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  1. Although my heart bleeds every time I see derelict aircraft- even as a modell - , this is a real stunning piece of workmanship!
  2. This is a VERY IMPRESSIVE Model! Well done!
  3. Hi Fran, really a very convincing build. Great!! Cheers Joachim
  4. A very clean build on an obviously complicated kit. Well done!
  5. Jeroen, that looks really fantastic. A nice looking Tripala and a great display. Comparing the film with some of todays movies...the computer doesn't always improve things and in the old days they had real flying aircraft and people who knew the matter as advisors. Congratulations!! Joachim
  6. Really a nice job. I like the cowling area, you nearly can smell the oil...
  7. Hi John, that is a nice Spit. I like the exhaust stains!
  8. O am really looking forward to this built........got the kit in my stash too
  9. This was really a nice build and though the Gladiator is certainly not my favourite biplane - I much more prefer the Gauntlet - as soon as I had purchased it in December I had to start with it. I nearly - apart from some small additions including strenghening of the undercarriage and adding more dihedral to the lower wing - as I had for both the concern of being too weak and sagging after completion - built it out of the box. The sutton harness was DIY as are the cockpit hatches, the starter crank and the rigging. Here pre-stretched clear plastic strips from old school binders came to use as
  10. A very attractive scheme for the XVI. Well done!
  11. Hi Nick, I like the chosen subject and you´ve really done very well!!
  12. Hi Tim, a real awesome build! The camouflage is spectacular! Greetings Joachim
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