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1/35 Canvas for Diamond T with Open Cab


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1/35 Canvas for Diamond T with Open Cab


LZ Models


Catalogue Number 35440

Available direct from LZ models at €3.00




If you have looked at my Review and Build of the Lovely Mirror Models Diamond T 969A Wrecker, you may well notice there is one part not included in that kit, the Soft Top. I do not know why, but Mirror Models decided to market the soft top roof as an optional extra to be purchased directly from Libor at LZ models, his sister company to Mirror Models.


For the miniscule sum of only €3.00 you get a vacform clear roof in the erected position and a piece of stiff wire to make the internal frame. The part comes packaged in a little sealed 78 x 100mm bag protected with a "lump" of bubble wrap. My sample arrived direct from LZ models with no damage whatsoever.




Of course you may decide not to bother with a soft top at all, and instead plump for the M36 Truck Gun Ring Mount with M2 Browning?


This little update was supplied courtesy of my wallet and sent in a timely fashion direct from Libor.



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