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  1. Hopefully the SH Westland Whirlwind will make an appearance this year it is the only kit that I will probably buy, being a retired person I can indulge myself (within reason) but there just are not any other kits out there or planned that take my fancy. An SH car door Typhoon could be the exception. Hopefully like the Gladiator and the PZL P11c there might be surprises in store for me, a Fulmar, Skua or BPF Firefly would be great. Cheers Dennis
  2. Looking good, I've been waiting for an IM kit of this subject for ages and this one looks great, keep up the good work. Cheers Dennis
  3. Nice one Dale, well worth it in the end, must build mine one day Cheers Dennis
  4. I couldn't resist this one. Cheers Dennis
  5. The Cosford show has been cancelled. Cheers Dennis
  6. Great work there, really impressive Cheers Dennis
  7. Yep that would open my wallet as well, I have the PZL P11 on back order at Hannants. Cheers Dennis
  8. Great project, in a week I may have opened the box, read the instructions and started clipping parts of the sprues never mind building it, so good on you Cheers Dennis
  9. This sounds horrendous, but where there is life there is hope and I can only wish you all the best. Dennis
  10. That does look good, I wish that there was more early war subjects available in IM, so if the price is right and the reviews are good I'm in. Cheers Dennis
  11. Stay safe and strong, come back when you can but in the meantime relax Cheers Dennis
  12. Jets really hold no interest at all for me, probably due to the fact that I was born in 1952 and was raised on WW2 movies and comic books, and the golden years of Airfix kits, plus my dad and most of my uncles were in the military during the war. I can remember while on holiday in Wales near an RAF base seeing my first jets and was amazed that they did not have props. So my formative years were filled with WW2 one of my first books in junior school was "Reach for the sky". I can appreciate the significance of a lot of jets and enjoy the power and grace of them at air shows but as model subjects they do not appeal to me. Cheers Dennis
  13. Thank you very much had a great family day Cheers Dennis
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