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1:32 ASK (Art Scale Kit) A-20G Detail sets


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Details sets.



A-20 Seat set

Cataloque number 200-A32002

Available at ASK store, here




ASK is releasing now only several new decals sheets and a lots of masking sets

Now they enter the detail sets worlds.

The first one the we will be looking is the brand new A-20 seat set.

On this set, you get a seat for A-20 early type.

This seat is suitable for the A-20 A, B, C up to approx. G.5

The seat is in 3D resin Print, very well printed with no printing lines at all, resulting in beautiful surface detail.




Being a early seat, there`s no direct match between both seat, but een so I put here pictures of the seat that comes in the box.





To be along this fantastic seat, you got textile seat belts with photoetched buckles.

The seat belts are printed at laser and HGW logo is on it… so if is made by HGW so the quality is granted.

 The seatbelts are extremely detail, having 8 PE parts in each belt.






Having working wit HGW seatbelts before, they are fabulous and in the edn they really look like the real seatbelt.



They are not easy to make, at all, and I only recommend to an intermediate modeler or up.





Browning .50cal/12,7mm guns for Havoc and other

Catalogue number 200-A32004

Available at ASK store, here

The second detail set are the front guns


These come in resin 3D Print and as the other set, the printing is done with high definition on the printers, so no printing lines whatsoever.

These are hollow in the barrel and the surface detail are really accentuate to represent the refrigerating gun system.



These guns can be used on Havoc or any other 1:32 model that use Browning .50cal.




These are a major update to the ones that are in HK Model box.




Both sets are must have to all of those that have bought the new Hong Kong 1:32 A-20G as it brings the detail on those specific area to an all-new level.

So treat yourself and get the 1:32 Hong Kong A-20G alongside with these two sets!

Very VERY Highly recommended




Our thanks to ASK – Art Scale Kit for the review samples.

You can get this set and all mask set at Art Scale Kit webshop


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