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  1. Here you go guys.. I looked at how to fix this, and stuck a video on You Tube so that new guys can follow along. As I say in my video, I'm no expert, but what i've done worked first time!!
  2. NigelR32

    1/32 Lancaster Cockpit improvements

    I'm in for whatever gets made..
  3. NigelR32

    Short Sunderland MkII

    Here you go Tom..
  4. NigelR32

    Takom 1/35 V2 Rocket

    Oh yeah, oh yeah... I'm gonna enjoy this!!
  5. Odd?? I was thinking a different word....
  6. I have a little bad news guys.. One of my subscribers on You Tube has spotted an issue that'll need a little work. In the pic below you can see there are different panel and access ports on top and bottom of the tailplanes. The upper half in this image is the underside, with the access panels. In the next pic you can see one lower and one upper panel next to each other in pairs.. Trouble is, the starboard side halves both have the location pins on them!! The pins are 4mm diameter so probably the best way to fix this is to remove one pair of pins and fit some 4mm tube to the port side once assembled.
  7. What a beautiful little vignette!! You nailed it. Just in case anyone wants to see what you get in the Daimler kit, I have reviewed it on YouTube. I've also done a review of the WNW J1 too. I actually got in touch with Aviattic as my acetate was missing.. so I thought. He informed me that the acetate was not included as all German military vehicles of the time had their glazing removed.
  8. Hey guys.. me again. Back with another little update, on engines this time. I have opened up the exhausts to add some realism to them and have put a how i do it video up for those newer to the hobby to follow. https://youtu.be/Wteq4-CYdT0 Overall, I think HK could have done a little better on the engine front, but it is what it is.. as i say in my video, manufacturers have to juggle between accuracy vs injection moulding restrictions on plastic thickness. I also found something a little strange today.. I saw a video of the BBMF Lanc under major overhaul and a shot of the rear intrior showed the interior colour like a sky blue?? I find this interesting because the initial Tamiya 1/48 kit called for the interior to be painted "Sky"??? Of course, it could have been the camera settings??
  9. NigelR32

    Trumpeter P-40B Pearl Harbor attack

    Looking forward to seeing this come together John. i just know you'll build her beautiful!!
  10. NigelR32

    Dragon Bf 110 C-7

    Beautiful, clean and interesting build. I love this aircraft, and have had this in my stash for years. I bought the American resin set for it to convert it to a nightfighter.. oh dear, what a mess!! I think I reviewed it here or on the other site many years ago. I wasn't aware Revell were gonna rebox it.. I hope they do an accurate nightfighter.
  11. NigelR32

    Trumpeter P-47D razerback "Checkertail" build

    Looks great!! Big old bird aint she!!
  12. Here's my little tip for today. EPM's removed from bomb bay roof front section, all 41 of them!! In the background is the bare cockpit floor, ready for some plastic card mods. You will also notice i opened up the holes on the plain section and thinned down the plastic to get a more refined look.. Think I might hang fire with the bomb bay right now as I want to see what Eduard come up with. I can imagine they will do a complete rerplacement.. just imagine all the folding involved!! Thanks for looking..
  13. You could use any blade David. I have used 10A and the larger one is 24. I have only used the smaller one on my model.
  14. More along the tips than tweaks guys, but i put together a little video on getting rid of the EPM's on the bomb bay roof. It was suggested a while back we use a fibreglass pencil.. it is a little too fat to get in there unfortunately, and isn't man enough to do the whole job. AND, this little tip is free!!!
  15. NigelR32

    Operation "Torch" questions

    Sorry to go off topic, but I HAVE to ask.. what is going on with that Rudder??