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  1. Yep, those cops sure know how to handle their big Harleys. They tried Kawasakis one year due to upfront cost savings, and they had all new Harleys again within 2 years. The Japanese bikes just didn’t hold up to the constant pounding like the Harleys do.
  2. Yeah, they’re a handful on the twisties, if for no other reason than that they weigh over 60 stone. 800 lbs! But they’re nice handling bikes, and extremely nimble given their size. They’re more limited by lean angle than anything else. They’ll grind the inner board in an even moderately aggressive turn if you’re a straight up and down rider, so you learn to slide way off the seat inward to keep the bike upright, and then you can really run it through the sweepers.
  3. Those are mighty cool, Rob. The bottom one I’ve never seen before. We have a huge land mass here, and these big Harleys are simply amazing at eating up the miles on the interstates. These certainly aren’t built to the same formula as, say, a Ducati or a Triumph triple, but they are all great in their own right. Not fun on tight city streets, though.
  4. The bike was sold new as a Firefighter Tribute model at a reduced price to active duty firemen after 9-11. It has special badging test to that. I got it from the firefighter after he quit riding. Harley-Davidson certainly has the style down. It hasn’t changed in 65 years. 🤣
  5. Martin, that looks awesome! The color is seriously cool, almost a German panzer grey.
  6. It ain’t. It never was, and never will be. Besides, wearing that I kinda look like Sgt Schultz.
  7. A more sociably acceptable helmet is in order. I’m certainly not a troublemaker anymore. 💩💩💩
  8. You’re a rider, Harv. C’mon down and put some miles on it. It really needs to be taken out and ran long and hard. I’m doing some changes and improvements to it since this was last on the road. Technology has advanced and most of the old Harley problems have been solved 1. install a swing arm stabilizer to cure the dreaded Harley death wobble plus a new front engine mount. 2. Upgrade the cam tensioners from spring loaded to hydraulic, plus while in there, install a higher volume oil pump. Maybe beefier cams for even more bottom end grunt. This is the Twin Cam motor. 88 cid plus a 5 speed transmission and belt drive 3. Change to true duals with fishtail mufflers. Plus maybe get a more “socially acceptable” helmet for today’s sensibilities 😇 4. New tires. The old ones are 6 years old and these look best with wide whitewall tires anyway. It’ll just make it smoother, more rideable, safer, and much easier to live with. You hop on a Road King, you expect smooth and steady for 2000 miles. I also have the original air spring solo seat for it with compressor and gauge. Plus the rear fender chrome luggage rack and saddlebag chrome wrap around crash guards. You and Bev can come down and hop on. Slide on out to Cali and visit family. This thing’ll eat up the miles.
  9. In the meantime, we dragged out another old clunker and cleaned it off. Still starts and runs well, but it really needs to be tightened up and serviced. I love big old American motorcycles. Big, brash, slow, noisy, leaky and smelly. Just like me 😀 This thing cruises along like you’re riding on a wheeled sofa. Incredible torque and power below 3500 RPM, and will run all day long at 150 KPH (90 mph) and not break a sweat. Not an Italian or Japanese superbike, but Harley Davidson pretty much invented the heavy touring bike market.
  10. Martin, that Jeep is so amazingly cool! I’ve been wanting one, but I’ll wait till the market cools off a bit first…
  11. Martin made me these masks, and oh boy do they work well. Thanks, bud! It’s coming alive now! 😎
  12. Ernie trying to build jets isn’t always the best use of his time. However, this one might be shaping up a bit. Super Secret Psychos Squadron.
  13. Thanks Carl. Even though this has been a quick build, I’m rather thrilled how the paint came out. Been doing the requisite touch ups the last few days, and I still have a couple dielectric panels to add, but after this, I think I’ll let the paint set up for a week or so so it’s good and hard, the hit it with some steel wool or fine paper to put some wear on it. It’s WAY to shiny right now.
  14. DN Masks. I’m sold. And it’s great practice to get ready for the big Viggen.
  15. Thanks Martin, but honestly I’m not a fan of the Akan stuff. It’s OK I suppose, but next time I think I’ll go back to Gunze. Airbrush settings are all different with this and it seems to prefer much more thinning to keep it from being grainy.
  16. Well, big milestone and great success tonight. Some touch ups to do, and a bit of clean up, but the first big step was by far the most nerve wracking, and it turned out ok.
  17. Will it ever end? This thing is looking some kind of hideous!!! But I assume there’s a method to all this madness.
  18. I agree, John. The way the kit pieces jig themselves with each other ingenious, but you’re assembling the cowl now, so that should set the spacing for you.
  19. I was always worried about that Aires pit, John. The kit pit is useable but lacks some detail, but it keys directly to the nose gear well, which keys to the firewall, then to the engine and cowl, etc, etc. But it looks like you got it covered by pre fitting the cowl now. Just remember that when you’re sure you have more than enough noseweight, add another half pound.
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