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Dora Railway Gun Decal set

Nordland Models

Catalogue # Bubi Decals 55012L
Available from Nordland models for £21.02


The Soar Art 1/35 scale Dora Railway Gun is probably the biggest plastic injection moulded kit in the world, building into a very impressive model of a very interesting subject. The kit has a few issues, all of which are easily ignored or corrected by the modeller, but one of the biggest disappointments by far is the total lack of decals in the kit...


Nordland models have come to the rescue with this beautiful set, available from their E-shop which is linked above. It is worth noting these decals also appear regularly on E-bay, but the prices do vary.. you have been warned ;-)


This is not a new production, having been around since 2008, but I've just bought these and felt a few people might like to see them.


So, what do we get for our money.. a LOT is the simple answer. The set is supplied in a clear A4 envelope, with a double sided cover come colour guide on the front. This is the colour guide...




Note the wording on these sheets explaining a temporary camo scheme, believed to be used in June '42.




There are no less than three sheets of decals in the set, all crisply printed and perfectly in register. One sheet is 287 x 205mm, the second is 145 x 124mm and the third, marked correction sheet measures 98 x 60mm. There are no fewer than 788 decals on these sheets!! This set will take a month to apply!!


Sheet 1...




Sheets 2 & 3....




With the majority of the decals being white, it was extremely difficult to photograph these sheets... sorry..


Here, I've tried to capture the crispness, but it may not have worked very well???










Now we move on to the instructions, which speak for themselves really.... There are no fewer than eight sides of A4 printed paper with this set!! I guess you need that many sheets to describe where nearly 800 decals go!!


















So there you have it, probably the biggest decal set to go with probably the biggest kit in the world..


Thanks to my pocket for this lovely set for my newly acquired Dora model. Is it worth the money.. you bet it is!!!


Thanks for taking the time to look at this review, the kit itself will also be reviewed here on LSM....





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