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1:35 MiniArt German Tramcar 641


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(Straβenbahn Triebwagen 641)


Catalogue #38003
Available from any good model shop



The Trams/trolleys were the primary people movers on the big European Cities until the 80s.




I distinctly remember in the early '80s still there trams in the city where I live in Porto, Portugal ,and along with buses, was the best way to travel in public transport around the city.



They still around for tourist tours.





The one below has been restored by the Nurnberg tram museum (Triebwagen 641) and it was used since 1913, until 1966, and quite frankly looks quite like MiniArt Triebwagen 641, the n.º 18, to Stadion! J



Miniart has marked its presence in the world of modeling, since their beginning, with original and daring releases, never before in model kit, and always represents an added value to the modeler through originality.


After the launch of the European Tram that, for me, one of the kits of the year 2013, MiniArt surprises by launching another tram.

The box art is a beauty, and I really do think that MiniArt designers are really good, because I always love their box art.


And I think that the answer is on the box art.


Check up both of them:







The first difference is just the indication of the specific model instead of the previous release that it had no indication of which model tram as it had the essential characteristics of a MAN / SSW states themselves, but had no direct reference to a specific type of tram.

I really do thing that they are because this one has two extra sprues, because we`ve got on this box 21 sprues and online reviews of the European Tram states that it have 19 sprues.



The two major and significant different are the both sides commercials ads and rolling station pointer on both ends of the Tram that represents two more sprues, that are Ga.


So this Tram has two more sprues.

Here it is – Ga (x2)




So, moving to the interior of the large box and by opening it (345x240x100 mm) you will see that all sprues are in a large plastic bag, with the five transparent plastic sprues wrapped in a small plastic bag to prevent any damaged.


The kit itself contains 625 parts on 21 sprues in light gray color plastic, five sprues in transparent plastic as already, decal sheet and vacuform base.

That`s a lot of plastic, tons of fun and tremendous detail.

In general look of all sprues, in my sample, I really don`t see any flash.






The injection pin marks will give you some work to remove. Despite not being on the inside, and this kit has many windows and full interior detail, will have to be carefully removed.




The model construction was well thought by MiniArt.

The model is made in mirror mode, so everything is made two times as you can easily see on the instructions.






This is quite different from others AFV models because at least me, on AFV model kit you can assemble all first (or just leaving the tracks out) and then start the paint job. Clearly this one is quite different.

The construction is more like an airplane one, starting with painting all the interior and weathering and then pass along to the undercarriage, and outside details and paint job.


So all of plastic light grey sprue are in double.




For me one of the most impressive parts of the kit is the undercarriage. It`s a kit inside a kit, with tons of crispy detail. The problem is that all the beautiful details will disappear underneath the Tram.













The interior is totally and fully detail: ceiling lights, handrails and wooden benches for seating.









 In the driver place, on the on both sides, has instrument table with levers and buttons.




The attention to detail from MiniArt is impressive and rightly so, because with so many windows, the entire interior is easily visualized. Furthermore, the doors can be fully opened, favoring even more visibility to the interior.







The decal sheet gives the stations names and others details. They are with some good registration, nice color, and they are made by Begemot.




But it does not stop there: Miniart gives the modeler, on glossy paper, highly quality print in full color, several advertising posters of pre-war (1937) and war time.


Attention, these one are no decals, so you will have to cut then off with careful and place then in place with cyano.


The clear plastic parts are bright and crispy.



The vacuformed styrene display base is a cobble street with a tram line, and of course it comes with some extra details to put on like catenary poles as tram support and you can connect the tram to the electric wires that is the only thing that is not included in this awesome kit.

















The details on the vacuformed piece is quite good with good engravering and detail, being in the high standards that MiniArt always offer on their buildings.









The only work that has to be made in quite some attention, is the removal of all little bubble that all vacuform parts has it, because they are part of the process.

It`s a quite tedious job but not quite hard.


Finally the instructions.




It`s a small booklet (size A4), giving a full layout of parts.




All the construction is given in 54 steps, with a very noticeable scheme, not stressing me so at first glance, great difficulties of interpretation of locating and mounting scheme, this course subject to careful study and dryfiting.

Also you will get a colour guide is provided for Revell, Life Color, Humbrol, Gunze Sangyo, Vallejo, Testors and Tamiya.







         This is a really nice kit with good and crispy details.

All the parts have no flash

All the windows, very tiny parts and construction layout makes this beauty for average/advance modelers only.

This kit is truly a spectacle. The amount of parts and their detail, build quality and all the detail in several aspects (interior and undercarriage) causes time modeling that will pull this kit is very rewarding.

I can not recommend it for the novice modeler for the various sub-structures, the number of pieces and placement of the transparent parts are not easy steps.

The possibilities that can come from this kit for a beautiful diorama are enormous.

I just love this one, so it earns two thumbs up from me.


Our thanks to MiniArt for the review sample. To purchase this directly, click THIS link.


If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller!



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