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SWS Uhu 1/32 scale Aircraft

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..... I pick this one up from SB after the Christmas sale.



...  http://www.armchairgeneral.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2720819&postcount=1


I am very impressed with this model kit,. It is also nice to see that the Chines are going

to have some composition in the aircraft model arena.


I have a couple more PE feats to pick up, but, for the most part, I am ready to send this

one to the Fab Shop, and start the build.



..... captur10.jpg




Have a good day,





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Greetings Cees;



This is a nicely made model. I am kind of worked up over this one ....... doggyh10.gif

I also have one of HB's 1/32 scale P-61 Black Widow, which is also,

a very nicely made model. But the Uhu takes my breath away. There is something about the big

bug look that it has.


Over the years I have been collecting reference material on this aircraft so I am good in that

area. SWS's concept book is also a big help. The book has some very nice, large sharp

photos of the Uhu/A-5 under restoration at the Smithsonian Museum.

..... I read awhile back that another Uhu was found in Europe. Unfortunately it is in very bad

shape. Last that I heard it might be possible to restore her.



For the SWS fans out there the aircraft models are now being imported

through VOLKS USA. There URL is: http://www.volksusa.com/index.html










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Greetings Cees, Guys, & Gals;



..... I am sorry to hear about the bad news with the Dutch Uhu find .................  :rolleyes:  May haps

they may find another one.


On a positive note.......... OOPS decided to grace me, by coming by today. I received my long awaited

SWS items.


For the SWS fans out there, this is what I received today:



Mk-103..... 30mm Automatic cannons ........ img_8210.jpg .... 




....  mk103310.jpg .... c10.jpg





Mk-108.... 30mm Cannon ..... 502vyo10.jpg







.... 47ccj110.jpg .... 2por3310.jpg






Wheels................... Eerrrrrrr, axially Tires. I have read several comments about whether Eduard was going to make resin wheels

for the SWS Uhu. The answer is yes, and no. They are making them but you can only find them from a VOLKS dealer. At this time

there are two. VOLKS usa, & VOLKS japan.


..... I, myself think they are very nicely done. This is one of my pet peeves, I almost always buy new landing gear, and wheels..... :(

the model kits never seam to get them right.


Anyway ......... Wheels...... The Main Gear ..... uhu_ma14.jpg




SWS has two different sets of Main Mounts.......... with, or with out tread. I like the tread ..... sws_wh10.jpg .... This is the Nose mount .... uhu_no10.jpg





The Guns, Wheels, and the the excellent Eduard instrument panel, radar combo .......... sws_2-10.jpg




Have a nice day, and happy building,







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