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P-51D Lou IV, Blue or Green or ??

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I'm glad there is a research thread here now since so many people here have so much good information which is freely shared, but sometimes a bit hard to go back and find.  Here is my contribution:

Well known researcher Dana Bell, who is a member of the local IPMS chapter, gave me copies of his scans from the Library of Congress regarding the coloring of Lou IV.  He has published a number of books on the colors of various aircraft types.  These scans are his, which he has allowed me to share freely.  The notations on the pictures are his.

Even after seeing these pictures, I know there are folks who say that they believe Lou IV was all green.  I'm not trying to change any minds.  The scans here are simply for use by anybody in building one of these aircraft. 

The largest file I posted is the first picture which should allow you to enlarge the picture significantly.  Dana's original scan was enormous.  I also have several other pictures from this sequence if anyone is particularly interested - showing these aircraft in different positions relative to each other.  Clearly the formation was intended to provide the best photographic perspective (see the position of the sun) and Dana's thinking is the color pictures were staged. 

One thing I find interesting is the underwing invasion stripes so not seem to be completely painted over or removed - only the center section.








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I think there is plenty of evidence for blue. I have seen color profiles in all sorts of ridiculous colors (red!) but blue fit's the available evidence.


And it would be interesting. Mustangs are esentially boring, so a weird paint job would liven it up some.


Mine will be blue.

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Ok to support my standpoint, have a look at the insignias. The blue as it appears much darker ( not as blue)  on the E2S than E2C. Judging by the s/n , those two planes were very close on the production line so deviation in marking would be minimal. And yet one appears quite darker. I would love to be wrong and see another neat facts proving the unusual scheme, but this debate has been going on for quite some time without  any definitive result.

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