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GB Fokker D.VII Rules


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Hi guys.


Now that Eindecker GB has ended and a FANTASTIC and UNIQUE prize for the Winner,  it`s time to move forward!


So, here it is: GB Fokker D. VII.


WnW have several Fokker D.VII model kits and several decals sheets:





Here are the rules of the GB that stars at August 15.


§  Most be a Fokker D.VII from WnW



§  Dioramas, figures and related World War I items are also permissible but only in conjunction with an Fokker D.VII.


§  The competition will begin at 12.01am (GMT 0 timeline) on the August 15th 2014 2013 and shall close at 11:59 on 15th February 2015.


§  Any media can be used along with any after market additions. Scratch building is also permitted or you can simply build OOB.


§  A works in progress thread must be opened for each separate entry.


§  The model must be UNSTARTED.


§  All members, including staff are eligible to participate.


§  The models will be evaluate by a judge that will be announced in due time, who decide the winner of this GB, sole judge whose decisions shall be considered final.


§  The prize for the winner will be announced soon.






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Guys it`s time to close this one down.

Two Fokker D.VII were finish. Many more were started (like mine) and still on the bench waiting for better days.


My trully thanks to all that participate,and a special thanks to two LSM members: Drdave and Guiterflute101 for their fantastic D.VII.




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