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Fokker F.I/ DR.I - Windsock Publications


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Fokker F.I/DR.I.
By Ray Rimmel with Richard Alexander
Volume two
Anthology Series





Available at http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/



         The new Windsock book is the second most expecting one by Ray Rimmel, as the first one was the first volume of the Fokker Dr. I anthology.

As it happen in the Vol. I, this one also has Richard Alexander collaboration, former Wingnut Wings General Manager.


            This volume is the ending part of the a true Fokker Dr.I must have to all modellers as once again is dedicated entirely to Meng Fokker DrI in 1:32 and 1:24 scale.


            This volume does have an 1:24 Fokker Dr.I in full dept step by step construction.


            On the cover, it’s an 1:24 Meng Fokker Dr.I, made by Ray Rimmel with the markinf of the Jasta 14 Stafellfüher Ltn.d.R. Johannes (Hans) Werner`s reverse aircraft Dr. I 588/17.



So, on this second volume of the mythic Fokker Dr. I, it`s offer to the modeler and reader:

ü  1F.I 103/17, 23 September 1917 – 1:32 upgrade;

ü  Dreideckers by numbers – 19 new color profiles;

ü  Dr. I 204/17, 9 March 198 – 1:32 build;

ü  The TVAL Rotary Club – reverse engineering;

ü  Dr. I 425/17, 21 April 1918 – 1:32 upgrade;

ü  Dr. I 574/17, Summer 1918 – 1:32 upgrade;

ü  Jasta 14 Archiv;

ü  Dr. I 558/17, 9 June 1918- 1:24 build

ü  Fokker Dr. I Folios II – more timeless treasures;

ü  Addenda to Volume I



With 74 pages on gloss paper of which at first glance has the typical structure and winner receipt of the previous datafiles but with almost the double of pages of a normal datafile.


In the opening (back of the cover), as usual, a fantastic profile by unique and unmistakable Ronny Bar. The particularly profile is from Fokker F.1 103/17, flown the famous Werner Voss.



On this volume, Ronny Bar gives 20 new beautiful profiles as usual thah has the background history and real pictures of real aircraft.

To complete such information, Ray gives the modeler, in every single one, an information of what parts to use (required parts), available in the box (1:32 and 1:24 models), to get an accurate model. Is a fantastic information and very usefull to the modeler that want to make any of these profiles.


  All the builds made by Ray are almost with step-by-step, with fantastic pics and very good tips and fantastic craftmanship.

All steps are cover with a full text explanation and several pictures of the ongoing build with close-ups and real pictures in detail to help the modeler out with location and specially, with detail.



















 Got no more words to said! It`s a fantastic little book of the Fokker Dr.I !

It`s simply a must have to all WWI models and to modeler in general!!  A Fokker Dr.I is a must in any aircraft collection!

Do yourself a favor and get Fokker Dr. I Vol. I and Vol II!


Very Highly recommend.

My sincere thanks to Ray Rimmel and Windsock for making this fantastic book..




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