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  1. After a quick rusty wash the tracks went on. Me likey
  2. That is so nice to hear Jeff, especially after what I have been through in past day or two .... A barber screwed up my hair today and yesterday, when seasoned mechanic told me that he cannot adjust caster and camber on my Jeep, because it is set solid out of factory. I sent him back to school and asked for refund, Imagine that frustration. However, that you for sharing this, you made my evening better
  3. The thing I love the most on a custom builds is a nice clean weld. Looking good Man ! Thank you Gaz, I am just doodling around, trying to prepare the car for the winter. Normally I would have it blasted and powder coated , but under current circumstances , I have to play nice
  4. Thanks guys. The rear is coming in tomorrow. Totally neglecting my family.
  5. So as I was installing my coils and shocks I realized that winter rust of Calgary completely eat up some threads and seized some nuts. So I ended up changing the sway bar links and bushings and refinishing the sway bar itself. The front only, rear is debatable. Pictures below will explain why. LoL
  6. Martinnfb


    not to be suggestive, but
  7. Oh no, I am sorry to hear that Harvey. Well the kit can wait, wish you successful surgery and speedy recovery.
  8. Slowly, but surely. Good stuff Harvey
  9. Hi Gas, that rust shines a lot. Especially on clean vehicle. I would tone it down with a dark wash and a quick dust over, the way you did it on your outstanding Leo kit. Here is a picture of Yugoslavian Patton, that is as rusty as it can get. and another example from Germany Another one from seventies And restored example just to get the feel for it I hope < I am not being too harsh, it's a nice build, it just needs a wee touch up. Cheers Martin
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