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  1. Thank You Harvey, it means a lot. I still packing up, can't find my favourite toy
  2. Gentleman as many already know , I was accepted to join a training program for your favourite law enforcement agency. I am departing tomorrow morning and it seems that I might not have spare time to participate on the forum the way I did. So keep the shenanigans going and I will peek in once I get a chance to exhale .
  3. Definitely, and good price as well.
  4. " Don't sell them just yet Carl, please wait for Martin to become rich again " Great prices for fantastic combos, good luck with the sale !
  5. That sucks, but you discovered what was happening in time to take action and on the same token you verified reliability of your employees . Still sucks.
  6. It's always lurking in the deepest shadows of your mind
  7. Fantastic examples of late war colour, Thank you for sharing Antonio. Cheers Martin
  8. Myashcheiev M-4 was very progressive design heavily influenced by "German " research data. It's role had changed throughout it's long career so as the requirements of the Soviet military doctrine at the time of the Cold War, so it wasn't complete flop. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myasishchev_M-4
  9. This type screams "nuclear annihilation" all the way. Great choice!
  10. and also https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/va/kit_va_mj1a.shtml
  11. Some horsing around is definitely a part of the game
  12. Not likely, I will be busy sharpening my crayons while preoccupied with another silly things , like running, studying criminal code, cleaning my boots, ironing the pillow case and did I mention running ?
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