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  1. Now as cool as that is, my tastes fun more towards... Or What can I say, I’m just into COOL old Fords.
  2. A friend of mine has a G8 GXP that he bought new in the final year of Pontiac existence. That thing is just a rebadged Holden Commodore with left hand drive, huge tires and wheels, and a 6.2L monster V8. That thing is an absolute pavement shredder, and suitably impressed me on a test drive to the point where I almost loaded my britches.
  3. Jeff, you know the difference between a Corvette and a porcupine, don’t you?
  4. Hmmm, I remember returning from Germany in the early 80s, after driving an Opel Rekord for three years, wondering where in the hell you blokes park park these monstrous automobiles?!? That being said, the Aussies drove a version of my 56 Ford for years. The Ford Customline V8 was sold there for many, many years, although theirs was a graft of the 1952-1954 body on to the 55-56 front clip. And Holden has produced some automobiles that aren’t lacking in stature.. somewhat gargantuan might be a bit more direct, if I say so myself.
  5. Yes, they’re safe which is good. But it sounds like thousands of others aren’t. And the kids... it’s just devastating. It’s looking less and less like a deliberate act, but who in their right mind would leave 3000 tons of nitrogen fertilizer sitting on a dock for six years is beyond any measure of human comprehension.
  6. As many of you may know, my good friend and Brother in Christ Karim Bibi is from Beirut. His extended and immediate family still call Beirut home. His beautiful young daughter also was there today, and after talking to him for an hour or so today, he can say that physically at least, they are unhurt. Emotional scars are another matter and his daughter is of immediate concern. He was working today so he was away, so he’s more than a bit worried. I don’t know if all are aware of the force of today’s blast. It effectively has caused the Beirut waterfront to cease to exist. The warehouse district and much of the business district have been leveled flat, with a degree of thorough destruction not seen since Hiroshima. Parallels are being drawn between today, Hiroshima, and the Halifax Harbor blast of 1917. Many Beiruters are calling themselves and their city accursed. Just remember guys, it isn’t the city’s historic families that have brought the troubles, it’s foreign actors, meeting in the middle, where once stood a jewel of a city. Pray for them if so inclined. If you don’t pray, send out positive waves or whatever. My heart is truly broken over the mind of a little girl I feel I should know personally and whom, along with her family, I just want to give safe harbor to, and assure them that nobody or nothing can hurt them in the future. This may be a simple industrial accident. Right now, nobody knows, but several thousand pounds of stored bulk aluminum nitrate went up along with almost as much commercial grade fireworks. I just know that right now, there is no place for pointing fingers, no place for politics. Just love these poor people and keep them close in your thoughts. Yes, my heart is broken right now.
  7. I picked up two Felixstowe lates. WTF am I gonna do with two more monstrous biplanes? Right now I just grabbed a late AEG and a DFW late.
  8. Wingnut Wings kits all sold out in 1.5 minutes
  9. I see women putting on makeup, guys reading a novel, the newspaper, working a laptop or iPad, and even once, a big mass of blonde curls bobbing up and down, giving the driver the mother of all hummers, all when behind the wheel.
  10. Rob, that paint modulation looks about perfect. Now with a light application of weathering grime, shell really pop
  11. I’ve heard one or two. Yep. I used to think the place was old fashioned. It had an old downtown and the City Council refused to update the old rundown dark brick retail areas with new modern buildings. They wouldn’t let any freeways come close to the old areas of the city, either. So today, it’s all been restored and is thriving, and I don’t know any mid size cities that have even an eighth as much character as Moose Jaw. Even the old CPR Station is there, at the end of a main drag as you come down a hill. During prohibition it was a major shipping terminal of booze bound for Chicago, because it’s the northern tip of the old Soo Line Railroad that runs straight to Chicago then on to Sault St. Marie, Mi. A cool place to visit.
  12. A guy in Moose Jaw owned it when I was in the Army. We spent more than a few Saturday evenings in that thing and my old red two door cruisin’ looking cool and making the glass packs bark in the underpasses.
  13. Jeff Gordon, But not really. She just wanted a pink hat. It had a 24 on it, but she still wanted it. I bought her a pink John Deere hat too. LOL Jeff, you should recognize that car as a real piece of Canadiana, right down here in sunny Texas. 56 Meteor Rideau four door hardtop. They built 150 of the things. Built and sold only in Canada. I know of two others. One is in Calgary and the other in Northern Ontario with a tree growing through it. There’s plenty of four door sedans around, but the hardtops weren’t popular. Notice the cowl braces under the hood? This is the only body style that required them. It was a very weak body without them, which is one reason they wore out quick. I knew this car in Moose Jaw back in the early 80s. That guy had pulled it out of a garage in Kelowna with a seized engine. I chased this car for years before I got it. Sold my glasstop Crown Vic to get this one.
  14. Dang that thing looks impossible to get into. And if I did, you’d need a van opener to get me out. Once again, I got the car out of storage and avoided getting mice in the thing. We live in the country, so they’re common. Mothballs keep mice away as well. And no, the 56 Country Squire ain’t mine, but I wish it was
  15. Maybe I need to stop babysitting the old cars, and get a fancy new one like y’all. My big project this year was to put a Classic Air system in the Meteor so we could run it the other 9 months of the year. I bought a system for Joy’s anniversary gift, the 55 F-100 I’m building for her that she still doesn’t know about, and I was so impressed with how unobtrusive it is, I’m going to get one for my baby. And the best part about it is that everything simply bolts in. No butchery of the firewall needed, you simply remove the heater blower duct where it goes through the firewall, and save the original parts for conversion back later when you want to show the car in a judged show. Her F-100 is a bit more permanent of an installation because it now has a transplanted 302 in place of the worn out Y-Block 272. She wants to get in, twist the key and go, so she’s got Edelbrock EFI, too. Of course that means a new fuel tank with a pump in it, then disc brake conversion for safety, and where does it all end? The great plan for her farm truck ride is starting to turn into a massive project. But, at least the cost is under control. She’ll love it, I know. As to the Meteor, it’s a bone stock P Code 312 car. 312s were super rare on Fords and Meteors, but standard in the Mercury. In the light Ford body, it makes that thing sit up and dangle... not to Martin’s Mustang’s standard, but for a 1956 vehicle, she ain’t slow. For those who are interested, that Meteor and I have a history going back to when I was 19. 55-56 Fords and Merck’s have always been in my life, right from my very first, a 55 Fairlane two door sedan I dropped a 71 Boss Cleveland into and went looking for Chebbies on Saturday nights. Outside, she looked like a Grannymobile, but once the right foot went down.... So, there’s her F-100 before I started on it, and my Cleveland powered 55 with 20 year old me and three buddies leaving garrison for the weekend. So when you put the 59 T-Bird that’s getting painted beside the Meteor and F-100, that’s almost a mini stash. But that’s all I have room for, and you can only drive one at a time. Plus, they’re increasing in value or at least holding their own. That’s why I still drive my ancient 7.3L diesel powered Ford F-250.
  16. Don’t tempt me, man. I’ll be there, soon enough. Gotta do Mason and Telford as well.
  17. Well, time to dust off the old clunker and get her running. Covid kind of put a damper on everything, but I’m sick and tired of watching the summer go by. Had two tires low, but were only flat on the bottom. Everytime we take this thing out, we hear people laughing for blocks around Salmon, White, and black ain’t the most masculine color scheme in the world
  18. Happy Birthday, Old Bean! I hope you had a joyous one and got spoiled rotten! Šťastné narodeniny
  19. The death of the three and four engine airliner is here for good now. Fanjets are incredibly reliable now and much, much more powerful. But no matter how good they are, I still can't imagine flying to Australia onboard anything with less than three functional engines.
  20. I had flown the DC-10 fsairly locally. Caribbean mostly, but to Germany as well. I did some research and found out that their DC-10s were the -30 series and were put in service for the long, long, LONG intercontinental flights. They served the Company extremely well through the years. Like other airlines in the world, a new guy comes and brings in new blood, he suddenly drastically expands, places a multitude of new orders, and before you know it, they go broke. But Canadian Airlines paid way too much for the Wardair name, and that spelled their doom.
  21. I spent some premium time on Wardair’s DC-10s. I agree, it was the absolute best service I’ve ever received on any airline, anywhere, anytime. But if I had to go widebody, I always tried to book a DC-10. I loved that big ol’ bird that got such an undeserved bad rap. They were big, smooth, quiet, and reliable. They had everything the 747 had, except the upper deck.
  22. I remember Boeing’s three holer as well. Air Canada flew the heck out of them, but my favorite scheme? OK, a better pic...
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