of word. I like the smooth finish! Cheers Joachim
  9. Looks very good so far!!!
  10. joeg

    Gloster Meteor Mk.III

    ...and here some pics of the overall finished modell. Now with nav-lights. Cheers Joachim
  11. joeg

    Gloster Meteor Mk.III

    Here is a picture taken during the build. I repaced the complete outer wing panel by a scratchbuilt one, but have to state that I now consider it not neccessary. New wingtips and new ailerons should be sufficient. At least my next Meteor - already on the bench - will be built like this. Further I made intakte ducts from sheet styrene.
  12. After quite some time tihis is my first finished project for this year! I converted HK Models Gloster Meteor F.3 into an earlier MK. III late series. The difference were the old style long outer wingpanels that I made from scratch. Unfortunately I cut too early in the building stage and realized that I might have just cut away the wingtips and not as I did the whole panel right outside of the engine nacelle. For the late Mk. III the engine nacelles could be retained as they were already the long nacelles of the derwent. Some minor iprovements were added to the cockpit including a new seat. I used xtracolors for the camouflage and WEM-tyre black for the cockpit. All Markings were painted using self made masks that were cut with a silhuette portrait cutter. Just to mention it: The model is only finished 99,8% as I ran out of transparent paint for the wingtip navlights. This will be remedied soon.
  13. This is my Trumpeter TBM-3 built as a TBM-3E with some minor modifications to the kit including the revised location of the tailhook and the deletion of the stinger lower fuselage gun-position. Furthermore the radome was built from scratch and interior detail added, but here I have to admit I had expected that more could be seen through the canopy but this was a wrong assumption. Though this colour scheme is more common with TBM-3U´s there is one picture showing a -3E that still has its gun-turret and is serving with VX-1 right after the war being stationed at NAS Boca Chica in the Florida Keys. Joachim
  14. Hi Nick, I visited Headcorn Airfield this may and while preparing the trip came across a lot of airfields and probably ALG´s. I had never thought there were that many in Kent. I always associated this density of airfiels with East Anglia and referred to Kent always being associated with the BOB and its airfields and thought of it later in the war being rather remote, but now I know there were many more airfields in use by the 9th AF and probably 2nd TAF in the south of England. As far as I know at Headcorn/Lashenden there were P-51s of the 354th Ftr Grp, later the 362nd Ftr Grp with P-47s (referrence Roger A. Freemann, The Ninth AF in Colour). Doogan is an Impressive P-47. Is it of the 36th Ftr Grp. What id you find out about the colours? I personally like their Syn insignia of the 53rd Sqn, that tiger wearing a red pullover and a bowler hat. Regard Joachim
  15. joeg

    Some of my past builds

    Hi Mish, very nice work. The Spit has an exceptional and nice colour option, well chosen! Greetings Joachim