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  1. Hi everyone, Peter at Airscale kindly sent me a sample of his brand new Cockpit upgrade set for the forthcoming Airfix 1/24 Hellcat kit. It's a real beauty of a set!! I've put together a video review on my channel, go take a look... Enjoy!!
  2. I feel for you Jeff.. I was at this stage with my Nan many years ago. She would whisper in my ear "That bloody Nigel has been round here and stolen all my tools from the shed and borrowed £500 which I'll never get back". Yeah, I'm Nige!! As you say, the brain plays some funny tricks, but I'm sure, deep down inside your Mom is very happy to see you and appreciates your company.
  3. Hi all, For those that havent seen this over on LSP, I thought I'd put this up here. Alistair of Aerocraft has sent me this message last night, just to make everyone aware of who is doing the work on the Turrets and why it's taking a while. I am 100% confident that these Turrets will come to fruition as I have seen the initial mouldings and, shall we say, the less successful mouldings and rest assured, Alistair is committed to getting these parts out there for you to add to your model. Note that this update will not only cure the seam removal, but it will also correct the shape
  4. So sorry to hear Jeff.. I feel for you and his family. I recently lost my neighbour Marc. Never drank, never smoked, looked like a body builder and was a really nice genuine bloke. The big C got him at only 45. Take it staedy Jeff and keep on trucking Doug..
  5. Nice!! I keep getting asked to build this on my channel. I wasn't aware the kit had issues. What's wrong with it James?
  6. In a word, No. I have one book, mentioned before and Google.
  7. That's one for you to judge Ron. Mine are too long as they are not fully trimmed down. Look at some pics and cut them so they "look right" to your eye. I would also add, I used .15 and .33 because it's what I had, these sizes arent set in stone.
  8. I think we are talking weeks rather than months..
  9. Ron, I will not comment on the Ebay turrets but I will say there are resin replacements on the way. I've been approached by someone out there who is currently working on corrected and seamless clear resin parts to replace the kit parts. As we all know, the guns are too close together and the cheeks are all wrong on the nose turret, the framing on the top turret is incorrect and there are issues with the rear turret shape too I believe? This will all be corrected as far as I know? Watch this space, my YT channel and keep your ear to the ground.....
  10. As this is a tweaks thread, I thought I'd post this little picture here... It is the Airscale IP upgrade set.. More detail over on my build thread.
  11. Hey guys, me again... I just finished assembling the Airscale IP upgrade set, and what a beautiful set it is... Here are the three panels you get in the set, as well as the IP. Note the added toggle switches and fuel taps. The engineers panel looks lovely in my opinion.. The IP is a thing of beauty.. I put together a couple of videos about how I got on with the set.. Go get a beer and enjoy.. Here's part 1 Here's Part 2
  12. That forum has been toxic for a looong time. Much friendlier over here. Just my 2p...
  13. Sorry mate.. there I go again, assuming everyone would know what I'm talking about... (All pics used are for reference only. No copyright infringement intended) I'll start by showing you the kit parts, which appear to depict this.. Note ejector pin marks on face of backrest!! Now, a BI/III would have had a seat like this.. surely? The backrest was simply a strap which was attached between the pilots seat and starboard inner fuselage wall... And would look like this when stowed So guys, it looks like we need to
  14. Has anyone noticed the engineers seat in the kit? It looks nothing like the original B,1 seat but does pretty much look like the seat in Just Jane? Does anyone know whats going on here.. is the seat right or wrong in the kit??
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