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1ManArmy 1:32 A-20G Full Paint Mask

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1 Man Army Paint Mask

1:32 A-20G


Cat. N. 32DET028

Price tag: €23,38 plus shipping

Available at Hannants store, here


1 Man Army, the ultimate masks for your model not only insignia masks, not canopy mask, so not regular and simples mask! 1 Man Army is the ULTIMATE MASK for your aircraft!! A large mask sheet with all the stencils (yes stencils) and insignias to paint.

Check their website – www.1manarmy.be.

         As you can see, their entire catalog is in 1:32 and they are expending their references with more and more masks.


         Let`s see what you can get with this set mask.


         You get two mask sheets, similar wit Tamiya tape, but its not really the same as the color is darker and the tape itself is thinner.



I unglue part of it from the paper and its very malleable with good glue.

The main thing: the cut is perfect and very precise.

This one brings a big surprise. I was expecting a full mask set for stencils and insignias.

When I start to analysis this set I found out the 1Man Army exceeds himself bring all the three complete markings in mask. So all the 3 decal options that are on the 1:32 HK Models A-20G are on the 1Man Army mask (well almost all).









The sheets are rectangular size, almost A4 but not quite a A4 size and gives the modeler a full set of all schemes give by the decals. (for wings undersurface, wing upper surface and fuselage both sides) and all the stencils, all the little ones. The only thing that is missing is the nose art of “Miss Laid”.

So goodbye silvering and tiny little decals.!!

Also you get the markings set for the 3 decal options given by Hong Kong Models.

-      A-20G-25-DO, s/n 43-9224, 670th BS/416th BG, Wethersfield, UK, 20th June, 1944

-      A-20G-25-DO, s/n 43-9224, 670th BS/416th BG, A-55 Melun/Villaroche, France, 5Th October, 1944;

-      A-20G-25-DO, s,n 43-9224, 670th BS/416th BG,Paris, France, 4th November 1944

A full and complete detail guide with several views of the A-20, with clear indication of the place of all stencils. Even stencils on the turret is included. Of course, that you might want to check your own references in case you make another A-20G, specially from another air force (like RAAF).




To handle the best way possible, a user manual is given and it`s very comprehensive. You really need to read the manual! Not only how to deal with the mask itself but also with very good tips how to prepare de model for the mask, placing the mask and specially a very good tip about symmetry and alignment.




It`s all there, and how it should work.




I really like 1ManArmy stuff. In 1:32 or bigger is a must to all aircraft modeler that want to have a full aircraft markings and stencils in real paint, as decals in such big scales tend to be very big and all the stencils are present with small decals, that could ruin your work with the silvering or not settle well.

So with this mask set, beside a full set of stencils mask, all 3 markngs of he 1:32 A-20G are present so 1ManArmy it´s a must to all modelers.

VERY Very highly recommended




My thanks to 1ManArmy for the review sample.


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