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T-72M1 walk around


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" I don't think you can climb on this tank", eyes of an old lady with bleached blue hair pierced the back of my head. She was wrong, I was already on top of it, proving the contrary. I also didn't feel like I have to explain myself to a random ball of righteousness who obviously didn't understand the fact that I was on the mission. A mission, to provide some gold to all of the Soviet armour enthusiasts, eagerly waiting to modify tiny bits of plastic to mirror the real deal. So I smiled in the general direction of her granddaughter and refocused my attention to the ugly padlock on the gunner's hatch.  no, I didn't bring my tools .....  :)

East German T-72M1  has less sophisticated fire control systems and thinner armour than its Soviet equivalent, the T-72A. It was intended as a cheap solution to equip the bulk of the commie allies. This particular example was manufactured under licence, either in Poland or CSSR.

And now , for the pictures.


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