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ICM Mitsubishi Ki-21 "Sally"

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Hi all, 

Just finished the ICM Sally. Quite a nice kit to build, though I did had some serious issues with fitting and the ICM style of engineering. 

Landing gear is fitted very fiddly. This is a real downer as the way it's connected inside the nacelles makes it extremely delicate. 

The fitting of the loose tail. It's just not what you want. Of course, they made it modular to fit with other types, but it's just odd. 

Fitting of the wings was also a hard part, as the plastic was slightly warped. When I tried to make it fit, it actually broke. 

No weighted wheels and I did expect more detailing of the interior. It was a bit disappointing seen as the kit is at 48th scale. All and all a nice kit to build, nothing out of the ordinary, but it really needs adding of aftermarket parts. Paints and other products by AmmoMIG and AK-Interactive. 










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That's a nice looking build, sad to hear about about the build problems, is it an older kit as the new 1/32 scale ICM kits seem to be rather good.



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