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  1. Somebody is in luck Awesome and generous move buddy Cheers M.
  2. Clue number 2. You can can not see the clue number 1 in the picture, but it is there. You have to know it. You have to know what time, place and situation is pictured on that photograph. You have to know me. LOL Can't tell you more
  3. Thanks Phil, I am not going to tell you guys. If Phil likes the gift, he can post a picture. Until then you can guess The One who will guess the right answer will win Special Hobby 1/32 Tempest , full meal deal with Barracuda correction nose, decals metal , resin, you name it. The clue is in the picture, it is essentially there, so to speak
  4. I remember and I still have the mask and the HpH Mig-15 as well. Just no time on my hands
  5. Can I work for your company ? ---- for development purposes as well Cheers M.
  6. That is actually true. The Mi-17 undercarriage is design to collapse and absorb the impact energy during the event of crash landing. And the cabin has a lover part that collapses like a cushion for further energy dissipation . Mi-17 is one of the types with a great safety record. Thank You Gas, it should be Canadian ship. Valeio wash Parenting one to one: Dad is Easter bunny real ? No .... and that is how I bought tons of time past long weekend. So here is some progress. Sanding and correcting the shape some more, Wet-sanding and polishing , and finally scribing the radome.
  7. What about that sleek Porshe of yours Hubert ?
  8. Warning: Marcel Bloch was classmate with Mikhail Gurievich . which ultimately led to this
  9. Almost, it's a surprise. Phil can post picture once he has it and thinks it is worth mentioning. the gift is related to this picture
  10. YUP, second that. that is exactly what I had in mind with my remark. F1 is iconic design and for Kitty Hawk another chance to to do it right in 32nd.scale.
  11. Nice work Tony, also that relief funnel on the floor was removed as well. The proof of it is absence of the release pipe at the rear lower part of the fuselage.
  12. Beautiful result Darren, very realistic finish on this monster. Bravo ! Cheers Martin
  13. Phil is totally winning this week's bench prize, just need to figure out what it is.
  14. Harvey, your symptoms are exact copy of what my mom is going through . Also she has zero self-discipline , glasswork of vine every day, lousy diet and she's surprise when it hurts. Take care of you self my friend, after all those centuries of full speed is time to slow down. I am sending a medical specialist Dolores to help you out
  15. Thank You Jeff, It is about your searching techniques. For instance , you are not searching for" Mi-17". Ninety percent of social media reporters have no idea what that is. You need to look for situation, something that describes places where Mi-17 was operated, maintained etc. Then there is a gallery on U.S.ARMY web that contains beautiful pictures of Afghani helos . Marketing departments are probably trying to justify the spendings to the taxpayers Tony , thank you for the compliment. If I can do it anybody can. Especially, when your middle name is "Precision " Cheers Thank You sir No casualties, Unfortunately, 9 soldiers were injured after this chopper hit the tree during the landing in the compound of national directorate of security. 11 May 2011. Yes sir, that pretty much sums it up. This build id very special for me, with Ernie we have been planning this for several years now and I was hoping that somebody would come up with conversion set. I guess Mi-17 does not have a cool-factor such as Blackhawk or Apache. Well , long story short, I am not getting any younger and I do like to lots of fun creating something slightly deferent that the mainstream offering . Thank You for the support
  16. Hey girls, Last night I was working on the windows. It was quite late to post pictures, so here is the update. Initially I wanted to use clear plastic from a random CD cover. Using my template to scribe the outline, only to realized that this material is waaaay too brittle There has to be something in my garage , we know there is. Eye protection or the shield on my table grinder. The shield has nice concave to it, so it won. The next part can be scary, containing words like grinder and orbital sander. Anyway, it all worked out at the end and was able to drown it all it the epoxy sauce :). And this morning with the help of my new sanding pad, we have some results. Rough cut ( 180 grit) of course I am not going to worry about the inside look of these windows, they will be almost completely hidden behind the armour plating . Cheers M.
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