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1:32/1:48 Art Scale Kit (ASK) Hawker Hurricane decals

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1:32 and 1:48

Art Scale Kit

Hawker Hurricane

Several Sheets


Keeping the pace with Art Scale Kit (ASK) decals.

Today, I´m going to review 5 (five) decal sheet from ASK.


All sets came in a ziplog bag, small A5 size sheet with profiles colors instructions steps how to apply ASK decals.


So let’s looks to the option schemes that all decal sheets offer.


But first, one detail that I loved about. In the applying instructions, in all sheets, theres`a real photo of one of the airplanes that are represented on the decal sheets. I really love that "bonus"



Hawker Hurricane Mk. I, IIb – part 14 – Royal Air Force over Egypt



 Catalogue number200-D32040

Price: 12,50€

To order, click here.


  1.  Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb, white V, HL 795, 275th Squadron, (around the period of Alemain (??) battle in late 1942) –  - Note: I assume that is a typo and it should say: El Alamein battles that took place in North of Africa, late in 1942.
  2. Hawker Hurricane Mk. I, V7524, TP-S, 73th Squadron, El Adem Airfield, Libya, February 1941;
  3. Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIb, Z4932, White OL – red B, 806, Squadron NAS, base Aboukir, shot down by german ace Otto Schultz from 4/JG/27, near Martuba, 15th January 1942;








Two schemes for the Mk IIb and one scheme for the Mk.I.



Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc – part 9 – Royal Air Force – Burma 1943



Catalogue number200-D48053 and 200-D32035

Price: 12,30€

To order, click here.


  1. Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIc, HV 538, White B, 3th Squadron Royal Indian Air Force, 167, Wing RAF Bairegarh Airfield, Assam, Burma 1943;
  2. Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIb, KZ 352, White A-A, 1th Squadron RIAF, Imphal Airfiel, Burma 1944;
  3. Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIb, LE 146, 10th Squadron, RIAF, Kyaukpyu Airfield, Burma 1945


I have always like the Burma schemes and this one is no exception.

The sheets says Hurricane Mk.IIc but the second scheme is reference that is a Mk. IIb.




Also says Burma 1943 but the second and 3rd schmes are from 1944 and 1945.





The 1:48 sheets also brings stencils for one aircraft.


Hawker Hurricane Mk.II - part 1 – Italian Air Force Service




Catalogue number200-D48044

Price: 12,30€

To order, click here.


  1. Hawker Hurricane (ZMAJ) Mk.I, no. 2337, fighter cover during the evacuation of the Yugoslavian King and VIP´s from Nikšič airfield, airplane captured by Italian Army, Tirana, 16 April 1941.
  2. Hawker Hurricane (ZMAJ) Mk.I, no. 2337, Regia Aeronautica, Tirana, May 1941.
  3. Hawker Hurricane (ZMAJ) Mk.I, no. 2337, during tests in experimental centre Guidonia, Regia Aeronautica, 1941











Hawker Hurricane Mk. Ia /Mk. IIc - part 3 – Royal Air Force Service



Catalogue number200-D48044 and 200-D32029

Price: 12,30€

To order, click here.


 1 - Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc, Red JX-E, BE581, 1 Squadron RAF, flying ace P/Lt. Karel Kuttelwascher, Tangmere airfield, May 1942, England.

o   Karel Miloslav Kuttelwascher, DFC and Bar (23 September 1916 – 17 August 1959) was a Czech fighter pilot, and a flying ace of the UK's Royal Air Force (RAF) in the Second World War.

§  ASK has put on their website a brief history about this Ace.

·          He was in combat service from May 1940 to October 1942, first with the French Air Force and then with the RAF. Kuttelwascher, nicknamed "Kut", was the RAF's most successful Czechoslovak pilot, and one of the RAF's highest-scoring flying aces overall. In RAF service he shot down 18 enemy aircraft. He may also have scored numerous victories in French Air Force service, but these are unconfirmed as many French records were lost.
In 1945 Kuttelwascher returned to Czechoslovakia but in 1946 he returned to Britain, where he made a civilian flying career with British European Airways. He died of a heart attack in 1959, aged 42.    

But there`s a lot to read about Kuttelwascher on the web, so here are two links that are very worth of reading:





2 - Hawker Hurricane Mk.Ia, P2798, No.87 Squadron RAF, Colrene, England, Decembre 1940, Flown by Squadron Leader Ian R. Gleed    


ASK has put on their website a brief history about this Ace:  Wing Commander Ian Richard Gleed DSO, DFC (3 July 1916 – 16 April 1943), nicknamed "Widge," was a Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot and flying ace credited with the destruction of 13 enemy aircraft during the Second World War. He served in the Battle of France and BAttle of Britain before being shot down and killed over Tunisia. Gleed published a fictionalized memoir - Arise to Conquer in 1942.
Gleed Avenue in Bushey is named in his honour, one of a number of streets in the area named after Battle of Britain pilots.

 But there`s a lot to read about Gleed on the web, so here are two links that are very worth of reading:


§  http://www.hatfield-herts.co.uk/aviation/gleed.html



3 - Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc, BN185, No.432 Squadron RAF, England 1940.


While the decal sheet says that is for the Hurricane Mk IIC, in fact the second scheme, Ian R.Gleed aircraft is a Mk.Ia.











Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIb – part 5 – USAF service




Catalogue number200-D48049

Price: 12,30€

To order, click here.

  1. Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb, black KZ492, unknow Squadron, Mediterranean area, 1944.
  2. Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb, yellow PB654, 350. Fighter Group, 346. Squadron, Emas airfield, Sardinia 1944.
  3. Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk.XII, JS327, 800. Squadron, HMS Biter, Toch Landings, November 1942.






Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIb – part 11 – South African Air Force



Catalogue number200-D48055

Price: 12,30€

To order, click here.

  1.  Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb, BE 588, 1st Squadron, South African Air Force, North Africa 1942.
  2. Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb, HL 885, 1st Squadron, South African Air Force, North Africa 1942.
  3. Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb, HL 734, 40th Squadron (Gremlin), South African Air Force, Egypt 1942, pilot Lt. Jack Orpen. - To learn a little more: https://saafww2pilots.yolasite.com/jack-orpen.php










The stencils are very thin, with small decal film on the edge to prevent to maximum silvering and not blurry, being quite comprehensive.

In 1:32 you have to get the stencil sheet that gives you two complete sets for two aircrafts.




Analyzing the decal sheets, the color registration is great and a very good definition of the details. The decals have a thin film, in fact looking very thin and delicate.

There is no indication where are they printed so I assume that will be in ASK house. The printing quality is quite good, as they are sharp, with outline very well defined. The color look quite good and spot on.


I tried already and it work great, with good adhesion to the plane surface without wrinkling or bubbling. No adverse reaction to Micro set or Micro Sol. You do have to work then with care and patience as they are very delicate and therefore, fragile.


The instructions are the general ones that are applicable to all decals, it is always important to remember the general principles of decal application. In this case, there is no specific rule for applying these decals.


The profiles draws contains lots of information, with side view (both side) and top view with precise decal indication.



ASK is coming with lots (really, tons) of new decals giving the modeler some great options in 1:32 and 1:48.


 The location indication of the decals is quite good and very perceptible. The 1:48 decals schmes as a bonus of a full stencil set for one aircraft ( for 1:32, you will need to get it for another decals sheet).

The decals as already said, have a very good colour registration, very thin, with minimum decal film, and they work quite nice!

 My thanks to Art Scale Decals for producing these fantastic decals and the possibility of reviewed them.


Francisco Guedes



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