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Hasegawa Bf 109 E oldie

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Still putting finishing touches on ZM 109 and got a bid fed up with it, particularly upper wing paint job and canopy masking, will post soon. Picked up 10ish quid Hasegawa 109 I built as a kid, no cockpit but everything else Ok, 1 broken undercart leg, canopy in good nick. It was started and hand painted with enamel light blue on under surfaces of wings and tailplane, gloss emerald green on fuselage and top of wings - sort of thing I used to do long, long ago.


New office from Aires, loads of detail and most will not be seen, enjoyable to make and guess where some parts go. Fuselage needed some filling and wings a bit of light sanding to remove paint, will prob describe a few panel lines. I know this kit is more a representation than faithful replica in places, have started to detail some bits like wheel wells, maybe guns, don't really want to spend any more on it. Have some Xtradecals for a new scheme, undecided which to go with yet, although limited choice.Quick spray with Tamiya black and RLM 76 on lower wings to start preshading and inspect sanded areas.






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