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  1. Sold For Sale: Fisher AD-5 Fat Face Skyraider Conversion ..$75 plus shipping ($15). Continental USA Only Payment by Pay Pal Thank You Peter
  2. For sale Academy F-16I Sufa Aires 2130: Wheel Bay set Welliant 132006: Wheels and hub set Wolfpack 32: Cockpit set Wolfpack 32031: Exterior Set Continental US only Best Offer (Pay Pal only) plus shipping (approx $27) Please PM is interested Thank You Peter
  3. Nige Completely agree both Hubert and Ernie - the extra work on the gear and in the gear bay makes a huge difference and looks great. Following the the Lanc build on your channel and your work is superb. Keep ‘em comin Peter
  4. Cees Brilliantly done. Keep 'em comin Peter
  5. Carl Terrific progress for sure. Keep 'em comin Peter
  6. Martin Awesome work .. looking so good. Glad to see Carl was able to come to the rescue! What's it all about!!!! Keep 'em comin Peter
  7. Danny Very nice work and detailing on the Office - the PE and your details make a huge difference Keep 'em comin Peter
  8. Mark Super work and some mighty nice armor weathering Keep 'em comin Peter
  9. Ernie Great plan and should keep the build going without stress and a good case of the shakes. Keep 'em comin Peter
  10. NIge Nice work on the interior detailing the gear. BTW, wing tips look dead on the money. Keep 'em comin Peter
  11. Kai Brilliant build, simply;y awesome work. Always a pleasure to follow your builds; even the 'simple ones' Peter
  12. Welcome aboard. One very nicely built Corsair Peter
  13. Ernie Bravo - awesome build. Your F5 looks sensational and on KH's display table, she certainly is the start. Peter
  14. One terrific build - always appreciate seeing Lukgraph finished as they are very special kits. I have quite a few in the stash and I keep saying someday. Peter
  15. Carl Awesome build and finish. One terrific build thread to follow and enjoy Peter.
  16. Rob Absolutely stunning work! Enjoyed following your progress from day one and the results are first class - just love the NMF. Peter
  17. Welcome aboard and what a way to break the ice. Beautiful work Peter
  18. David Very nicely done Peter
  19. John Gorgeous work and perfectly weathered., as you are surely are the Guru of Tamiya Corsairs. Just marvel at your 'clean weathering' , which is perfect in my book. Yup, I'll be working on mine the next few days and starting to make progress again. The Corsair has been sharing bench space and time with the ZM F4J - have to say, greatly enjoying both. Aces on a fantastic build Peter
  20. Gaz Amazing progress Keep ‘em comin Peter
  21. I always wondered why kit manufactures have to re-invent the wheel, try to add details that not overly complicate a kit but normally don’t fit and the instructions on what to do are as bad. Peter
  22. Martin Exactly and of course there isn’t anything as pure white either - nothing like the scale effect with colors Keep ‘em comin Peter
  23. Danny Agreed - always nice to see different color schemes and markings Keep ‘em comin Peter
  24. Tony Looking mighty good Keep 'em comin Peter
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