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1:32 Art Scale Kit Nakajima Ki-84 decals

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Art Scale Kit


Several Sheets



Well, another decal bunch from Art Scale Kit (ASK).

Today, I´m going to review 5 (five) decal sheet from ASK.


All sets came in a ziplog bag, small A5 size sheet with profiles colors instructions steps how to apply ASK decals.


So let’s looks to the option schemes that all decal sheets offer.


Also here, in the applying instructions, in all sheets (except the stencils decal sheet, theres`a real photo of one of the airplanes that are represented on the decal sheets. I really love that "bonus"




Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (Frank) – part 3 – Imperial Japanese Army Air Force



Catalogue number200-D32053

Price: 12,30€

To order, click here.


·         Nakajima Ki-84 Kó, 186th Shinbu tai, flown by Cpl. Takeshi Kazano, Tatebayashi Air base, August 1945;

·         Nakajima Ki-84 Kó, 57th Shinbu tai, flown by Takayuki Yamshita Shimodate Air Base, May 17, 1945

·         Nakajima Ki-84 Kó, Army Transportation Unit, 2nd Chutai, Óta air base, fall 1944

This sheet has some lovely art work on the fuiselage and tail fo the 57th Shinbu and 2nd Chutai aircraft. And ASK work capture really good their essences, checking the real photos available on the sheet.











Nakajima KI-84 Hayate (Frank) - part 8 – captured by US Army Air Force:

Catalogue number200-D32048

Price: 12,30€

To order, click here.





·         Nakajima Ki-84Ko, TAIJU, Clark Field air base, The Phillippines;

·         Nakajima Ki-84 Kó, TAIJU, Clark Field Air base, The Phillippines;

·         Tachikawa Ki-106, Tachikawa Okayama factory airfield, Japan 1945;







Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (Frank) – part 7 – ROCAF and PLAAF

 Catalogue number200-D32057

Price: 12,30€

To order, click here.




·         Nakajima Ki-84 Kó, operated by the Kuomintang Air Force (ROCAF, National Chine – Later Taiwan AF) during the civil war of 1945-1949;

·         Nakajima Ki-84 Kó, operated by the Kuomintang Air Force (ROCAF, National Chine – Later Taiwan AF)

·         Nakajima Ki-84Kó, Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force, (later PRC - People of Republic China / the Communist) 1951.


The set, unlike the other has two decal sheets, the second one 7b, is the fuselage insignia of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force and the marking fo the rudder of this last scheme and the second scheme.









Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (Frank) – part 4 – Imperial Japanese Army Air Force - 104th Sentai 



Catalogue number200-D32054

Price: 12,30€

To order, click here.


·         Nakajima Ki-84Kó, 104th Sentai, Shinkyo air base, Manchuria, August 1945.

·         Nakajima Ki-84Otsu, 104th Sentai, Óta air base, Japan, August 1945.

·         Nakajima Ki-84Otsu, 104th Sentai, Óta air base, Japan, August 1945.






Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (Frank) Stencils




Catalogue number200-D32060

Price: 12,30€

To order, click here.


The stencils are very thin, with small decal film on the edge to prevent to maximum silvering and not blurry, being quite comprehensive. this particully case, there`s quite a lots of stencils and big ones. 








Analyzing the decal sheets, the color registration is great and a very good definition of the details. The decals have a thin film, in fact looking very thin and delicate.

There is no indication where are they printed so I assume that will be in ASK house. The printing quality is quite good, as they are sharp, with outline very well defined. The color look quite good and spot on.


I tried already and it work great, with good adhesion to the plane surface without wrinkling or bubbling. No adverse reaction to Micro set or Micro Sol. You do have to work then with care and patience as they are very delicate and therefore, fragile.


The instructions are the general ones that are applicable to all decals, it is always important to remember the general principles of decal application. In this case, there is no specific rule for applying these decals.


The profiles draws contains lots of information, with side view (both side) and top view with precise decal indication.



As you can see this week, ASK is coming with lots (really, tons) of new decals giving the modeler some great options in 1:32 and 1:48.

Is a very good product, not expensive and that will give your model a different look on your collection and to the table contest or the club weekly reunion.

The location indication of the decals is quite good and very perceptible.

The decals as already said, have a very good colour registration, very thin, with minimum decal film, and they work quite nice!

 My thanks to Art Scale Decals for producing these fantastic decals and the possibility of reviewed them.


Francisco Guedes







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