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  1. Hi Guys, I was wondering if it is only me or if there are more of us who are simply jumping from project to project and the constellation of plastic bits on there work bench is changing dramatically from week to week? Well here is a place for you to post the actual "status quo". At the moment, don't forget , tomorrow is a new day and there is no need to explain or justify. As long as you are having fun, share it ! Cheers Martin
  2. Martinnfb

    Kitty Hawk F-5F OOB quickish build.

    Looking really good Ernie. Tom Cruise's worst nightmare .
  3. Martinnfb

    OS2U Kingfisher by Kitty Hawk

    great idea with that backing Carl.
  4. Martinnfb

    Kitty Hawk F-5F done.

    Sweet! I believe this is the first double seater ever finished on-line. Congrats Ernie
  5. As I mentioned before, while enjoying my time with the company of some nice folk at the IMPS nationals I received a text from my neighbour. The content was rather upsetting, something along the lines : Hey Martin, we had a savage hail storm and your Mustang is badly damaged . I guess everyone has its own insurance story and mine is not any different. After few months of chasing agents and adjustors around and around in debilitating circe I finally received finalized assessment worth almost $ 15000. Long story short, car is currently in a reputable custom body-shop. And guess what happened on Thursday, my new hood arrived. Code name: "when I grow up , I want to be Shelby GT 350 "
  6. We are planning a road trip to the coast in the early summer, and Nelson is half way, so it is given that we stop by for a quick lunch/coffee :). Interesting that you mentioned music, I was trying to figure out what I like to listen to on the road. But in Mustang I ended up turning the radio off and practising downshift with a blip on gas, being all proud of myself. I know this all sounds super-silly, probably another demonstration of my mid-life crisis LOL
  7. I am actually very defensive driver, especially in the Mustang. Young people love to zoom on the car, cut me off and even race me. Needless to say that I am enjoying speed limits to the core of the meaning. For instance if there if a negative corner on the highway on-ramp with 80 km/h limit I am driving 80km/h. Working out my late apex approach and squaring off the take out line.
  8. Martinnfb

    Mig-9 LEM

    Welcome back Marine !
  9. Martinnfb

    Mig-9 LEM

    Ladies and Genteman. Few days before my birthday a postman delivered parcel from Ukraine. Surprisingly it was this kit that I did not order, for a split of a second I had the urge to call Andrei and let him know that he made mistake. But , what a minute , where did he get the address to my highly classified location? Of course those two cheeky monkeys ! Ernie and John were gang up on me in order to poison me with the help of resin dust...... Thank You ! I will not start with a picture of the box-art because it doesn't represent any progress and I have been working on this project for a month now, well more like 10 hours, whenever I have a minute to spare and empty kitchen counter to sand on. This was in the box
  10. They were installed by the first owner , an older gentlemen who did tons of work, but had to trade the car in for a truck due the health reasons. There was 4000km on odometer when I bought it. The car smelled like new. I am actually very lucky, the car has no issues whatsoever . Not counting the speed bumps and everlasting police presence
  11. I know you are , it is me and my dirty mind and immature so-call humour . Those pipes are made by Roush, so as intake . They sound very interesting, deep and no crackles.
  12. But seriously, sort of,,, I was thinking about unbolting the claps and polish them on my wife's bench polisher.
  13. I think there is nothing wrong with polishing your pipes Jeff giggle, giggle
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    All business , thumbs up John !
  15. Martinnfb

    Mig-9 LEM

    Gentleman , you are way too kind. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. You are absolutely right Phil, this is slightly masochistic adventure, frankly if it wasn't for that rivet disaster on the surface, this would be quite easy build. Here is some paint in action.
  16. Martinnfb

    Kitty Hawk F-5F done.

    I am just a clueless information gatherer ... with accent
  17. Martinnfb

    Ancestry DNA... anyone else done it?

    On a serious note. One of my relatives wrote her thesis based on the history of my family tribe ( so to say) . She turned it into one chapter of some book about Keltic history . I never had a chance to read it, neither to meet her. Well I almost did and she had one copy on side for my mom, but regrettably it didn't work out. Naturally this wasn't based on DNA breakdown rather than field research etc. All I know that it was violent and dynamic
  18. Martinnfb

    Ancestry DNA... anyone else done it?

    So that means that Gas and Ernie are brothers ? ...
  19. Pressure washer is next on the list. As a fresh home-owner I am realizing how much is the basic house maintenance worth. :0 Rails are awesome, I can't imagine how difficult is not to slash your pinch weld without them. Ambient light is always welcome :)