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  1. The Jug’s fuselage has to be one of the toughest shapes to get correct. You miss one little curve by a quarter of a degree, and you throw off the entire look of the model. Hasegawa got it mostly right, and I think both of you are right. I’m going to split the difference: slightly reshape the bottom, and move the cowl by literally 1/2 mm. The bottom shape is obviously slightly off, and I do think the top may be a smidgen high. But those who fight with Spitfire wing fillets, 109 and Mustang noses, plus the infamous P-39 conundrum have it much worse.
  2. Well Dennis, it’ll be a few days longer than a week, but not much. Simply put, I don’t have the tools here that I need. Like a razor saw, CA glue, a good work light, and my optivisor, so I’ll need to finish her at home, but I think she’s exactly what I needed and she’ll be done in not too long from now. I never thought I’d miss my bench being well illuminated, but I do.
  3. Mike, it is the kit decal, but I cut it up and installed it in several parts. I bought the Yahu panel and a gazillion Airscale decals, but for a quickie build I wasn’t into going insane.
  4. Gotta lower the engine by about 1/8” or so. Tried the cowl flap ring on it, and it looks stupid with a huge gap on top. I read something somewhere that Hasegawa molded the engine mount stub a bit too high.... Oops!
  5. Still here, and she ain’t good. Dementia is in its final stage, unfortunately.
  6. Superb work, Harv. That engine is gorgeous.
  7. I forgot my Optivisor, and without it, HGW belts are beyond my Mk.1 eyeballs, so the seat stays out till I get home and can build it up. My total time on this model so far has been about 6 hours. Filling the wing sink marks, cockpit and basic airframe, it just fell together. I needed a small skim of filler on the upper wing roots, more do to me than anything else. Lighting here is not ideal, so I’ll do as much assembly and basic filling as I can until I get home, then finish her up. So far, this has been one seriously fun, needed, and relaxing hotel room project.
  8. So I’ve been working at it as I can, between hospital visits and sleeping, and so far I’m here.
  9. Doing some minor stuff. But the green seems dark. I lightened it up some, though
  10. Ok, flap surgery needed. The molded on steps for retracted flaps drive me insane
  11. I can take one out with a Red Ryder because that’s the only kind of gun I can get here. Supper tomorrow!
  12. Redline Hobbies is, unfortunately, almost dead. It’s a tiny storefront on South Albert that is competing with mail order and the internet. And losing. I was completely shocked. The oil bust a few years back killed leisure activities, and it shows. sad
  13. Hehehehe hahahaha. I absolutely have a feeling of evil glee going on right now.
  14. Now, on my way to Redline Hobbies, the local LHS, to check out the scene.
  15. In in Regina, and it’s bloody cold. I rode on Bombardier’s finest getting up here. C Series from Texas to Minneapolis, (what an awesome aircraft from a passenger perspective). The cabin windows are huge, easily three times the size of many modern jets. You now no longer need to scrunch over to look outside. Then, from Minneapolis to Minot, a truly worn out CRJ200 that creaked, groaned, and popped continuously. It and a curious grinding noise from an accessory pack somewhere, and most interesting of all, smelled of feet, arse, and spilled coffee. Oh boy did it bring back memories, and if it had a couple big 2800s and a tailwheel, I’d have offered to fly it myself.
  16. I agree, guys. It’ll be fun and a well needed pressure relief valve. And, I might actually be able to get something done. Come to think of it, I should have brought the S-199 project. For the last bunches of years, I’ve had nothing but massive projects, so a quick build is sorely needed. Feel free to join in with one of your own, y’all.
  17. My wife is Texas. Everything in Texas is described as “big ass....”. Like big ass plate of brisket, big ass truck, big ass idiot, etc, So in honor of my loving lady, this one will be.....
  18. Aaa did, what’s a quick build without a few enhancements. This kit needs seatbelts, all Hasegawa kits do, and this will benefit from Master barrels, and resin separate stabilizer/elevators. Barracuda wheelsjust need to be added as well.
  19. We should have pretty much all the goodies we need
  20. So I have just arrived in Canada visit visit family. However, I brought along with me a a little project and am going to do like what more than a few world class modelers with careers do: build out of a flight bag. I want to try to get this as close to finished as possible, leaving off antennas, props, and gear, so it can be safely transported home in my luggage. It’s as cold as the proverbial witch’s mammalian protuberances, so I won’t be playing outside much... So we brought a Hasegawa kit, a small portable compressor for my airbrush, and a few supplies....
  21. Individual PE parts hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha have fun, man. Better you than me. This kit is pretty much an almost sorta kinda half definite NO for me.
  22. Packed a Hasegawa P-47 and a Trumpeter Razorback. I figure I’ll see what I can accomplish at night and take them both as far as I can while still keeping them transportable in luggage. So no props or landing gear will be mounted. I have high hopes I’ll actually get something done. WIPs to follow.
  23. Looking great so far Phil! Stunning work
  24. So I’m going to take a P-47 and some basic supplies with me, and maybe jump in to a quick, easy build away from home. Lets see how it goes...
  25. Smitty, remember, if you actually do one of these, you’ll need to reproduce every last, single one of those vortex generators on the horizontal stabilizer. Sounds like fun, huh?
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