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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to make a long overdue check in. Still alive and kicking but not quite 100%. I haven't been modeling at all for the past year. I've had escalating issues with pain and numbness in my right arm that has made things like holding an airbrush or even typing on a keyboard extremely painful. The doctors have finally narrowed the cause down to three herniated discs in my neck which are exerting pressure on the nerves in my arm and causing the problem. They've presented a few options but surgery is really the only permanent fix. Not looking forward to it but if I get my normal life back it will be worth it. Secondly, my Dad, fellow modeler and mentor, passed away over the summer. We used have long conversations on models, what's new, what paint are you using, etc. It just doesn't seem the same without him. I imagine at some point the mojo will return but for now I'm not feeling it. Anyway, hope all is well with all of you. I'll make an effort to check in more often and maybe seeing all the great stuff you guys do will help restore the will to get back to the bench. Take care and stay safe!
  2. First off my apologies for not being around lately, I've had absolutely no time to devote to modeling since the new year. Anyway, do you guys want to keep this thing rolling? I still have the Sherman waiting to go as a prize whenever it's decided that this thing has run it's course. Let me know.
  3. How are your CAD skills? I can do one on my resin 3D printer but I need an .stl file.
  4. I used them om my AVG P-40, probably the nicest decals I've ever used as far as ease of application and opacity.
  5. Happy modeling! Wanted to take a moment to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. My apologies for not being around much as of late, lack of mojo and things being particularly hectic at work have cut into my modeling. Hope to get a little bench time since I'm off the rest of the week though.
  6. Welcome! Feel free to post cars in the non-LSM works sub-forum.
  7. I spent a lot of time back at ARC in those days too. Had a pretty good crew at FSM for awhile though.
  8. Damn, you're getting old Frank! Seems like just yesterday we were posting at the FSM forums!
  9. Probably the Friedrich. The cleanest lines of any 109 along with a dizzying array of paint schemes and markings make it really attractive to model.
  10. Good news, Carl! Hope you're back at the bench soon!
  11. It's great paint and I think their interpretation of 70/71 is pretty close.
  12. Plugging right along, gloss coat applied, Future, despite the warnings at Scale Model Critique Group that this will "ruin your model". Really happy with markings masks with exception of the III Gruppe badge, either I'm an idiot (likely) or Montex screwed something up (they've done it to me before). I was forced to order an old Microscale decal sheet with the badge. The sheet is 35 years old if it's a day so I'm really hoping they don't disintegrate when they hit the water.
  13. No, I didn't delete it. I thought it was pretty innocuous and certainly not worthy of being deleted. I get that HB/Trumpeter are not perfect, we pretty much know that with them is we'll get some good kits and get some stinkers as well. Either buy it and deal with it or don't, it seems pretty simple.
  14. Temecula Valley Model Club is pleased to announce that we will be donating this kit for one lucky prize winner, to be determined by random drawing for each participant who completes a build.
  15. Me 262A-1a, III./KG 54(J), "Yellow 3" With the end of the Stuka project in sight I figured it was time to decide what to do next (along with finishing the Mk. IV for the D-Day GB). Decided this would be next "victim". I bought this one several years ago on Ebay. The seller stated that "a couple minor assemblies had been put together by an experienced modeler". On Ebay "experienced modeler" and "pro-built" are really relative terms. The whole wing had been put together and the fuselage halves joined. Of course the fuselage halves must be joined after several other sub-assemblies have been inserted. This was most likely the reason he was selling it, because he got to this point and realized he screwed up. I managed to pry the fuselage halves apart with only some minor damage to the tail which should be fairly easy to fix. I also had to remove the rear horizontal stabilizers and will have some repair work there too. The wing was rather sloppy and will require some minor repairs and touch up but nothing too bad. I have the CMK cockpit set so I've began prepping the interior fuselage for the resin inserts. In addition the cockpit set I have the CMK wheel bay set, Signifier resin wheels and I'll be using Montex masks for the markings.
  16. Hubert, I completely forgot about the Devastator! I was just too lazy to type "to be determined" that many times!
  17. also (TBD) doesn't look right based on pre-release CADs. Strong possibility that (TBD) is incorrect as well and will render the (TBD) un-buildable. Just wanted make sure I was the first to post this and make sure you heard it hear first!
  18. Cool project! I have the 1/32 MDC resin kit of this one that I purchased from his Royal Baldness (Jim). One of these days....
  19. I'm strictly 1/32 for aircraft and 1/35 for armor. I still have several 1/72 (Ju 88 SM 79) kits in the stash that I toy with building but they just seem so darn small.
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