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  1. After 10 years working overseas we came home at last, our house was still fully equipped so I knew it would be a bit frantic so we set about the house. In preparation for the shipping container arriving (four weeks) from Australia I fully boarded out the loft and the house contents were carefully checked over, the family and local charity shops were presented with a lot of items deemed to be duplicates or no longer liked/needed. With a lot of clutter out of the way painting and decorating were the order of the day. One spare bedroom was rigged up as a model room/study in anticip
  2. Looks great to me, the Typhoon is a favourite of mine. Cheers Dennis
  3. Looking good, I have just used the HGW wet transfers on my PCM Tempest and they are easy to use and work great, vastly superior to decals, for me as I am useless with decals. Cheers Dennis
  4. Nice recovery, it's very satisfying when you can pull one off like that. Cheers Dennis
  5. Fantastic news, what a relief for you and your family. Cheers Dennis
  6. This is looking very promising, must speed up my two ongoing builds to get to mine, though I was planning a USN trio, must make my mind up. Cheers Dennis
  7. That looks good, seat belts are not my favourite part of a build, I like the idea of taping the belts to the mat will have to try that one, Cheers Dennis
  8. Impressive stuff, especially the cockpit switches that you mentioned, I built this subject a very long time ago from the Revell kit, yours so far is light years better. Cheers Dennis
  9. I did not realise that this kit was so bad, I have built the SH P-39 and found it to be a bit fiddley in places but not a bad build. So when the KH P-39 came out I thought why not, I could build a soviet operated P-39, so when I saw one at a good price I bought one. So in light of the negative comments on this kit I will follow this build and use this as a training guide to the KH kit. Cheers Dennis
  10. Sadly for me that is the case, however my wallet is very happy. Cheers Dennis
  11. As usual I will be building the Helldiver OOB unless something is really off, and I'm sorry but it will be a while before I build it, I only build 3 kits a year and the theme this year is RAF WW2. The Whirlwind is one of my "Holy Grail" kits and before I touch it I want to see how the experts handle it, so again it will be a while before I start it. Cheers Dennis
  12. It would be nice to see it finished, I set out to build a dogfight double once, a Nate and a Buffalo, I finished the Nate but never started the Buffalo which is a shame as I do have s soft spot for it. Cheers Dennis
  13. Just arrived, probably the last kits I will buy this year, unless someone comes out with a 1/32 scale Defiant, Skua or Fulmar. Cheers Dennis
  14. Looking forward to getting mine, you are spurring me on to start mine as soon as I get it. Cheers Dennis
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