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The First Littlebird - 1/35th AH-6C

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What a great build? Can you tell me any more about this kit? I quite fancy building one of these.


Thanks James.   There is an extensive build log here:




If the mods don't allow cross-posting, just let me know and I'll delete the link.


The short story is that the base kit is the Dragon AH-6J Littlebird, with the exhaust supresors and a few bits donated from the Dragon MD500 Israeli Defender version.   7-shot rocket pod came from an OH-58 kit, decals are from Cobra Company, most of the PE is from the Eduard OH-6A kit, minigun is from Werner's Wings, all the antennas and interior bits are scratchbuilt.      The entire project took nearly a year.   Recieved lots of useful info on this particular helo from the pilot who used to fly it.  He was one of the original members of the Nightstalkers.    

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That's a great build topic. I've bookmarked to read properly later. I quite like the Vietnam and Korean War era helos. This and the Bell H-13 are very cool machines.


Thanks for sharing.

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