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Bf 109G-6 Photo-Etch Set for 1/32 Revell Kit (32788)


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Bf 109G-6 Photo-Etch Set for Revell Kit (32788)


Catalog # 32788
Available from Eduard for $29.95 US
Bunny Fighter Club price: $25.46 US


Eduard continues to deliver the goods for the 1/32 Revell Bf 109G-6 (Early and Late), this time bringing us one of their more traditional upgrade sets in the form of two photo-etch sheets.  One being a pre-painted, self-adhesive set for the cockpit and the other aimed primarily at the exterior of the aircraft. 

You may recall from our earlier review of this kit that the decals were somewhat thick and impervious (seemingly) to decal softener.  The pre-painted instrument panel will come as welcome relief if you wrestled with this issue like I did.  The color printing is clear and sharp and the layout appears to match up against the real thing fairly well.  Also included are some bits and pieces for the sidewalls, including the oxygen gauges which Revell neglected to provide decals for.  Not pictured but included is a small clear acetate sheet for the reflectors for the gun sight as well.  The layout for the IP is a "sandwich" design.  I generally hit the parts with a flat coat after everything is assembled and then use a drop of future on each of the gauges to represent the glass cover.






The only drawback I see is that the shade of grey that Eduard uses for RLM 66 does not match up well with the Mr. Color I paint I use.  Many aircraft used a black instrument panel which does not present a problem, but WW2 Luftwaffe aircraft used the overall cockpit color on the instrument panel as well, either RLM 02 or RLM 66 depending on the time frame.  This presents a bit of a challenge since Eduard's pre-painted color will typically not be a match for the paint you're using for the rest of the cockpit.  One alternative that has worked for me is carefully masking the non RLM 66 areas with liquid mask and then shooting the parts with your overall cockpit color.  This can be a bit tedious and may not always be feasible but I've achieved success with it in the past.










The second sheet contains items that present a better scale thickness in metal than they do in plastic.  The seat bucket, canopy headrest, wire looms, control boxes and several other items are included.  Bending photo-etch can be a bit tricky sometimes so many modelers sometimes forego the more complicated stuff, I know I'm guilty of this!  As always though it appears very well rendered and should look good on the model.










So what do we think?


A nicely done set that will definitely bring some pop to your Revell Gustav.  Eduard made a name for themselves doing high quality photo-etch and this isn't a departure from what made them famous.


Highly Recommended


With thanks to Eduard for the review sample.


Mike O.

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