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1:32 DK Decals - P-51, B-24, Fortress and Airacobra

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DK Decals

Several Sheets

B-24, B-17, P-51 and Airacobra



I was very lucky in review the 1:32 A-20G decal sheet from DK decals (you can check it here)

DK decals is a decal company with quite some reputation and many sheets already release and several ones coming in 2023.


Here, we will see four sheets.

All sets came in a ziplog bag, small A5 size sheet with profile and color guide.


Starting with the Airacobra, this set is about the Airacobra in service in the 601 Sqn (County of London) of the Royal Air Force and Czechoslovak pilots.


So, inside there are 3 sheets, one with insignias, other with letters and other small one with a full set of stencils.











It given six options:




1.      Airacobra Mk. I AH576, 601 Sqn, Sgt. F. Mares, airbase Duxford, Autumn 1941;

2.     Airacobra Mk. I AH583, 601 Sqn, F/Lt J. Himr, airbase Manston, Autumn 1941

3.     Airacobra Mk. I AH595, 601 Sqn, F/O . Manak, airbase Manston, Autmn 1941

4.    Airacobra Mk. I AH589, 601 Sqn, Sgt. J. Kohout airbse Acaster Malbis, Autumn 1941;

5.     Airacobra Mk. I AH602, 601 Sqn, F/Lt J. Himr, airbase Acaster Malbis, Autumn 1941;

6.    Airacobra Mk. I AH601, 601 Sqn, S/L E.J. Grace, airbase Duxford, Autumn 1941




Passing to the P-51 D/K Mustang.





This set is for 1:32 P-51 with 7 schemes in service over the Pacific and Australia.


Inside, you get 6  (yes SIX) decals sheets, one small wit the nose art, other with RAAF insignia, another with USAF insignia and the first large on with all the letters and names and reference numbers and the second large one with tail stripes (white and red), bars, and some stencils.













The schemes options are:


1.      P-51 D Mustang 44-63272 (Lt. L.E: Curdes, 4th FS, 3rd ACG Philippines, 1945

2.     P-51 D Mustang 44-64038 (Lt. T. Sheets, 460th FS, 348th FG le Shim 1945

3.     P-51 D Mustang 44-64124 (Capt. L. V. Grosshuesh, 38th FS, 35th FG Okinawa, 1945

4.    P-51 D Mustang 44-72602 (Capt. G. Marcott, 458th FS, 506th FG Iwo Jima 1945

5.     P-51 D Mustang 44-72502, Maj. W. Shomo, 82nd TRS, 71st TRG, Philippines, 1945

6.    F-6D Mustang, 44-14874 (Lt. J.E. Jacoby, 82nd TRS, 71st TRG, Philippines, 1945

7.     P-51K Mustang A68-520 (44-12557) n.º 84 Sqn RAAF, Australia 1945.


Next, B-24D Liberator

This set is for 1:32 B-24 (the only game in town, in injection plastic, is the Hobbyboss one) with 7 schemes in service of 90th Bomb Group “The Jolly Rogers”


Inside, you get 4 decals sheets, two big ones with the nose arts, letters and some numbers. Another a little smaller, with the two types of skull (four skulls) and more numbers. The smallest one you got four insignas and white bands.















The schemes options are:


1.      B-24 D Liberator 41-24047, pilot Maj. P. Gottke, 320th BS 90th BG, New Guinea, 1943.

2.     B-24 D Liberator 41-24073 pilot Capt Halverson, 319th BS, 90th BG, New Guinea, 1943

3.     B-24 D Liberator 41-23836, pilot Capt E.A. Wood, 321th BS, 90th BG, New Guinea, 1943

4.    B-24 D Liberator 41-24074, pilot Lt. J.R. Wilson, 319th BS, 90th BG, New Guinea, 1943

5.     B-24 D Liberator 41-23828, pilot Lt. H.L. Chovanec, 321th BS, 90th BG, New Guinea, 1943

6.    B-24 D Liberator 41-23849, pilot Lt. Ch. Andrews, 320th BS,90th BG, New Guinea 1943.



And, finally, last but not the least,


1:32 Fortress Mk I/III (the mighty B-17)




This set is the one with the less sheets, only three.  Two big ones with insignia and letters and small one with a nose art.










The schemes options are:


1.      Fortress Mk. II SR376, 214 Sqn RAF, n.º 100 Group, 1944;

2.     Fortress Mk. II SR386, 214 Sqn RAF, n.º 100 Group, 1944;

3.     Fortress Mk. III SR223, 214 Sqn RAF, n.º 100 Group, 1944;

4.    Fortress Mk. III KJ117, 214 Sqn RAF, n.º 100 Group, 1944;






Analyzing the decal sheets, the color registration is great and a very good definition of the details. The decals have a thin film, in fact looking very thin and delicate. These are printed by BOA Agency.

The instructions are in fact general and applicable to all decals, it is always important to remember the general principles of decal application. In this case, there is no specific rule for applying these decals.

            The profiles draws contains lots of information, with side view (both side) and top view with precise decal indication.



DK Decals gives modeler some great options in 1:32.

I really love the B-24 and the RAF B-17! It´s really unusual schemes but it would look great!! The color densifications and pigment looks quite good and I relay need to try one of these in some future work.

 The guidelines given about decal location are very good.

My thanks to DK Decals for producing these fantastic decals and the possibility of reviewed them.


Francisco Guedes

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