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  1. What a fine selection of Spitfires Cheers Dennis
  2. That's better and it looks great. Cheers Dennis
  3. All I see apart from one photo is a road sign like a UK "no entry" road sign
  4. Only seeing one photo up there, is there a problem. Cheers Dennis
  5. Great build of a subject that I have never modelled in 1/32 scale, I will have to correct that yours looks great Cheers Dennis
  6. Some great detail painting going on here, looks superb. Solving the fit problem must have been a bit fraught after all that work but it looks like you have it well in hand. Cheers Dennis
  7. This really is looking great, I love the detailing in it, hopefully ZM are on the ball as far as weight is concerned, my Revell kit called for 70g in the fuselage and 25g in each nacelle, so I added 80g in the fuselage and 30g in each nacelle and I ended up with a tail sitter. So I added 38g in the nose wheel bay and that just about cured it. Cheers Dennis
  8. It's great when you meet your soulmate and it works out, sounds like it has for you guys, Congratulations Cheers Dennis
  9. Well done, I admire your dedication and devotion, shame about the social distancing rules spoiling your family celebrations but better safe than sorry. Cheers Dennis
  10. Nice one, I built the Revell version as a fun build OOB and it certainly built into a large and impressive model so I am interested in how this one will turn out, so far you are doing a great job. Cheers Dennis
  11. Nice one, I like the paint job, really well executed Cheers Dennis
  12. Managed to put my name down for one on the Infinity website, will see what happens Cheers Dennis
  13. It's a shame that there isn't a more modern kit available, but you work with what you have not what you would like. This is the kit that got me back into modelling, I used to lust after one especially when there was one in the window of our local newsagent shop that I used to stop at every day coming home from work, but with a wife, two kids, and a mortgage I could not justify another hobby. But when times got better I did start building kits again and this was one of the first that I built. So it will be interesting to watch the progress of your build. Cheers Dennis
  14. Great job that looks really good, and built at warp speed as well, I will have to book a slot in my build schedule to build mine. Cheers Dennis
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