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  1. Scary stuff, I worked in oil refineries my whole life and the idea of being in one during a bombing raid is horrifying, the several fires that I have seen over the years were scary enough but are nothing compared to what you are describing. Cheers Dennis
  2. That looks great, I bought the kit hoping that someone would bring out a Mk. III conversion so I may follow your path. Cheers Dennis
  3. For my building plans for 2016 I decided that I wanted something simple and easy to build so I decided to build three Spitfires, two Hobbyboss Spitfires (Mk Vb and Mk V Trop) and the Revell Mk I/II. Cheap and cheerful kits that would not tax my brain too much, first up was the Hobbyboss kits which despite their perceived faults are well engineered and easy to build. Armed with the late Edgar Brook's list of faults I set about them, helped by a few after market detail parts: Quickboost exhausts Barracuda: Cockpit detailing parts, mainwheels, seat and back armour, cockpit entry door. Exito: Tail planes and prop HPH: canopy and tailplanes for the Vb Trop. Yahu: Instrument panels. RB productions: seat belts. Montex: Paint Masks AML: Camouflage paint masks. GMF: Prop Paints used were Humbrol for details, Xtracolour for the main painting and Colourcoats for the markings. Unusually for me I decided that I was going to build all three Spitfires as US operated examples. Interestingly I found the Vb Trop a harder build that the Vb which is mad as they are the same kit, this could explain why opinions on kits can vary so much So on with the photos, all mistakes and bodges are down to me. Cheers Dennis
  4. Nice work, those Revell kits do seem to scrub up well. Cheers Dennis
  5. Beautiful job, the figure really adds to it. Cheers Dennis
  6. At long last a 1/32 scale Whirlwind, SH have found the key to my wallet. Cheers Dennis
  7. Great work, the finish is superb Cheers Dennis
  8. Great news, I used to love seeing (and hearing) the Broughton Mossie flying around the local area. Cheers Dennis
  9. Nice work, I have a soft spot for SEAC schemes and that is perfect. Cheers Dennis
  10. That looks great, we could do with more WW2 Soviet subjects, hope this is the first of many. Cheers Dennis
  11. The IId is very tempting, but with all three kits released already in the stash and 2 PCM Mk.I's (one rag wing and one metal) in the stash as well, I may just have enough Hurricanes, but the IId does look really good in SEAC colours and markings........... Cheers Dennis
  12. A great review, thanks for that, it seems that SH have got it right by waiting until they have all their little ducks in a row, no matter how frustrating it has been for us very impatient modellers, my kit is sitting on the shelf behind me beckoning me to start it, but with three kits on the go at the moment it will have to wait a while. Chers Dennis
  13. Nice one, just shows that the old ones can scrub up nice. Cheers Dennis
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