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  1. Hard to think what to say, watching your WIP left me stunned at the level of modelling skills you demonstrated and there are magnificent builds on here all the time but this is something special to me,
  2. http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/2809-pacific-models-hurricane/
  3. Max you will enjoy this kit, the plastic seems a little soft and the instructions a bit vague at times but nothing serious, the main wing is now on and now I have a bit of work to do, the fit is not to good, I found I had to attach the upper wings separately so I could get them to conform to the curve of the wing root and the cut outs in the starboard wing leading edge are not even so a bit of cutting and shimming will have to be done, I would have posted some pics. but I have just downloaded windows 8.1 and now am unable to cut/paste pics. from photobucket!!
  4. Ok so I have downloaded 8.1 and now I cannot copy/paste on to this site, is there a way round it?
  5. Yeah I certainly learned a thing or two and I have picked up a can of Tamiya gloss black but I was part of the problem, I have another all black Hawk in the stash and this one will look a lot better.
  6. This is great work love seems I have so much to learn yet,
  7. and where are you going to put that when its done!!!! LOL.
  8. A little more done after messing around a while trying to get the rear bulkhead and instrument panel in one half and aligned, I realised that I could put the fuselage halves together and put everything in from below giving a more secure fit and alignment, the fuselage has gone together pretty well the worst part being under the nose but it will be easy to pull into line, Thanks.
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