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  1. Smooth as silk, I like the overall appearance of your build , very tasteful . Cheers Martin
  2. Looking mighty fine, very different Phantom for sure. I am not trying to be a pain, but I just noticed this little thing, aren't the AIM-7 Sparrow/Skyflash supposed to fully fill the respective opening in the fuselage ? They seem to be tad shorter. Cheers Martin
  3. It seems that Chevy guys are wearing protective clothing , reflexive vests, head covers etc... , Based on the Gladiator video, I am expecting to find some loose objects in my future ride. Like, necklace, shoe laces, pubic hair , perhaps somebody's lunch too
  4. I had no idea that Gladiators are assembled by people randomly picked up at Walmart the day before. What happened to overalls , safety footwear and overall safety and appearance ? Very disconcerting
  5. More like:” what’s his problem?!”
  6. Interestingly, when he found my Su-27 in a open box laying on the ground he decided to chewed up the plastic nose instead of the Zacto piece. Good boy
  7. Here are my blundstones, I had to take them to cobbler and had all the straps replaced. my DocMartens, my cellphone and the list goes on. In merely four months 😖
  8. Yes :), this is human abuse. He has to pick the most expensive footwear
  9. Little shit just destroyed my brand new Birkenstocks. I’m so mad.
  10. The fake one looks better than the real thing :).
  11. We placed the order today. Green Gladiator Mojave, black hard top, black grille. On the picture below is Rachael’s Wrangler side by side with one on the lot. Not sure how long I will Wait for this , we shall see.
  12. My eye is twitching just by thinking about those “ minor adjustments “ lol great work Carl.
  13. I was thinking the same, but the fear of mental breakdown won.
  14. That is a promotional build ( not mine) from the link I posted above.
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