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  1. I'll third that. Tedious but worth it.
  2. Wow, some really outstanding work there!
  3. Looking for some advice. Used these for the first time and my usual method of hitting them with the hair dryer and then a little Mr. Mark Softer didn't work too well. Any input on getting good results with these?
  4. Welcome to the Resin GB! In the spirit of getting rid of some of that huge stash of resin most of us have we're going to dedicate a group build to that magical, mystical substance....polyurethane resin! Rules are real simple, open to armor and aircraft of any sort, the only caveat being you need to use some resin. I'm going to leave how much you want to do to your own discretion. Obviously full resin kits are good as well as major resin conversions. Obviously we'd like to see a little more than just a resin joystick or a set of wheels but if that's all you're up for, we'll take it. End date is whenever we run out of steam!
  5. Well, I believe we already have a 1/48 entry so I'd say yeah, open to all scales this time around.
  6. Really looking good!
  7. Me too! Maybe it's something in the beer down there, what do you guys drink?
  8. That folks, is how you do it and why Bevan is one of the top Luftwaffe modelers out there!
  9. Excellent work (as always), Bevan! How posting up the pics of that gorgeous G-10 you did too!
  10. trumpeter

    My favorite piece that you've done by a country mile, superb work your Royal Baldness!
  11. That is really impressive, outstanding work!
  12. That really came out well, nicely done!
  13. Very nice!
  14. From your lips to the modeling Gods ears! Yeah pretty sure they used the Hasegawa as a base as well which should simply things. Looking forward to starting this one but my G-6 took a bit of a U-turn. A winter white is the cure all for paint issues and I'm somewhat back on track.
  15. The 110 is on hold pending some parts so going through the stash I came across this little nugget that I'd completely forgot about (we won't go into stashes so big you have no idea what you have though). The Montex 190A-4 conversion set which is a fair amount of resin. Of course the donor kit will be the Hasegawa 190A-5 and I'll also throw the following at it: Quickboost Exhausts Quickboost MG set Eduard Steel Seatbelts CMK Cockpit Seat Markings will be Eberhard's Burath's machine, wanted to do a JG 1 Wurger with a striped cowl for a long time.
  16. No they seem pretty good, the fuselage even has alignment molded in.
  17. OK here's some closer shots the resin set, pretty extensive. Was hoping to start this yesterday but had a major set back on another project that slowed me down a tad.
  18. Very nice airbrush work!
  19. Wow, that is quite a difference. Kind of make the Hasegawa part look like a blob by comparison!
  20. HPH

    Attention Resin! Resistance is futile!
  21. Been seeing lots of really impressive 1/48 109 builds of the new Eduard kits. They really need to upscale these to 1/32. I thought they had plans to do the whole 109 family in 1/32 at one point, I think maybe they were a little put off by the negative reaction by the Diaperscale crowd to a couple of minor issues on their 1/32 Emil. I still think their Emil is a really good model though and enjoyable to build. The Revell kits are OK but still a disappointment due to a couple of glaring errors (beule size, cowl MG spacing) and questionable engineering (rickety land gear). Trumpeter has some shape issues as well, Hasegawa is IMO the best of the bunch (still) but you have the availability and price issues. I'd love to see the F, G and K with the same subtle riveting Eduard used on their Emil. If they could produce these in the $40 range for a Weekend Edition and $60 for a Profipack I think they'd sell like crazy. If you see Eduard management at a show, tell them!