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  1. Mesmerizing life story of a great man. Thanks for posting.
  2. Amazing progress. Beautiful detail and painting. Your precision is legendary Cheers Martin
  3. Joy was just adopted by her new humans, not gonna lie, I grew quite fond of her in past few months.
  4. Exceptional progress Mark, You make it look easy. Cheers Martin
  5. Peter, please do not Sabotage my thread. It is intended for people who do not want to open a separate build thread for every project that they work on at the moment.
  6. I like the scratches, they are often neglected , yet ever so prominent. One or two coats of grey filter can blend it and tone down the stark white colour on crosses as well. Here is a build of a friend who has amazing weathering skills, not too much , not too little. Might help as a motivation. Cheers M.
  7. I would dare to suggest IAF on e at the end of the service, or the Operation Velveta
  8. What? Already ? Insane speed, but great result.
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