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M8A1 US Landing Mat





ICM 1:35

Catalogue n.º 53200

Price tag: 13,10€



This set is a quite useful one in several sceneries of Vietnam and of course ICM thought about their own models, the CH-54 and the AH-1G Cobra.

This set comes in a sturdy box with a lip top boxart.




Inside you get 4 identical sprues containing




The injection mold is very well done with very fine details.



 Its modular set that you can make all or just some and you even can build it in two different version as you can see on the instructions.





We build it in a few minutes part of the assembly variant mat 1… Quite easy and sweet!! Great surface detail and it could be a simple base for your heli and to be on little base with some scenario or even to be on a Vietnam diorama.









There`s is enought pieces to make at least two variant mat 2. 


The instructions are very simple and easy to follow and the construction is quite straightforward and easy.





Great little set from ICM

A perfect add on to their 1:35 Heli, or any others that you have in your stash, at a very affordable price tag and in top of that, with extreme good quality.

Thanks ICM!!

Very Highly Recommend




Our thanks to ICM to make this set!



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