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  1. I’m in for two if and when they’re available. What a difference
  2. Agreed completely. This is outstanding research coupled with an artist’s eye and a craftsman’s talent
  3. This is awesome. I actually don’t see a big issue when an uncorrected model is sitting on a table, but next to the corrected version? Incredible!!!
  4. Agreed, but I took the easy way out and got the superb HPH MiG-15 instead. It’s everything the Trumpeter kit should have been.
  5. This one gets a vote, it is HIDEOUS! These too. Never built the Trumpeter MiG 15/17, but have heard the horror stories
  6. Well, big meeting in 15 minutes. This time, my wife will be involved as well, she has medical training. And my corporate attorney as well. We’ll see
  7. Yep, never tried their aqueous. It’s as rare here as Tamiya enamels.
  8. Looking great, Carl.this is gonna be awesome!
  9. Rog, Gunze’s RLM colors are what turned me on to the line. They are, in my opinion, magical and accurate in color. In short, they make me look good.
  10. The surreal part of this all is that I, as the senior living relative, have inherited legal Power of Attorney over their affairs and of Health decisions regarding them both. I've been praying, but right now things look pretty bleak.
  11. Thanks y’all. The funny thing is, it’s not the money. It’s the thought that someone would take what I expect is the crappiest time of everyone’s life and run with to stab all others in the back for nothing more than a bit of quick minor financial gain. These are days I’ve been fearing for years now, and that Lone is more than enough for me now. If he feels like he needs to jam the knife in, he can, because trust me on this: he’s losing a helluva lot more by these actions than he’s fixin to gain
  12. The C-87 is a distinct possibility for me. But everyone I know, myself included, is waiting for the PB4J-2 conversion. Everyone loves a Privateer. Didn’t the French fly Privateers?
  13. Rog, Good to see your back getting cool stuff. That means You and Carl can start speaking English again. ”Can you believe the Gavorkious Lessimilator Maxi version 21 on that Xr73a1 mod 4?” You sci fi guys crack me up. I love y’all like brothers, but y’all still are funny as a good stand up routine. Now I know what us airplane guys sound like to our wives.
  14. Picking away at it. Got the cage done, now making a Sutton harness.
  15. So, I received two phone calls today. One about my Dad who’s in ICU due to CO2 buildup in his blood. Second was for my Mom, who’s in the final stages of dementia. Then I find out my deadbeat Ward of the State brother is trying to have a lawyer get my Dad in ICU to sign the entire estate to my brother. I saw red for about 20 seconds that he’d take advantage of my dad like that, but in the end I just shook my head and said phoque it! And not the phoque that swims and eats fish, either. It'll be the biggest cash grab in our family’s history, but I just don’t have the strength to fight, and I checked this afternoon and it turns out I’m all out of phoque to give. Looked in the lost, under the bed, in the garage, the filing cabinets, everywhere, and yes, no more phoques to give. Done... and good riddance. Anyone who purposely and underhandedly uses the death of a family member to enriched himself deserves to die a slow, miserable death.
  16. Mark, I thought that Wessex was gorgeous, but I remember thinking at the time that the yellow paint looked “heavy” as in thick. I’d have to go back and look. I know yellow is tough to do well, and if that Wessex had been white, grey, or camo, it would have shown better. In airliners, that 1/72 IL-86 widebody jet looked awesome. Theflaps and slats were extended and the reverses were deployed. All scratchbuilt. The kit is Modelsvit, and it’s a tough build OOB, never mind kitbashed. It won exactly nothing as well, instead having micro scale airliners win the hardware. Maybe I’ll have to say yes one of these times. They ask, and I politely refuse, year after year. oh well
  17. Sorry y'all. This is the Fly Mk. llc trop.
  18. It looks like we're all fighting the same fight. This should be interesting. It "looks" like an easy, straightforward build.
  19. How does he work the rudder pedals. Poor bloke! awesome work, though!
  20. From what I see, just closing the upper foot gap gets it right on. If I just do the old snort run trick of attaching the upper wing halves first, I think we’ll be home free. But as of now, I’m guessing. All builds talk of issues with the interaction between the fuselage cage and the wheel well. I’m forewarned, so I expect it won’t be an issue. I’ll also watch for any slight preacher of the fuselage halves when inserting the cage and panel. That stuff creeps up on you and messes up alignment later on. I love these kind of builds. OOB, but with enough adventure to make it interesting. And, to make things better, I love Hawker’s sturdy underdog.
  21. Haha, no kidding. I certainly can’t argue that the B-24 is or isn’t ugly. I’d have better luck trying to catch moth farts in a net. I tend to read reviews and opinion pieces when it comes to accuracy, and work with the kit that gets the most thumbs upon general shape. The difficulty of the build is secondary to opinions on shape, and I’ll deal with missing internals myself. Take the Hurricane I started a build thread on. The one beef I have is the flat wing syndrome that creeps into builds. I’ll spend weeks just fixing that annoying bit. Rationality be damned, I won’t have a flat wing fighter in my collection! Now see, I never noticed any issues with the Revel Mk.ll other than the obvious fact that it was scaled off a complete collection of airworthy parts that vaguely resembles an early Spitfire. The Barracuda and Eagle correction sets will fix that well enough, I hope. But since being shown the B-17 nose I can never unsee it. I think I can disguise it with some careful swipes of the files and some paint sleight of hand... we’ll see. We will find out soon enough, I think.
  22. Dihedral as taped together. Dihedral as I think it should be.
  23. Been picking away at this. A big refreshing change from all resin and big chop jobs on bombers. OOB but for a Yahu panel and HGW belts. This should be a quick, somewhat straightforward build of one of my favorite WW2 fighters. My big beef on the kit is that on a few of the completed builds I’ve seen, the wing seems flat where it shouldn’t be. The real Hurri had a flat center section and dihedral on the outboard panels. So, we check the fit of the main parts and I’m pleasantly surprised. The only area that looks hinky is the upper wing half to fuselage. Maybe that’s why the kit seems to give the dreaded flatwing look?
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