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  1. This sounds horrendous, but where there is life there is hope and I can only wish you all the best. Dennis
  2. That does look good, I wish that there was more early war subjects available in IM, so if the price is right and the reviews are good I'm in. Cheers Dennis
  3. Stay safe and strong, come back when you can but in the meantime relax Cheers Dennis
  4. Jets really hold no interest at all for me, probably due to the fact that I was born in 1952 and was raised on WW2 movies and comic books, and the golden years of Airfix kits, plus my dad and most of my uncles were in the military during the war. I can remember while on holiday in Wales near an RAF base seeing my first jets and was amazed that they did not have props. So my formative years were filled with WW2 one of my first books in junior school was "Reach for the sky". I can appreciate the significance of a lot of jets and enjoy the power and grace of them at air shows but as model subjects they do not appeal to me. Cheers Dennis
  5. Thank you very much had a great family day Cheers Dennis
  6. When we lived in Sydney, I was getting up for work one morning and bent over to kiss the wife and suddenly she screamed, looking up I could see why (it wasn't the sight of me) there was a huge Huntsman on the ceiling above the bed. However he was docile enough to allow me to shepherd him (or her) with a brush across the ceiling, out of the bedroom door, across the hall and out of the front door, I was very relieved as I don't like killing things and it was awfully big. Another time one must have laid eggs in the hallway somewhere as the hall walls and ceiling were covered in hundreds of small spiders which must have just hatched, took ages to get rid of them. Cheers Dennis
  7. That is looking good to me, I have one of those on my "to do" list. Cheers Dennis
  8. I built two of these recently and found them to be very well engineered kits, I thoroughly enjoyed building them. They needed some help from Barracuda and for the Mk. V Trop I used the HPH upgrade kit as the kit canopy/windscreen is all wrong. They are not Tamiya but nice kits to build. Cheers Dennis
  9. Aerial wires are not one of my favourite jobs on a kit, for the Hayate I drilled holes in the fin, stabiliser, fuselage and the aerial mast, I used stretchy Aeroclub thread (long OOP I think). I first ran a wire from the fin to the mast, then from the stabiliser to that wire attached with a blob of CA. Then a short stretch of wire from the fuselage also to the fin/mast wire, cutting off the excess with scissors . I think this took two attempts to get it all connected. Cheers Dennis
  10. Here you go, I've not long finished the same kit and still have the information to hand.
  11. Have to pick Concorde, but if we are looking at Military aircraft then the Hawker Hunter would be my choice. Cheers Dennis
  12. Not a great expert on the subject and my modelling focus is on WW2 but I'll have a go In Injection Molding PCM covered a lot of the WW2 main types, Macchi C200, C202, 205, Fiat G55, Regiane Re 2005, though these are not widely available now. Special Hobby produced the Fiat G50. There are also the C202 and C205 from 20th Century Models which are a dwindling asset. There is none of the Re2000/2001 series in injection molding that I can think of. The SM 79 as mentioned is an obvious one missing as is the Fiat Br 20 I'm sure there are a lot more Cheers Dennis
  13. Boulton Paul Defiant, Fairey Fulmar, Fairey Battle would do for me for starters Cheers Dennis
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