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  1. Hopefully with the talk of further versions we could get something Seafire ish, a long neglected offshoot. Cheers Dennis
  2. Now that has got my attention, the new (2014) Revell I/II with help from Barracuda turned out pleasingly well but a WNW type quality Mk. I should smash it out of the park, I'm in. Cheers Dennis
  3. This is absolutely superb work Cheers Dennis
  4. Looking good, I like the idea of re finishing models, after you have spent a lot of time on the build and interiors it is definately worth doing. Cheers Dennis
  5. Be careful airbrushing the white first, I did it on my P-39 and it peeped out of the edge, basically I had a blue and white sandwich with the white showing through, now I always make sure that I paint the blue first, mask it off and then paint the white. Cheers Dennis
  6. Spitfire


    Depends if you want to save the panel or just make a hole with the panel itself not being used. If the panel is not being used I drill a series of holes (small) then use a scalpel to join up the dots and clean the edges, then files to get the edges smooth. Or if the panel is required I use my bare metal foil scriber to cut it out using Dymo tape as a guide, this is done with a series of light strokes rather than digging deep at the start. Cheers Dennis
  7. That looks great, very neat work. Cheers Dennis
  8. Should look good, I remember doing that scheme on an old Revell kit a long time ago. Cheers Dennis
  9. Looking good, I really prefer the early war colours and markings. Cheers Dennis
  10. As a Typhoon and Tempest fan I will be watching this one with interest, the Tempest II is outside my chosen WWII era so I cannot justify the expense of the Hi Tech version, but if they ever make a non Hi Tech version I would be all over it. Cheers Dennis
  11. Good news about the Aires cockpit as I also have one. Cheers Denis
  12. That looks really good, but then again Ducati's do look like works of art like most Italian bikes, my favourite is the MV F4. Cheers Dennis
  13. It's great news for Lufwaffe fans and the detail looks fantastic. Cheers Dennis
  14. That is a huge blow, I really do not know how I would cope with that, you have my deepest condolences and best wishes Dennis
  15. Sad story (horrific really) but a great build Cheers Dennis
  16. Wow that made me really jealous as due to Covid I have missed out on Telford for the first time since the 90's, we even used to fly back to the UK from Thailand just to attend the show. Thank you all for the photos and taking the time to post them. Cheers Dennis
  17. This should be educational and as I have one in the stash a good guide. Cheers Dennis
  18. Just young at heart Cheers Dennis
  19. That looks very nasty, stay safe Cheers Dennis
  20. What great pictures, thank you for posting them Cheers Dennis
  21. That's a really nice build and finish, for such a largish aircraft it does look very aggressive. Cheers Dennis
  22. That looks spot on for a desert Hurricane, nice job. Cheers Dennis
  23. Thank goodness for that. Cheers Dennis
  24. My latest modelling acquisition has nothing to do with kits but to me it is great change. My stash, as is many peoples is up in the loft, my house is a 1970's creation so I can just about kneel up in it. As I am not as nimble as I was, even with a new knee it got to be a bother getting up there so I decided on a change, a couple of years ago I had a new two story extension built with a garage for my motorbikes on the ground floor, having sold one bike I had more space so a cunning plan was formulated. My latest acquisition was a pair of eBay shelves, which took me a couple of days to assemble as they are modern wonders of engineering and require no bolts at all. So off to the loft I went and passed down my precious kits into my wife's waiting arms, these were then shuttled downstairs and installed into the new shelves and don't they look good. I have only moved my 1/32 scale kits though the 1/48 kits and the Military models stash are still up in the loft awaiting their fate. And here they are, I did miss some of the older 1/32 scale kits but it looks like they can come down too. Cheers Dennis
  25. Never tried it but others have and it seems to work fine, the varnish is quite thick and requires some serious stirring though. Cheers Dennis
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