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  1. Still on a PCM theme, the Tempest was a struggle but turned out OK so here are the next two. PCM Hurricane Mk.I, fabric wing and PCM Spitfire Mk.IX Cheers Dennis
  2. Great kit, I built one last year and it was a pleasure to sit at the bench with it, and I like the way that you are thinking, I'm a used but not abused type of builder so not a fan of heavily weathered subjects even though they may be historically correct. Cheers Dennis
  3. That looks just the job, ready for the markings which should really bring it to life. Cheers Dennis
  4. Merry Christmas everyone and all the best for 2022 Cheers Dennis
  5. My daughter always had dogs and they were always Rotties, normally she had two and they were the softest dogs you could meet, however they were big and intimidating and had a habit of talking to you which sounded like they were growling. We have had two cats until recently, we adopted them when we lived in Australia in 2002, one from a pets home and on from the RSPC, the first one ws Mr Maxwell, who was a stray picked up by the RSPCA, he a was very quiet but cuddley cat. The other one we named Sydney, not an inspired choice of name as we lived in Sydney. He was a bit too clever for his own good, he was from a pet rescue centre who took him in when the couple who owned him had a baby and did not think that he would be safe with the baby, he was reputed to have some Abyssinian in him. He had an amazing vocal range and used to "speak" to us, he was also very nosey and got into everything. He would sit next to me when I was using a hammer drill, it did not bother him at all, he was also an Olympic eater and topped out at 9.6 kg before we had to put him on a diet. He was also a great retreiver we would throw a wooden pencil and he would fetch it back to us. He also used to help me when I was in the garage working on my motorbikes and would sit on my bench while I was modelling, when our time was up in Australia we fetched them both home with us to the UK where they lived to the grand old ages of 19 and 20. It was such a horrible time when we lost them that we could not face replacing them. Cheers Dennis
  6. Nice job, it looks like Aluminium to me. Cheers Dennis
  7. Nice fix, should work a treat. Cheers Dennis
  8. That is absolutely amazing work, it must be very satisfying after all the research and work to sit back and really appreciate it. Mind you most modellers only see the bits that they got wrong, which is a shame, hopefully not in this case. Cheers Dennis
  9. That looks amazingly different, nice one Cheers Dennis
  10. Looking mighty impressive, the P51D always looks very modern to me compared with it other WW2 fighters. Cheers Dennis
  11. That is nicely done, wish I could paint like that Cheers Dennis
  12. Nice recovery, looks most impressive as well. Cheers Dennis
  13. Just could not resist this. Cheers Dennis
  14. Still in the planning stage, just finishing my trio of PCM RAF kits, Tempest, Hurricane and Spitfire IX then onto early USN, at the moment looking at Dauntless, Wildcat and maybe a Birdcage but this may change. Cheers Dennis
  15. This is a timely build as when I have finished this sequence of builds I am planning a USN build with one of these included, so will be following with interest. Cheers Dennis
  16. Very neat and crisp work, the weights remind me of the fun and games I had with my He 219 build, I had to keep adding weight wherever I could squeeze it in. Cheers Dennis
  17. Regardless of it's accuracy it was highly impressive in the way it was presented. Cheers Dennis
  18. There was some empty tables but not many and the "kit swap" was not held this year. Cheers Dennis
  19. Had a nice relaxing stroll around the UK IPMS show at Telford yesterday, not the usual crowded halls and loads of people, only two halls in use instead of the normal three so we could actually get round easily and see the fine models that were on display. Entry was conditional on proof of vacination and either IMPS membership or booked tickets, as is normally the case IPMS members were let in one hour before the general public. For some reason I did not take that many photos, but here is some of the better ones. Cheers Dennis
  20. Nice one John, the Spitfire looks good in desert garb and suits those markings. Cheers Dennis
  21. Looks just the job, nice one Cheers Dennis
  22. Shaping up nicely. Cheers Dennis
  23. Looks like it is progressing nicely and you are winning, the wings look great. Cheers Dennis
  24. Looking good, I must admit that I like Revell kits, fantastic value for money and good subjects, I have a couple of Mustangs in the stash waiting their turn. Cheers Dennis
  25. Looking good, but then again it is a Spitfire Cheers Dennis
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