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1/35 Mi-24V Hind Cabin interior


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1/35 Cargo Cabin detail set for Trumpeter Mi-24V Hind E Helicopter




Part Photo Etch Poland


Catalogue number S35-018

Available from JADAR Model.s.c. for USD $21.42


Part, a Polish PE manufacturer for all scales and genre's of scale models, make PE sets for many kits and are well respected in the world of modelling. I have heard of them being described as the Aber PE for aircraft? There's no pre printed parts or self adhesive parts, but the sets they make are very nice indeed.


The Trumpeter kit, number 05103. It's one of Trumpeters best  large scale kits available in my opinion.




PE make four sets of PE for the 1/35 Trumpeter Mi-24V kit, Weapons, Exterior, Cabin Interior and Cockpit Interior.




So, onto this set, the comprehensive Cargo Cabin detail set. As mentioned earlier, there's no pre-painted PE or self adhesive parts, but the multi layered construction of the panels and locations for plastic rod here and there will give a very 3 dimensional cabin.




The set is delivered in a sealed envelope measuring 85 x 130mm. there are three frets of brass and one small sheet of acetate included along with an instruction sheet.




The two larger frets each measure 61 x 122mm. There are more than 500 PE parts in this set, CRAZY!!!. Lets look at some of the detail on those parts.

Here we can see the main switch panel located between the cockpit and cabin. This will be visible with the doors open and is very complete. I recommend replacing the PE handles with brass wire. I assume it is deigned so you glue the faces onto the back panel in one piece, then cut away the joining tabs??




here's more detail on fret one, this time looking at the lower half. This is gonna look great painted and weathered!!




Moving on to fret 2, we can see all the fuselage ribbing supplied, all with lovely rivet detail, crying out for a wash!!




Again, moving down to the bottom half of the fret, yet more gorgeous detail.. Just look at those gorgeous window frames!!!




Close up detail of some of the buckles and brackets, the parts above them are mounts for the machine gun rails..




This is the third fret, measuring 61 x 31mm. Note the right side of the fret, marked, spare parts. Thank you Part.. , I wish other manufacturers of PE would do this!!




On to the acetate for the cabin windows and some other small parts. A single sheet measuring 28 x 59mm.




The instructions are supplied as one off A4 sheet of paper folded in half to give four A5 sides of black and white printed pages.


Page one, giving a schematic view of the frets and starting on the assembly of the switch panel and opposite wall.




Page 2 covers a selection of sub assemblies and sidewall construction.




Similar sub assemblies are covered on page 3, then we start to put it all together into the fuselage.




Finishing up with page 4, the final pieces are fitted to the bulkheads and the panels are fitted between the floor and roof of the cabin interior.




All in all, this is a lovely set, if a little complex, that will greatly enhance the kit interior, especially if being displayed with open doors. All the buckles, clamps and eyelets will really pop under some weathering and dry brushing. You may have noticed a small amount of flash between some of the more intricate parts, it's actually like gold leaf and is very easily removed.


Thanks to my pocket for the set, which I purchased from Model-art.eu.. delivery was £3.50 for four sets, packaging was brilliant and the sets only took 3 days to arrive!!

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