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1:35 NSU Sd.Kfz.304 "Springer"


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1:35 NSU Sd.Kfz.304 "Springer"

Brach Models
Catalogue #BM101
Available from Brach Models for 68€



Brach Model is a resin model company that made the most outstanding resin model kits and conversion sets.

The subjects are all very attractive and quite different for all ShermanTigerPanther subjects.

The casting system is one of the best in modeling market, because Luciano Brach (the man behind the scenes and the master creator) achieved high level of casting, with perfect and crispy detail. You will just see what I`m talking about if you didn`t see our full review of the Brach Model Renault R40.


The new resin kit release by Brach Model is the NSU Sd.Kfz.304 "Springer"


The Springer (complete name: Mittlerer Ladungsträger Springer, Sd.Kfz. 304) was a demolition vehicle of the German Wehrmacht in World War II.





(copyright from Acthungpanzer.com)


Based on the well-known NSU Kettenkraftrad Sd.Kfz.2 (shared many components e.g. drive-train, engine, parts of the running gear), the NSU Werke AG at Neckarsm, Germany, developed and built around 50 Springer demolition vehicles in the final year of World War II.

To make the vehicle capable of carrying a bigger payload without the motorcycle-style front fork, two pairs of overlapping and interleaved road wheels were added to the aft end of the running gear on each side. This resulted in the Springer having three outer and three inner running wheels.

It was powered by the Opel Olympia engine, which was also used for the Kettenkrad.

It`s only task was to carry a charge of 330kg high explosives under armor protection into a target and detonate it there.

A driver, who could sit in the back of the Springer, drove the vehicle close to the target. The final approach and the detonation of the charge was controlled by a wired or wireless remote control device.

Springer was an expendable tracked demolition charge vehicle designed as a replacement for Goliath and B IV, but it showed the exactly same problems as other remote-controlled demolition vehicles: they were expensive and they were not very reliable. As the explosive charge was an integral part of the vehicle, it could be used only once.


(photo taken from internet)


Weight: 2400kgs

Crew: 1 man

Engine: Opel Olimpia 1.5l/4-cylinder/36hp.

Speed: 42km/h (road)

Range: 200 km (road)

Length: 3,17m

Width: 1,43m

Height: 1,45m

Armour: 8-10mm

Armament: 330kg of high explosives



Now let`s cut the chat.

The kit comes in a sturdy front flip cardboard box filled with foam protects the several plastic bags, and as usual in Brach Model there`s is the care in the stowage of all the parts.





All done to avoid any broken parts.


As I said before, Brach model is a brand made by modelers to modelers.

I count 91 resin pieces, one photo-etched sheet (with only one piece), metal hire, and 110 resin individual track link.




So in total you have more than 200 resin parts.

The resin has very little flash to clean, easy removable resin block, with fantastic casting and surface detail.



The lower hull is one single piece, which makes the modeler work quite easy. I`m just saying that because if the lower hull comes in 3 parts, theses ones most be perfect aligned, because if not, will undermine all the alignment and of course the construction.








(You ca see here just a bit of bending on the hull sides. Nothing that hot water does not solve).


The single piece is very well cast, with no distortion and sharp details in and outside, like weld seam or the cast suspension.


The detail is very sharp and once again Brach Models, take off the back of the modeler, a bit of work here, because the suspension arms are rather small and the attachment and alignment would be a head cracker.





So Brach just give the modeler this particularly annoying and dreadful job full done.


When on the Brach Model website says that the little gem comes with full interior, they`re not joking, this one is really full!


Concerning the interior, you got full transmission detail, a full Opel Olimpia engine with excellent casting and sharp details (the only detail not casted in the resin was the wires) and other small interior details like the handlebars! Has no steering wheel… It`s a Kettenkraftrad remember? J










The entire interior is well rendered and detailed.




To paint and detail a little more the interior (or simply putting the wires in the engine) some references should be used.


The running gear is very well mould, good casting and great finesse.




All the wheels are very well cast with no distortion.









The hull fenders are beautifully designed and with excellent casting as could already be found at their Renaul R40, and the scale thickness of the pieces just to praise it is realistic and extraordinary.










The tracks are in resin, link-to-link and with a snap together mechanism which is quite effective and easy to get results in a short time.




The link tracks just need a little cleaning which can be a little time consuming, but nothing much.

And a warning is made in the instructions about these tracks links, which is quite important because of the curve tendency. Just follow that simple step to achieve the best result.



They are very well casted and with a great little details.


Also several small details (handles, exhaust pipe, antenna, hatchs etc ) are made in resin which will be need from the modeler the extreme care to remove them from the resin block.















The single photo-etched piece is a louver that you can leave on sight.




Sorry but I do not realize yet the propose to that louver in that place, because the engine is in the middle, and exhaust pipe on the side, so i`m still looking for an answer.


The instructions are sufficient for the perception of average-modeler.






I already start building the Brach Model Renault R40 and I can say that the instructions are more than enough to guide you athwart until the full build.




But guys this is a resin kit, so you have to study very closely the instructions and all the resin pieces, and their location.




During the construction, lots of dryfitting and testing all pieces to be assure you get a good alignment.

As markings you simply will get none as honestly don`t need any.

Only 50 were made, and all of then in 1945, in a desperate measure to try to retain and hold the Russian advance.


Adding to this, following as reference, the survivor in Tank Museum in Bovington (UK), we can conclude with great certainty what camouflage used. J  



(photo taken from the internet)



(photo taken from the internet)


And also I believe that camouflage maybe not used in all 50 of then… Perhaps you can use a red primer only (it was to be blow up…) or a disc pattern camouflage but that just me… If you want to have a real certain about the painting of your Springer, just follow the survivor.

Has no decals because of the references I found did not see any marking so no decals to produce.




All of the resin is beautifully cast and has no flaw and very sharp detail.

All pieces have no seam line and all the resin block are quite easy to remove.

The Springer is a very welcome full kit to all AFV modeler, specially for Wehrmacht fans that offer a tons of possibility, in a diorama side up with a Tiger and just standing alone in ruins of Berlin.

On thing is for sure: will stand out in your local competition.

Is a unique model that will stand out in your collection, and if you are looking for a different model, just go for the little gem, because it`s worth it.


Very highly recommended


Francisco Guedes


Our thanks to Brach Models for the review sample. To purchase this directly, click THIS link.


If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller!




Full model build photos (copyright from Brach Models)












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