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  1. Without braving the cold in the loft I would have to say my Airfix 1/24 scale kit boxes, two or three Typhoons and the Hellcat or my 1/350 ships Cheers Dennis.
  2. They look great, certainly solves the chrome finished area painting job Cheers Dennis
  3. Sounds like a plan to me, taping the fuselage halves together is definately the way to go. Cheers Dennis
  4. Arrived yesterday my first kit purchase of 2021, just waiting for the Whirlwind now Cheers Denns
  5. That's horrible, but looks fixable, just walk away for a while and come back to it after a bit of thought, don't rush it. Cheers Dennis
  6. I'm on the painting stage of my PCM Tempest and starting to clean up parts on my Fabric wing Hurricane. I nearly gave up on the Tempest but persevered and it has come out great. The problem was that I have got used to Hasegawa and other modern kits and going back to the test fit, sand, test fit, sand, repeat routine was a bit lengthy and boring. But it looks good so far which is good as I have lots of their kits which when they came out were really welcome as they made kits of subjects that had hardly figured in 1/32 scale. Cheers Dennis
  7. Nice to see it getting "dressed" looks great Cheers Dennis
  8. Looking good, this is the kit that got me back into modelling in the 80's and I still haven't built one, and I have three in the loft, plus a BII conversion kit. Cheers Dennis
  9. I use Xtracolor as my main paint but I also Colourcoats, they work just as good as Xtracolour but give more of a satin finish rather than the super glossy finish of Xtracolour, I use the Xtracolour thinners on them just as I would use on Xtracolor. Cheers Dennis
  10. Looks like you could cock your leg over it and ride into the sunset, very realistic. Cheers Dennis
  11. I only bought three kits this year which is disappointing but I have a very large stash so I have a good selection to choose from, of the three the IBG PZL 11 is the one that I have had on my wish list for a long time as I am interested in early WW2 stuff so that would be my choice. Cheers Dennis
  12. Remarkable lady, there was a recent run down of her career in the series "The Spitfire Factory". Cheers Dennis
  13. That looks really great, we used to have a Mosquito based near us and I always used to admire it, sadly it was lost in an accident. Yours definately does it proud I must admit that the black undersides look better to me. Cheers Dennis
  14. That looks grand, the interiors look just right and the figures really enhance it, top work Cheers Dennis
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