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Putting your kits and paints in Storage


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Unfortunately my family and I had to move into a much smaller place for the next six months. So I think some of you know what that means... No bench anymore.


I've had my paints, glues, kits and tools packed up in the garage but I was wondering will the fluctuating temps from just below freezing to most likely 90f this summer ruin all my paints and gear? I have some kits in various state of builds as well.


Anyone have any experience with this?


Can't wait to get the bench built in a new place this fall.


Thanks in advance and I'll just be drooling here until I can get back at it!

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Hi Clash!


Dave is right...absolutely keep your kit decals with you in the house. If possible, I would also add that your paints and adhesives would also benefit from being kept in a "climate controlled environment". Boxed up, paints don't take up too much space.


As for the kits, they should be alright as long as the temps in your garage don't get TOO excessively hot.




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I think some paints don't like to go below freezing point... it messes up their structure (not sure which ones mind you) a lot of house decorating paints do say keep from freezing temps... I can't see our paints being too much different.


Heat on the other hand I suspect is more likely to cause problems from exploding paint and glue tins, jars, tubes etc..  I would try to keep them indoors.



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