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Sherman, King Tiger and Panther monuments at the Ardennes.

Guest DannyVM

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Guest DannyVM

Hi Guy's and girls,


i'm back from a well diserved vacation.piliot.gif  Me and my whole family made a trip in the Ardennes region and luxembourgh, and i stumbled on some very intresting monuments regarding "The Battle of the Bulge"

I just wanted to share them here, i hope that's ok.


Ou're vacation house was not far from the Houffalize region, so i had to make a visit to the Panther that is on display at Houffalize.








Track tension isn't what it suposed to be, but it's original.


Clervaux castle, also a real know place iff it come's to WW II history. In front off the castle stand's proud....A very nice Sherman tank, It's a M4A3 type






Behind the Sherman, is a PAK 43 88 m/m German canon.




And as last a real jewel


La Gleize was the place where Kampfgruppe Peiper was put at hold by the allies. All theire equipment was left behind, and also was this King Tiger. A local lady bought the tank from the allies for a bottle of cognac, and so today this beast still rest as a rememberance for those who gave theire lives for ou're freedom.















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