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  1. John Nice work on refining the fit, sitting just right in place.
  2. Some mighty nice work .. Right with Kev and Gaz, Can't see anything that needs to be improved
  3. Martin Many years ago, my wife Diane and I use to take in the Reading Air Show in Pennsylvania every year and we saw Bob Hoover perform many times - no question, the most amazing and natural born pilot I ever saw.
  4. Gaz My pleasure, I sure have picked up a lot of tips from your builds over the years as well
  5. Paul Very nicely done and thank you for the bio as well as it adds a lot to the build itself. I in agreements with both Rob and Hubert that light weathering will add a little depth to the model and bring out a lot of the details. Of course, never having built any armor, I'm not the guy to offer any advice on what to do or how to do it.. Looking forward to your next build, the M3 and will be with you all the way.
  6. Gaz Thank you so much for the very kind words, so very much appreciated. I guess it's part of getting older and learning to deal with aging and some medical issues that set new limits on what you can and can't not do. I'm just happy to be back at the bench and enjoying modeling again, as a few years ago, I didn't know if that was ever going to happen.
  7. John The fit does look mighty good and seems to be one of Aires better fitting offices.
  8. John Nice work on the Aires front office and the details looks amazing. Have you test fitted the 'office' yet?
  9. Sit back and enjoy the story of a legend - absolutely amazing.
  10. Hi Mark Doesn't sound right that both the taxi and landing lights would be on at the same time or both off.
  11. Thanks Rob and I whole heartedly agree - while detailed engines and open access panels look good, I do prefer the smooth clean lines for display. I've built enough Merlin's now that the next group of Merline powered fighters, will be all closed up and why I'm happy the Kotare Spit Mk Ia has no engine - I wouldn't be using it anyway.
  12. Thanks Dennis At this point I seem to get a burst of mojo and focus on cleaning up and finishing all the prep work and being ready for the paint shop and primer.
  13. Thanks John Absolutely is one sweet build.
  14. Thanks Martin ... all smiles for sure. ☺️
  15. Thanks Carl, very much appreciated. Hopefully with a bit of luck, I'll be in the booth next week shooting on the color coats.
  16. John Sounds good to me and of course in the Ready for Inspection Forum, a photo of both together will look so cool.
  17. Coming Together She is finally starting to have the graceful lines of the legendary Spitfire. With the wing, tail and control surfaces glued on (the ailerons and elevators still need to be fixed in position with CCA), it was time to make some decisions regarding the Merlin. I’ve built a lot of Tamiya 1/32 WWII aircraft kits and out of the grouping of Mustangs, Spitfires and the Mossie, there is at least one model of each group with the RR/Packard Merlin with the cowling panels off, exposing the complete engine and the Mossie having both Merlin’s hanging open for display. I want to show some of this late model 60 Merlin, will most likely have the bottom and top cowlings on and leaving the side panels off, at least that is my thinking right now. I built and painted the Merlin as per the kit instructions, highlighting the details both by brush and dry brushing with Model Air Aluminum. The coolant plumbing was primed with MRP Black Primer and then finished with MRP Copper. Only about five years ago I did the same and hand painted or used foil for the s/s clamps – this time around, my hand just isn't steady enough anymore for such detail painting. The prop and hub assemblies are done, all the prop/hub parts added but other then black primer, zippo detail painting as they will be inside the spinner and never seen – just no point in wasting time painting those details. All the screws/holes on the hub were drilled out a bit deeper so they will hold a light wash and have some relief at the same time. At the same time, I drilled out all the screw fastener holes on the cowling framing and a good number of hours was needed for all the hand drilling; time well spent. The Barracuda resin wheel set was cleaned up and the axel holes were drilled out to fit (fingers crossed) the landing gear axels. next the Barracuda drop down door with the much-mentioned crowbar (to be added) was cleaned up replacing the kits rendition. I just couldn’t help myself and wanted to see how Tamiya’s gorgeous glass fit and looked: a knock out and what can I say, leave the filler in the box, the fit seems to be perfect. I’ll be final sanding and getting the Spit ready for primer later this week. Thanks for checking in Parts and assemblies ready for MRP primer Primed and ready for color coats
  18. Gaz I've always admired figure Painters, who are 3D artists. I've tried painting figures a few times, especially in my model railroading days, and they were terrible. Even now, I've 'sort of tried' and being so frustrated, just threw in the towel.
  19. Gaz Nice start on the artillery piece and the figures aren't going to be easy to work them into your diorama setting. Will be along for the ride
  20. John Good choice as well. Seems the only difference is the color of the nose. Either one is going to look really cool (How's that for a throwback to the seventies?)
  21. John My vote is for: VMFA-115, A/C 2992 Love the markings and the white tail - WOW!
  22. Carl Thanks for the info and I'm checking it out as we speak
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