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Airfix 1/24 Hellcat discontinued?


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It's not on their website ....my guess.....hypy- hype mc hype. ...

Discontinue it for 6 months , bring it back at a hiked price assuming those who can't live without will rush to buy ....rinse and repeat. 

They have the gall to charge £50 - £60 for a 50 year old tooling Spitfire/ Hurricane....my guess they will be still dragging out the Hellcat tooling in 2068...

Their pricing far outmatches their product IMHO, even though I'm the target market. Be interesting to see 20 years from now , when the "nostalgic for 1970's" crew have packed in modelling if the younger generation will still be interested in Aiflups , or if Dragon will be releasing vintage classics .



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Yeah, funny how that works, and it’s worked for Hasegawa for decades.  Pull a kit off the market, reintroduce it with new box art and decal sheet, and call it new. 
the P-47 plastic has been brought back out multiple times, yet is still in short supply. Same with the P-40E. 

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